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Halloween Pez - Candy, Dispensers and Pez Clothing

Updated on October 13, 2014

PEZ is Fun and Yummy Candy and Much More!

If you love Halloween and you love Pez candy or everything Pez - why not put two of your favorites together and give a fun and unique treat this year with Halloween Pez Candy!

Pez is an interactive, nostalgic, trendy toy that gives a super sweet candy treat through a dispenser that is a national phenomenon and known worldwide with over 3 billion Pez candies consumed per year as you'll see in the youtube video below.

Halloween Candy options are plentiful and sometimes borr-rrring - the same old candy year after year. If you want unique candy that every kid would love (and adults too) consider the wide assortment of Halloween PEZ candy and dispensers. There's even Pez clothing that you could wear to pass out your Halloween treats, wear to the office or to make a costume or give as a gift!

Enhance your own or someone else's PEZ Collection with a wide assortment of Pez dispensers or clothing that they may not already have. Pez collecting is widely popular for the fun shapes, trendy characters, colors and even different sizes now available.

Have fun here while browsing our best assortment of Halloween Pez candy, dispensers and even Pez clothing that you're sure to love for yourself or as a unique and appreciated gift. Take a peek at the PEZ factory tour video to see it in action.

(image of Blister Pack Pez dispensers courtesy of and featured below)

Give a unique and fun treat for your Halloween guests this year -

everyone loves PEZ!

Great idea for your own kids or to give a special treat to a niece, nephew, grandchild or neighbor. My mom always had extra special gifts and treats for us when we trick or treated that wasn't for all the other kids that showed up on the doorstep.

Halloween PEZ Blister Pack - Cute Halloween Candy Gift Idea alone or to make a gift basket!

Halloween Blister Pack PEZ Dispeners 12ct
Halloween Blister Pack PEZ Dispeners 12ct

I love the Halloween design of these Pez dispensers that come in a variety of witches, bats, pumpkins or cats. Each Halloween Pez dispenser also comes with two Pez candy refills so they're all set and ready to give or to start eating yourself. These would also be a great addition to any Pez collector's assortment and can be used year after year of Halloween fun.


I love chocolate, I love Pez!

Now, you can get both great treats with the Pez chocolate flavors perfect when you want something sweet and try to avoid eating an entire piece of cake, chocolate cookies, brownies or other desserts with lots of fat and calories.

You'll find just about every flavor imaginable to fill those little containers.

Pez Candy Chocolate Flavor - Fun Halloween Candy Treat - Buy Pez Candy in Bulk to Save Money!

Pez Chocolate Candy Refills 12- 6 Ct. Packs
Pez Chocolate Candy Refills 12- 6 Ct. Packs

Chocolate Pez are not always readily available in most of my local stores, so I was so happy to find them here, enjoy!


Have your say in our PEZ Poll - Candy or Dispenser, what do you think!?

Pez Candy Refill
Pez Candy Refill

Do You Love PEZ for the CANDY or for the DISPENSER?

See results

Big Rig Dispensers - Set of 6 for Halloween

Pez Big Rig Dispensers Set of 6 + 12 Rolls of Pez Candy Colors Will Vary
Pez Big Rig Dispensers Set of 6 + 12 Rolls of Pez Candy Colors Will Vary

What a great price for your Halloween treats that's also a collectible too!


Halloween Pez Big Rigs for your little one's costume - Makes a fun accessory for a costume or to give to the kids as treats!

Each of these Pez dispensers comes individually wrapped with different big rig trucks that aren't really detailed, fun and a yummy treat with candy refills in each one.

Stock up on Pez for stocking stuffer ideas too!

Fill a big candy jar on your office desk with lots of fun flavors of Pez candy and watch how many visitors you get once everyone knows what you're sharing!

More Interesting Pez Candy flavors you'll love - Great treats for Halloween parties, kids or the office in Value Packs!

PEZ Sourz Candy Refills, 6-Count Packages (Pack of 12)
PEZ Sourz Candy Refills, 6-Count Packages (Pack of 12)

One of the newest flavors in Pez are these Sourz that offer the perfect amount of flavor and tartness in a combination that is hard to resist!


Variety pack Pez are available in just about any flavor you can think of, great for gifts or to try out each flavor to find your favorite.

Variety pack Pez are a great option for Halloween candy and you can keep all the leftover candies for yourself.

You'll love the cola, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, raspberry, lemon, sourz or cherry combinations.

Stock up on plenty of Pez Candy for all these fun Halloween Pez Dispensers - Lots of colors and flavors available for trick or treating and your own sweet tooth

This 48 pack comes in a ready to give gift box for you or a friend.

PEZ collecting is serious business!

The PEZ company is surely getting very creative in making the candy containers.

Check out these president heads that help kids learn the names of more unknown presidents or can be a great addition for any Pez collector.

For the Serious Pez Collectors - Makes a great gift for anyone that truly loves the Pez phenomenon!

PEZ Clothing and Accessories

Nuhii Ollin Baby Cakes Pez Wristlet

Nahui Ollin Pez Vintage Baby Cake Wristlet
Nahui Ollin Pez Vintage Baby Cake Wristlet

This adorable little wristlet is made of PEZ candy wrappers! Any PEZ collector would love to add this to their collection of all things PEZ. Get one for yourself and the candy fan on your gift list today!


These items will help you show your love of all things Pez for a Halloween costume and then can be used all year long or keep each of them in original wrappings as a collectible that should increase in value over the years.

Fun Food Factories Pez Factory Tour

© 2012 Cindy

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