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Halloween Outfits

Updated on March 15, 2011

Halloween Outfits

Great Halloween Outfits!
Great Halloween Outfits!

Introduction to Halloween Outfits

Lets face it, every child loves searching through halloween outfits and scary Halloween masks to find the perfect Halloween outfit. Finding the perfect costume out of all the Halloween outfits is not always easy, but don't worry. The hardest part is thinking of Halloween outfits to choose from and here we have some great Halloween outfits ideas to make sure you look at your very worst for this years Halloween!

Looking scary on October 31st is a ritual tradition of US Halloween, and the mass purchase of halloween outfits costs Americans over $4 billion a year, all for one night!

Think this is a bad thing?

I think it just meants that Halloween Outfits are a great way to enjoy the biggest party in the world!

I will be showing you some fantastic Halloween outfits from diferent genres and decades!

1950s' Halloween Outfits

From the beginnings of Elvis to the slick haired Greasers and their high school girlfriends, the 50s' is filled with some amazing characters to choose from. You can go far from the high school icons though, with Mr Potatohead, and a wide range of cartoon characters which first appeared in the post war era.

The 1950s' is also a classy era to step into, where ballgowns and tuxedos can easily play a large part of a fantastic couples halloween outfit. The great choice between the cool and hip and the elegent and posh styles means that a 1950's Halloween party can give you a great mix of costumes!

1960s Halloween Outfits

The 60s' brought a great number of Halloween outfits to the scene. Halloween outfits are easy to put together, a tie dye tshirt, an afros, or for the ladies a flower power dress can make an amazing 1960s Halloween Costume.

60's parties are a great mixture of the feel good love and the pervasive culture of happiness that made that decade a joy to live in!

Dressing for the 1960's allows you to dress up in your best Hippie Halloween Costume!

1970s Halloween Outfits

The 1970 era brings flares, the afro and an even shorter mini skirt to the Halloween outfits selection. When you dress to impress with a Halloween Outfit you will be dressing for the Disco Era,

To go with the 70's glam you also have Glam Rock, and Abba to help give you the perfect Halloween outfit! A bit of Kiss, or Thin Lizzy can give you some great looks, but there are plenty of other bands to choose from in the 70's era.

Choosing a Halloween outfit from the 1970s pretty much guarantees you an awesome Halloween!

1980s Halloween Outfit

The 1980s' brings you everything from the Madonna Material Girl to the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Due to the unfortunate death of the amazing pop star, a Michael Jackson Halloween Outfit can be the perfect Halloween Outfit.

If Michael Jackson is not to your taste, a whole host of rock stars permiated the 80s' and each brought their own unique look to the scene. This makes it incredibly easy to create a fantastic Halloween Outfit. If rock is not your scene, always remember that rappers made a big appearance in the 80s'!

Gangster Halloween Outfits

There is nothing better than dressing up in Gangster Halloween Outfits for Halloween. A top Gangster and his lady make a perfect couples Halloween costume.

Pulling off the perfect Gangster Halloween outfit is easy, with a few smart clothes, an evening dress and a tuxedo can make you look like one of the top dogs in the Gangster world!

The great thing is that to pull a Gangster Halloween outfit together you can get away with a sharp suit, a nice hat and maybe a toy gun to throw in to the mix.

Doctor Halloween Outfits and Nurse Outfits

The old doctor and nurse combination is perfect for any set of Halloween Outfits. Wearing a doctor Halloween outfit or a nurse Halloween outfit works well, whether you are looking for a Couples Halloween outfit, or just some Halloween Outfits for you and your friends!

Nurse Halloween Outfits are great if you are going out with the girls. A little bit of teasing, some sexy short skirts, and you have the perfect nurses Halloween outfit.

Doctors Halloween outfits are simple enough as well, a stethoscope, a white coat, and a shirt gives you the perfect Doctors Halloween Outfit.

As well as dressing as a plain old doctor, you can also take it a little further for halloween, you might want to be a maurauding doctor gone mad, and that can easily be accomplished with some fake blood and a few rips in your overcoat!

Mad Scientist Halloween Outfit

Nothing screams Halloween more than a Mad Scientist. A Mad Scientist Halloween outfit can be the perfect way to dress up for any Halloween party. Dressing up in a mad scientist costume is surprisingly similar to a Doctors Halloween outfit. Add a bit of saliva, a few drops of blood, or even red eyed contact lenses.

You can easily pull together an amazing mad scientist Halloween outfit with a white coat, some gel to mess your hair up, and a few crazy accessories!

Whatever Halloween Costume You Choose

Remember to try and be a little creative with it! Anyone can go out and buy a store bought costume, but to make it work really well you need to put a little extra effort in to your costume. Adding the creative touch could be anything from a little face paint, to some gems of accessories.

Whether you want to add a 60's pendant, some gangster shades, or a doctors stethescope, a simple Halloween costume accessory can add that extra little touch to your outfit.

You also want to remember to develop a character before you go party, dressing up is only the start, but a mad scientist needs a manical laugh, a Gangster needs a tough voice, and a greaser and his girlfriend need to be able to..erm.. sing in harmony?

Developing the right personality adds that little extra something which can make a great costume perfect.


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    • BevsPaper profile image


      8 years ago from Central Indiana

      You sure have some fun Halloween outfits to choose from for this year.


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