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Halloween Party Invitations Under $10

Updated on September 9, 2014

Halloween Party Invites for Under $10

So, YOU're throwing the Halloween Party. You have your shopping list for chips and dips and jello shots and wings and candy corn. Plus there's all those decorations like ghost lights and spider webs and lots and lots of bats and creepy crawlies and pumpkin stuff. The cost is adding up.

Oh Oh, you've forgotten the Halloween Party Invitations. Well, here I've already found some great invites for less than $10 per pack.

So take a look, get your invites and the Party is On!

Witches Welcome Halloween Party Invitations

These Halloween Party Invitations come with envelopes. They feature a witch and pot of spells and mystery on the front of the invite

* each invite allows for the following info: For, Date, Time, Place, RSVP

* each invite Measures: 5.75"H x 4"L

Skeleton Pirate Halloween Party Invitations - 8 Invitations with Envelopes Included

* Each pirate skeleton invitation is printed "A Costume Party"

* Space for Date, Time, Place, RSVP

Nightmare Halloween Party Invitations - 8 invitations and envelopes

Each of the 8 invitations has space for the following party details printed inside:

* For, Date, Time, Place, Given By, and RSVP

* Includes Envelopes.

Check out the Halloween Invites on eBay

These are some of the Halloween party invitations you can buy or bid on eBay today. Most should be under $10

Midnight Dreary Halloween Party Invitations - 8 invitations and envelopes

Each of these skull and crossbones Halloween invitations has

* Prismatic edges

* Includes envelopes

* Says "You're Invited"

Jack O Lantern Halloween Party Invitations by Hallmark - Package of 8 invitations and 8 envelopes

Each of the Jack O Lantern Party Invites by Hallmark has

* an Envelope

* Allows for following info: For, Date, Time, Place

* Is great for kids and adult costume parties alike

* Measures: 5"H x 4"L

Marth Stewart Wood Stamps for Halloween Party Invitations

Use these wood stamps with your ink on plain invitations or paper to make them shout HALLOWEEN

* Includes pouch for storing and carrying

* 3 stamps (Fill-in-the-blank invitation stamp, spider stamp, and cobweb stamp)

I Hope You've Found Your Halloween Party Invites Here!

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