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Halloween On The Flip Side

Updated on January 11, 2015

Happy Halloween Holiday Spirits

Happy Halloween to everyone who loves the beauty of the season, the uplifting spirits of friendly ghosts and adorable witches and cupcakes filled with sprinkles of fun and happy children.

Welcome to the light side of Halloween. For me, holidays are filled with happiness and smiles and although I have always loved sharing trick or treats and Halloween parties I have always found the dark side of Halloween filled with spooky ghosts and scenes of violence and witches that harm you a little too zombie mode for me to celebrate.

Instead of black cats that hiss and attack I decorate with adorable little black cats that purr and stand on pumpkins and are furry and cute. My pumpkins are jack o'lantern faces, but never really that scary at all. My decorations have always been more symbolic of the holiday like witches hats but no mean faces, ghosts that are friendly and inviting and never anything that features violence, death or fright. One of the most upsetting aspects of the News at night is the amount of violence in city streets so why make a holiday a reflection of things that are horrifying when there is so much good in the world.

Good, happy, fun for children and families. That's what the Halloween holiday means to me.

Halloween Ghosts

Friendly Halloween Ghosts
Friendly Halloween Ghosts

Who says ghosts have to mean spirited? My ghosts are visions of goodness welcoming children with great memories of the past, fun times in the present and wonderful memories of the past.

Yes, I used to watch Casper the Friendly Ghost, he had cute friends and adorable ghostly adventures and he was cute. That's my kind of ghost! All the ghost decorations I have and design have friendly smiles, trick or treats and cute friends too like friendly black cats and pumpkins.

Apparently my ghosts love candy corn too, just like me. Friendly ghosts really help me get into the fun side of the Halloween Spirit.

I love decorating my house with candy corn giant posters, banners filled with adorable cats and cute bats and haunted houses filled with goodies for kids of all ages.

Charmed - Cool Halloween Witches

The coolest witches I know of to honor on Halloween are the witches of the TV series Charmed. I loved this program and still catch it in re-runs/

If you love magic, witches, supernatural thrillers with three cool witches and their personal stories as well as the adventure and intrigue of saving the world and innocent souls then you have to love Charmed!

Initially starring Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs and Shannon Dougherty as three sisters who discover they have supernatural powers and so did their Mom who left behind her magic book of spells of wisdoms, the Book of Shadows giving all three women unique powers they were always meant to have.

Gorgeous, powerful, passionate women who fight evil demons with good spirits and spells and super powers. Yup, my kind of witches for sure!

Charmed: The Complete Series
Charmed: The Complete Series

Such a great TV series that will never be out of it's time! Great story lines, new adventures, ongoing personal challenges. In fact, I'm getting the urge to start watching the whole series again!

Happy Halloween From The Flip Side!
Happy Halloween From The Flip Side!

Halloween On The Flip Side

While Halloween conjures up visions of wicked, dark and frightful images for most people, I'm looking at Halloween on the flip side. Halloween parties that are hauntingly fun, filled with candy and costumes and autumn fall decorations.

Maybe you say Freddie Kruger, but I say Disney Princesses. You say make a coffin, me I bake a pumpkin pie. You say scary masks, hatchets and axes and fields of terror, I see visions of make believe pirates, cowboys, ladybugs and fairies.

I will pet a black cat, my jack o'lantern will smile, my ghosts will be friendly and my home will be decorated with Halloween decorations that kick off the holiday season from Fall to New Years. I even love the jewelry, t-shirts, and have tons of pillows, candy corn serving bowls, figurines and banners. But none of them have ever had a face I wouldn't want a child to see in their dreams. None of them will be bleeding, dying or scared.

I like it here on the flip side of Halloween. It's fun and inviting and the cupcakes and candy are delicious!

Halloween Black Cats

Halloween Black Cats Are Cute
Halloween Black Cats Are Cute

Black cats are always getting a bad rap, especially around Halloween time. I know some black cats that are so loving and so wonderful and it's so hard to get people to adopt them because of a silly superstition. I'm here to defend black cats everywhere, they are lovely and just as warm and lucky as every other cat you could ever get lucky enough to adopt you!

Halloween Beanie Babies

Ty Beanie Baby Alacazam Dog with Witch Hat
Ty Beanie Baby Alacazam Dog with Witch Hat

Beanie Baby Dog with witches hat, adorable!


Halloween Stuffed Animals

Halloween Stuffed Animals
Halloween Stuffed Animals

What could be cuter than Halloween Beenie Babies by TY! Wonderful black and orange and white sparkle ghosts to cuddle and display are just the perfect make believe friends for the fun side of Halloween.

I found these stuffed animals waiting to be adopted in my local ShopRite grocery store and the prices are very affordable. If you can't find any in your local stores check around online at places like Amazon for a fun Halloween gift for kids of all ages.

TY Beanie Baby - DORA the Explorer (Cat Costume) [Toy]
TY Beanie Baby - DORA the Explorer (Cat Costume) [Toy]

Dora the Explorer dressed up for Halloween Trick or Treat in a cute cat costume


Halloween Fun In The Kitchen

Halloween Time
Halloween Time
Ty Beanie Boo Buddy Ghosty Ghost
Ty Beanie Boo Buddy Ghosty Ghost

Boo! This Ghostly plush is soft tot he touch and is the perfect cuddly companion this Halloween


Halloween means it's time for some fun in the kitchen whipping up Halloween theme cupcakes, brewing up some pumpkin spice coffee for your cool holiday mugs, baking a pumpkin pie or beating up some deviled eggs whether it's to share with your family or to surprise everyone at your Halloween party!

That Old Black Magic (Single Version)
That Old Black Magic (Single Version)

Old Black Magic by the master of sing Sammy Davis Jr

Rubies Costume Strawberry Shortcake Deluxe Costume, Toddler
Rubies Costume Strawberry Shortcake Deluxe Costume, Toddler

Strawberry Shortcake is one of the friendliest girls on TV and a great role model for kids too


Magical Music

Oh Oh Oh Do You Believe In Magic! I believe in magic and good spirits and love to play some magical tunes all through the year but especially at Halloween. You can download them, pop them on your MP3 player, your kindle or laptop or buy the CD's for classical magical listening all year round.

Aeromax Jr. Fire Fighter Suit with Helmet, Size 4/6 - Tan
Aeromax Jr. Fire Fighter Suit with Helmet, Size 4/6 - Tan

Firefighter costumes are always popular at Halloween, some come with the basics and some like this one go all the way including bunker gear, helmet and everything a new firefighter recruit needs


Halloween Costumes For Kids

I love that children get to dress up and be anyone they want to be for a day. They get to make believe and bring a certain sense of what they like and dream about into their world. It doesn't have to be expensive to costume your children even if you aren't the DIY kind of parent. There are lots of great sales on full costumes, accessories that might make something they already wear work for the day.

Be sure the costumes fit them properly though so they aren't tripping on them during trick or treating and school parades! I'm not so big on face masks for kids and I'm glad a lot of costumes don't even come with them anymore like they did when I was young.

Today's kids don't have to be monsters or zombies or ghouls. They can be princesses, pirates, cowboys or Dora the Explorer for a day! And then when Halloween is over, they get to keep the costume for dress up play at home.

How great for boys and girls alike to be superheroes doing good for the world and caring about their friends.

Princess "Tangled" Rapunzel Shimmer Deluxe Costume - Extra Small (3T-4T)
Princess "Tangled" Rapunzel Shimmer Deluxe Costume - Extra Small (3T-4T)

Disney Princess Stars are always wonderful costumes making every little girl feel special and dressed up for the day.

Halloween Candy Treats
Halloween Candy Treats

Halloween Candy: The Ultimate Treat

Halloween candy is loved by children and adults everywhere! Symbolic Halloween goodies like candy corn, orange pumpkin lollipops and marshmallows, chocolate in every size and shape and even M&M's in orange, yellow and fall colors is always a hit!

Lots of candy is packaged for holiday specials now too so the wrappers are covered with Halloween themes and packages so fun to give out to trick or treat knocks on the door, on your desk at work and of course at home in your Halloween candy dishes and bowls.

Be creative and top your cupcakes and desserts with candy corn in all different colors, gummy worms crawling for a treat, they even make orange Kit Kats, swirly lollipops and gummy snacks just waiting for you to gobble them up!

Whether you are knocking on doors yelling "Trick or Treat", having a Halloween Party at school or work or entertaining for a Costume Party you can bet Candy will be the biggest hit for kids of all ages.

HERSHEY'S All Time Greats Snack Size Chocolate Candy Assortment, 36.2 Ounce
HERSHEY'S All Time Greats Snack Size Chocolate Candy Assortment, 36.2 Ounce

Halloween Candy at great prices 100 pieces and I could eat them all!


Halloween Candy Treats

Halloween parties and trick or treat haunted houses are sure to be filled with holiday candy ranging from candy corn to designer orange and white swirly pops, and handfuls of confection that no one can resist.

I always make sure I have plenty of individually wrapped candy treats to give out to trick or treaters especially chocolate bars and everyone's favorite name brand mini chocolates. At home I have candy corn and marshmallow pumpkins and even chocolate kisses dressed for Halloween in my candy dishes.

Even families that limit their children's sweets and snacks throughout the year always give in to a little indulgence on Halloween. In fact most adults I know share their children's love of the treats too.

Peeps Halloween Pumpkin Treats, 3 3/8 Oz(95 g)
Peeps Halloween Pumpkin Treats, 3 3/8 Oz(95 g)

Marshmallow Pumpkin treats no one can resist


The Moon

SweetGourmet Classic Candy Corn, 1.5 Lb
SweetGourmet Classic Candy Corn, 1.5 Lb

Candy corn by the bag, buy it bulk or buy it in individual serving pieces but you know you have to serve candy corn!


Halloween always has a moon. Sometimes the moon looks downright evil glowing and sneering and shining on the zombies and bats. Poor Moon, I think you are getting a bad rap too.

The moon is magical and mystical and even as far back as the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks the moon was revered as one of the gods. A popular moon goddess was Selene (or Luna), sister to Helios - the sun god. In Greek mythology Artemis a goddess of the moon. She rides her silver chariot across the sky and shoots her arrows of silver moonlight to the earth below. In ancient Egypt the sickle-shaped new moon signified the goddess Isis, the Egyptian goddess of rebirth, and crescent shaped jewellery is believed to protect infants.

Farmers Almanac tells us about the power of the moon, when to plant according to the phases of the moon, how the weather will be according to the glow of the moon. The moon controls the tides of the ocean and many believe it has control over our emotions and feelings.

The moon is romantic, a symbol of love shared for each other and the worship of nature.

Halloween Softie or Monster?

Halloween Fun For Everyone
Halloween Fun For Everyone
Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins 21oz Bag
Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins 21oz Bag

Orange pumpkins in a bite size treat to satisfy every sweet tooth


Are you a Halloween soft side celebrator or do you love the trill of scary, creepy, frightning Halloween fun?

Sabrina Teenage Witch: Complete First Season [DVD] [Import]
Sabrina Teenage Witch: Complete First Season [DVD] [Import]

Melissa Joan Hart stars as a teenage witch coming into her powers under the roof of her two aunts. How to deal with not only being a teenager, but now a witch!


How Do You Love Halloween?

See results
The Good Witch
The Good Witch

Movies for the family about witches that are good, fun for everyone!


Halloween Movies and TV

If you want to keep the Halloween theme alive and well without giving your family nightmares, there are great TV and Movie Selections all about witches, ghosts, spirits and magic that are fun, exciting and so many totally appropriate for kids of all ages.

Some are more geared to older kids and some to younger kids but my favorites are the ones the whole family can watch together. Have a laugh, have some family fun that's only mildly scary, but totally magic.

Drop Dead Fred
Drop Dead Fred

Drop Dead Fred is one of my all time favorite movies about make believe friends, adventures and finding yourself. Very cute.


Everyone has their own Halloween weakness! For some it's the candy, others love the costumes and parties. For some it's the black cats, ghosts and fall decorating.

What's your favorite part of the Halloween holiday?

Scooby-Doo: The Movie
Scooby-Doo: The Movie

Scooby Doo and Friends bring magic to life with their spooky thrills that make you laugh instead of scream. Who doesn't love Scooby Doo!


What's Your Favorite Halloween Treat?

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