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Halloween recipes for kids 2012

Updated on September 12, 2012

Halloween recipes, cooking alongside kids, inspired snacks!

Halloween is a mysterious and frightening celebration. The costume is the main attraction, but why not turn together with your child in a Halloween menu feast with the most frightening and monstrous forms, but deliciously tasty. Here are some recipes that look scary, but taste delicious. Get your little chef to help and get to work.

"dead fingers" Sandwiches


5 thin slices of fresh white bread;

butter or margarine;

cream cheese or peanut butter;

raw almonds;

jam / strawberry jam


Remove crust from bread slices.

Try to smooth the core a little bit to be easier to handle and bent. For this, you need fresh bread and the core to be elastic.

Butter slices with a little margarine or butter. Then spread some of them with peanut butter and cream cheese on the others, depending on your preference. Do not forget to put your little one to work. He is your help in the kitchen, isn't it?

Roll each slice and make it look like fingers. With a knife, make a few notches, like fingers. Try to shape the top of the fingers to become round and to look like fingertips.

Put them together on a plate in the form of hand. Put an almond as the "nail" on each sandwich-finger. For more special effect, add to their base, a few drops of strawberry jam to make it look more "bloody".

Spooky and scary vegetable omelet


  • eggs;
  • salt and pepper;
  • pickled cucumbers;
  • green and black olives;
  • carrots;
  • tomatoes;
  • some peas;
  • little mayonnaise


Put your kitchen assistant to beat eggs for omelets. Add salt and pepper. Then fry it in a round pan.

Take it on a plate and decorate with your little one and make it look like a scary face. Cut slices of pickled cucumbers and place them in the eye positions. In the middle of the eyes put two slices of olive to make the color of the iris. And the nose can be a piece of carrot or a piece of green bean if you have in the house.

Carrots can be scary if you transform them into fingers and tapering at one end, put a little mayonnaise to make a "manicure".

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half, remove the contents and put each one pitted green olive in the middle. Place in the middle of the olive a pea, to create spooky eyes.


  • vanilla ice cream
  • chocolate candies
  • different colors jelly ( straw shaped)
  • ice cream cones


  1. Take an ice cream cone and place it on a plate . If you do not have a device that gives directly the shape of a ball, then you can use 2 tablespoons.
  2. Place 2 small chocolate candies as tiny eyes.
  3. Cut a small, thin slice of a jelly as a mouth.
  4. Cut out from a yellow color jelly, the nose, a quite big nose for witches. If it can be flashy, better.
  5. Slice the jelly very thin ( straw thin) and long and put it on top of the ice cream to form the hair.
  6. As a hat you can use the cone.
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