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Halloween Party Menu Ideas

Updated on February 6, 2015

So You're Having a Halloween Party? What Will You Feed Your Guests?

My family, for many years, has attended an annual outdoors Halloween blow out bash that usually attracted several hundred party goers. More than 500 guests have attended the party in years past. The hosts of this extravaganza would spend weeks preparing the party site and decorating it, hiring a DJ for dancing and preparing both a haunted maze and a nearly half mile haunted trail filled with elaborate displays from end to end.

How on earth did they have the time to do all of that and yet still have the time - and money - to feed all of their hungry family and friends?

The answer is simple; they let the party goers help with the menu which includes a most unique of pot lucks. Read on for all the details!

Witches Brew Stew

Our hosts always provided the means to cook - a massive, steaming cauldron and they provided the manpower to stir the ever thickening stew. They also provided plenty of bowls and spoons and loads of bread and butter. As for the entrée, aside from a bit of water and a large starter can of broth (though that's optional), the rest of the main dish was up to their guests... Read on!

Presenting Witches Brew Stew!

Each guest was asked to bring their own beverages and one can of vegetables to the party. It could be any vegetable. The more variety the better!

Just prior to the arrival of the 1st guests, a large cauldron hanging over an in-ground pit with an open fire was primed with about a gallon of broth and a bit of water.

As each guest arrived, they were directed with their can of vegetables to the pot. The can was opened and the entire contents dumped in. As successive guests arrived more and different veggies went into the pot.

Some guests got a little creative and brought things like spaghetti-o's with meatballs. Those went in too. So did sauerkraut. Some things were laid aside like raw cabbage and other raw vegetables because they just don't cook down quickly enough in an enormous pot!

About 2-3 hours into the evening the dinner bell would ring and the guests would fall in line with bowls in hand to partake of the best vegetable stew - Witches Brew Stew - they every had!

No kidding, no fooling - it was great! We all loved it and your guests will love it too!

To stew, or not to stew?

Would you do a community stew at your next big Halloween to-do?

See results

If You're Going to Make Witches Brew Stew... - You'll Need A Witches Cauldron!

Bayou Classic CI-7411, 4-Gal. Cast Iron Stew Pot, Cast Iron Lid, Tripod Stand with Foot Pads, and 2 Lift Hooks
Bayou Classic CI-7411, 4-Gal. Cast Iron Stew Pot, Cast Iron Lid, Tripod Stand with Foot Pads, and 2 Lift Hooks

If you're having a small gathering, say under 50 people, this 4 gallon pot ought to be just fine for your brew. While this is not the hanging model that looks wicked Halloween cool, it's certainly versatile and practical.

Now, should you need a bigger cauldron for a larger on below!


Dessert Ideas

Candy Corn
Candy Corn

Spooky desserts abound that will go well with your Witches Brew Stew. Many are quite simple to make, while some take longer but can be made a day or more ahead of your Halloween bash. If you have children, get them involved in the dessert making for quality family fun time (and some great memories)!

Some suggestions:

Candy Apples

Carmel Apples

Dirt Cake

Dirt Pudding

Finger Cookies

Halloween Trail Mix

Popcorn Balls

Smores (if you're making your stew over an open fire, this is a great way to get guests involved in making dessert too - these fixins' provided by you, of course!)

And, don't forget, for the children (and maybe some of the adults too): Treat Bags! Small bags can be filled with all manner of things, of course, but candy is the essence of Halloween for many kids. Load them with sugar and send them home with their parents!

Please see or for these and other great dessert ideas!

Camp Chef SH-140L High Pressure Single Burner Cooker with Detachable legs and Clover Leaf Surface, Black
Camp Chef SH-140L High Pressure Single Burner Cooker with Detachable legs and Clover Leaf Surface, Black

If you don't want to build a pit and cook over an open flame, this is all you'll really need.

Bayou Classic Cast Iron10-gallon Jambalaya Pot
Bayou Classic Cast Iron10-gallon Jambalaya Pot

How big is you're party going to be anyway? I0 gallons will feed 80-120 people...depending on the size of your soup bowls...


Your own menu ideas for feeding a large crowd are welcome here! We'd also like to hear about the unique "Halloween" desserts you've created. Please share and join in the fun!

Did You Like the Stew? - Please Leave Your Views!

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      halloweenprops 5 years ago

      Never thought about the community stew before. What a wonderful idea.