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Halloween Party Games for Children

Updated on February 22, 2014

Ready to Party!!

Are you planning to host a bunch of young ghouls and goblins this Halloween? In between the showing off of costumes, and the gobbling of treats, you'll need to entertain them. Here are some great Halloween party games for kids to help you do that!

Mummy Wrapping Race

Divide your guests into teams of four. One person in each team will be the mummy, and the other three will be the wrappers.

You need at least 3 rolls of toilet paper per group, so that each wrapper has one. (You can stock up on the cheap kind at your local dollar store.)

When "Go!" is announced, each team of wrappers hurries to cover their mummy, using the toilet paper as the mummy's 'bandages'. The first group to completely mummify their teammate are the winners. How complete and neat they have to be for the job to be considered finished should depend on the ages and dexterity of the players.

Alternate: Set a time limit, and judge how well each group mummifies before the time runs out.

(And if you end up with too much toilet paper scattered around the room, you can always have a "clean-up race" to see which team can gather up the most of it the fastest!)

Creepy Memory Tray Game

Collect about two dozen small Halloween-themed items, and put them on a tray, or a big plate. Party favors work well for this; things such as spider rings and candy worms. You can also include Halloween candy. Cover the tray with a cloth, so the players won't be able to see it before the game starts.

Have all the player sit in a circle with the covered tray in the middle, where they will all be able to see it. Give every player paper and something to write with. Have a stopwatch, or a watch with a second hand, ready.

To start, remove the cloth from the tray, and measure off 60 seconds, then cover it back up. Then, give all the players 3 minutes to write down all the things they can remember seeing on the tray. (You can adjust the times to suit the ages of your players.)

The winner is the person who correctly listed the most items from the tray. You can let them pick something from the tray as their prize, or provided a separate prize.

You can play additional rounds of this game by changing out some of the items, and/or moving things around on the tray.

Feed the Pumpkin Game

For this game you'll need a plastic Halloween pail, and a bunch of small Halloween candies. (about 5-6 per player, per round.)

Set the Pumpkin pail on the floor, and mark off a line for the players to stand behind. (Masking tape works well for this.) For smaller kids, four or five feet away is enough. Older kids can be seven or eight feet back from the pail. Give each player their candy allotment. Warn them not to eat it yet!!

One at a time, have each player come up to the line and toss their candies one by one, trying to get as many as they can into the trick-or-treat pail. Keep track of who gets the most in. If there is a tie, give those people another allotment of candies and have them play another round.

Eventually you will have just one winner, and that person wins all the candy in the pail!

Pin the Nose on the Jack O' Lantern

This game is played just like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", except the target is a Jack O' Lantern!

You can use a real pumpkin, or you can use a paper one put up on the wall or a bulletin board. (You can even use the picture here, enlarged and printed out.)

If your guests are old enough, they can use a real 'pin' to attach their nose, otherwise you can put a circle of tape on the back of each nose.

One by one, blindfold the players and spin them around a few times to disorient them a little. Then aim them toward the pumpkin. Other players can shout out "trick" (when they're not close) or "treat" (when they're getting nearer).

Once everyone has had a turn, the person who's nose got closest to the correct position on the pumpkin's face is the winner!

The Great Pumpkin Hunt

You can do this game with real pumpkins (the miniature kind), or with paper cut-outs of pumpkin shapes. You'll need 20-3- of whichever kind you choose.

Using a permanent marker, label some or the pumpkins as special. You can number them, of you can draw little symbols, such as a witches hat, a skull, etc.

Before your guests arrive, hide the pumpkins around the area your party will be in, or hide them outside if the weather is okay. When it's time to play, explain the boundaries to search in, and then announce "Go!". Players then scramble to find as many pumpkins as they can. (If you have a lot of players, you can split them into teams.)

Once all the pumpkins have been found, has the players turn them over to check for special symbols. That will tell them which prize(s) they won.

What's your favorite Halloween party game?

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    • Pam Irie profile image

      Pam Irie 6 years ago from Land of Aloha

      I've never got to play such fun Halloween party games. We always had the bobbing for apple contests. Your games sound so much more fun!