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Halloween Preparations

Updated on August 29, 2012

Halloween Prep

Holidays are great times for family fun. Perhaps the preparation is more fun than the holiday itself, especially Halloween. There are so many fun decorations to make that old and young alike can participate in.

Carving the pumpkin(s), making refreshments for a party, decorating the house inside and out (children love stringing spiderwebs everywhere) and planning games are all activities that everyone can help with.

Make the holidays a fun time by including children of all ages in the planning and decoration. Some activities will require adult supervision, of course. Be sure to make it's a safe, as well as fun, holiday.

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Carving a Pumpkin

When I was growing up, a jack-o-lantern was about the extent of our Halloween decorations, but it was fun! I grew up on a farm and Mama would sacrifice one of her beautiful pumpkins each year to make Halloween special. we didn't know then that pumpkin seeds were good for you, so those got fed to the hogs. Well, live and learn. We know better now.

Cutting the top out of the pumpkin was always a little tricky. It has to be cut at an angle so it comes out like a cork, smaller on the side that goes into the pumpkin, so that it wouldn't fall in. One of my parents usually made this cut. Then there was the fun of scraping all the goo out of the pumpkin. Little hands were better suited for this, so my brother and I got to get really messy without being scolded. My older sister and my uncle usually carved the face, and while they were pretty good artists with pencil and paper, cutting a face in a pumpkin was another matter altogether.

At last we would have a jack-o-lantern that would scare any ghost or goblin away! The more asymmetrical, the better, so artistic talent wasn't too terribly important.

Little pie pumpkins have softer rinds and are easier to carve even though they don't have much surface to display your artistic talent. Carve several of these little pumpkins with scowling, grimacing, and smiling faces and line your sidewalk with them to greet trick-or-treaters, or group them in tiers on a stepladder with cheesecloth ghosts hovering over them on the porch.

Of course if carving just isn't your thing, or you don't have time to supervise your children as they carve, allow them to draw faces on a pumpkin with a permanent marker.

Today, there are all kinds of pumpkin carving tools available. Sets can consist of knives, saws, chisels and punches to cut all the way through the pumpkin, or carve portions in bass reliefe. Pumpkin carving has become an art form.

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Pumpkin Carving Has Become an Art Form

Paper Magic Group Pumpkin Carving Kit, Deluxe Beginner To Intermediate Level Kit
Paper Magic Group Pumpkin Carving Kit, Deluxe Beginner To Intermediate Level Kit

Whether scary, funny or pretty, creating a special Halloween decoration by carving your own pumpkin is a fun annual tradition

Kit includes 5 plastic tools - punch wheel, scoop, punch, drill, and a small saw

Also includes 12 stencil patterns

Or create your own unique pattern

No Halloween is complete without the mysterious sights and sounds of the season



Jack-o-Lantern - Carve it, paint it or forget it. which is your style?

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Halloween Treats

Make a kids' Halloween party really memorable. Serve up some spooky treats like these

Frankenstein Jello treats

Or these Goblin Feet

Or how about some Monster Fingers

Find recipes for all these and many more at Disny's Family Fun

More Halloween Decorating and Entertaining Ideas

Do you have a Halloween tradition you'd like to share? Tell us about it.


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