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My Halloween Scary Story

Updated on March 25, 2013

I Grew Up in Scary. A Toothless Old Bald Man Lived in the Attic

Only cousins came Trick-or-Treating on Halloween Eve. Nobody else dared to walk the long pathway and up the stairs to our second floor apartment. There was a toothless old bald man living in the attic ( REALLY). A toothless old bald man did live in my attic! At dusk he could be seen starring out his only window that was located at the very peak of the house. That was a sight to keep anyone away on any night. Halloween was a given. Were there ghosts and spirits and all stuff that makes Halloween scary attached to the house? Ya, the house wasn't right, not just on Halloween. But that's for another lens. I consider Halloween a celebration, not a Holiday .The trick-or-treating and dressing the kids up as Batman or other superheroes, princesses and cartoon characters, and the time spent with family and friends are what makes Halloween great. Halloween is no longer scary. It's also a time for story telling. Scary stories that some insist are true. If the tale is passed on as a "true story", more people are interested.

They're Coming For You: Scary Stories that Scream to be Read
They're Coming For You: Scary Stories that Scream to be Read

People Like Scary

The Adrenaline Rush

People in general like to be scared . It's the suspense and the adrenaline rush that many people enjoy. The youngest member of our family, 22 month old Issy just loves the cartoon, "The Little Einsteins." It is also the show that scares her. Now how can a cartoon about a red rocket ship and its little friends be scary? Well, its all relevant. When Rocket is in trouble or the white owl won't let the kids pass over to the other side of the mountain, she puts her hand to her mouth and yells out or sometimes even cries out loud but that is also the show she will sit and watch daily without fail. The scary part makes her want to come back for more, makes it exciting. The same seems to hold true for adults. The scary movies or books are usually the best sellers. Halloween night has remained scary due to past reputation. It is believed that the borders between the world of the living and the dead are thinner, so souls of the dead can enter the land of the living. ... that certainly sets the stage for the spookiest trick o treats, God awful images, and amazing Halloween games and stories.

Tell me a scary story but not too scary!
Tell me a scary story but not too scary!

Idea for my Scary Story

Tell it Just Before Trick or Treating Begins

I wrote this basically for the young teens, (11 teen and 12 teen really) in the family. I did not add where the idea came from. I wanted it to be scary but not too scary! I don't really understand it myself except I feel something terrible happened years ago when Pastoria sat down to eat supper with her father!

My scary story is not true but the idea came from a very true "tale" an American Indian lady would tell when she was incoherent. If alive, she would be well over 100 years old. There is no way to know if what she was saying was true but she did say this. I heard for myself along with others. True? What it meant? Don't know. I remember her as beautiful with dark tan skin, expressive soft dark eyes, high cheek bones, and a smile that was contagious. Her name was Pastoria. She was a gentle soul but sometimes for no apparent reason she would become agitated and would talk about a monkey baby. She only repeated this word for word when she was agiitated, not her usual state and nothing else appeared to be the cause for this sudden outburst. The staff all said she just got "crazy" sometimes and old age and senility was the cause. But I remember my hair would spike everytime I heard her and I "knowd better."Again, I did not include this is my story to the kids.. The story is enough. My young teens and their friends would listen with bug eyes and they did enjoy the Money baby story and were not too afraid to go out collecting candy but there was something "evil" about Pastria's tale that they did not need to hear. I believe it was true.

"Papa ate the baby.

I did not.

Papa said it was a monkey baby.

But I knowd better.

Papa ate the baby

But I knowd better."

Scary Scary Halloween
Scary Scary Halloween

"Not a word to anyone John,"

"It'll cost you your job if what you see in there is made public."

Money Baby

"Not a word to anyone John," his supervisor warned. "It'll cost you your job if what you see in there is made public. I can't explain it. Her face is torn apart, and her arms are covered with bite marks. Looks like some kind of animal got her, but that's impossible. Doc Burns said it was a massive seizure, but I know he didn't really believe that. He just needed something for the death certificate. It must have been self-inflicted, and she just stroked out. I think guilt got her John. You can't kill half a dozen old folks and live with yourself for long. Maggie Halogrin died of guilt. I know it but keep your mouth shut. I don't want the tabloids here again. They almost put the place out of business with that monkey nonsense. And kid, when you finish with the body, wash the room down; see if you can get that stench out."

John was barely twenty-two years old, but he had aged considerably in the last few months, ever since Maggie was admitted to room 716. It was called a room, but it really was a 6x8 space with a cot and a toilet. The bars on the one small window and the lock that secured the heavy metal door was hint enough that it was not really a room. It was where they put people like Maggie.Maggie Halogrin had been tried and found guilty of murder. She smothered, pushed, or poisoned the life from six elderly residents of Calling Springs Rest Home.

Best True Ghost Stories of the 20th Century
Best True Ghost Stories of the 20th Century

She Insisted the Monkey Did it.

During the trial, she insisted the monkey did it. Her mutterings about the monkey became loud and disruptive. Judge Lawson reprimanded her several times and ordered her removed from the courtroom when she stood on her chair and shouted, "The monkey did it!" Papa put it on the table years ago and said it was a monkey baby but I knowd better. Papa ate it but I didn't. I knowd better!"

This outburst appeared on the front page of the "Daily News" the following morning. If that wasn't what brought the tabloids, it had to be the testimony of Sarah Lou Mc Evans, a ninety-one year old Calling Springs resident. All the nurse's notes written about Sarah Lou stated she was alert and oriented to person, place and time."Did you like Maggie Halogrin?" defense attorney David Boden asked.

"Yes, I did," the parchment-skinned old lady replied.

"How did Maggie Halogrin treat you?"

"Good, she treated me good."

"Do you think Maggie Halogrin is capable of committing the acts she is accused of?"

"Of course not! Maggie could never do such things," Sarah Lou replied honestly and then as an afterthought, and before the prosecution could object, she gazed straight at Judge Lawson and said, "Maggie couldn't, but a monkey lives at Calling Springs, and it could!"

David Boden turned to the jury for the last time, "Remember, all nursing documentation finds Sarah Lou McEvans oriented; dementia is not part of her diagnosis."

That evening, two tabloid reporters and one photographer took rooms at the Calling Springs only hotel.

Full Dark No Stars
Full Dark No Stars

The Smell

John cleaned the body the best he could, covering his nose and mouth with a precaution mask. He had noticed a rancid smell in here before, ever since Maggie was admitted, but the odor oozing from the room tonight clung to the walls and hung heavily in the air. It made his eyes water and actually seeped through the mask and burned his nostrils. It wasn't the smell of death; death recently occurring has no smell, just an impact. Evil curdles in a moist environment and decays whatever lies near. Maggie Halogrin provided the environment, and the smell of her decaying soul was seeping though every pore.

John wrapped her quickly, and with shaky hands, tied the death tag to her great toe, but he needed help getting her on the gurney.

"Hey Carl, you down there? I need a hand," John yelled from the door. Carl had worked the North corridor for ten years, ever since he barely graduated from high school; not too much in the attic, but he was strong, and that's what John needed now. In life, Maggie weighed 123 pounds, but death weighs more.

"On three,now, one, two, three," John counted as both men lifted the body from the bed. Something metal hit the floor as Maggie was moved.

It landed near Carl's foot. "You ain't gonna believe this one!" Carl exclaimed as he picked the crucifix off the floor and handed it to John. "What's a crazy bitch like that doing with something like this?"

"Its mine, or it was. I gave it to her," John replied." I just thought it would help."

"You didn't believe her, did you man? She killed six old people,and told the courtroom some sort of monkey was to blame! She was nuts!"

"I didn't say I believed her, John said defensively. "I just said I thought it would help." As he stood there clenching the cross,he was having second thoughts, thoughts he wouldn't share with Carl, the guy who still believed the world was flat.

"It's very evil, John," Maggie had said just yesterday when he tried to give her his crucifix. She wanted it. He saw a glimmer of hope in her eyes when he offered it, but that hope quickly disappeared and was replaced with fear. It's here John. Don't let it see that. That will make it angry!"

John's eyes darted around the room in an attempt to see something, anything that might be what Maggie was referring to.

He saw nothing, but felt a coldness on his back, and as he turned, Maggie grabbed him."No John, don't look. Don't look at its face. It doesn't like that."

"What doesn't it like? What is it Maggie? "

"It's a monkey, the devil's monkey!" she cried.

John ran from the room. He didn't have the crucifix when he got outside the door, and he wasn't about to return to look for it.

Hearts of Darkness
Hearts of Darkness

The Dimly-lit Morgue

It began to squirm

Every hair on his forearms and back of his neck was standing straight up as he wheeled her into the dimly-lit morgue. He hated this place. Reality was here. No matter who you were or who you weren't, it all stopped here. He opened the cooler and slid Maggie's body inside. He muttered a few words to himself. Well, not really to himself, but to the One he always turned to when his job came down to this, but he hesitated and was stopped by movement coming from the far corner of the room.

Something dark and forbidding was watching. It sat motionless until John began muttering to the One he felt most powerful. It was too much for the shadow in the corner to tolerate in silence. It began to squirm, and John heard the guttural sound of some sort of animal.Abruptly closing the cooler door, he made a quick escape to the lighted hallway. He ran three flights of stairs before stopping to catch his breath. No words from him would help Maggie now. He knew what was down there. He wasn't sure if it was an extension of the derangement of Maggie's mind or the cause of the derangement, but he did know that it was hideous and evil in the utmost form.

He was nearly home when it happened. His thoughts were everywhere but behind the wheel of his old, navy blue Camaro. The smell got his attention first. It was the rancid, rotting soul smell from Maggie's room. His heart raced and tears ran down his face as it intensified. He glanced in the rearview mirror and saw hell staring back!

Supernatural Events

Disturbing Events
Disturbing Events

Do you believe in ghosts or spirits?

See results

Halloween Music - Scare the crap out of the Trick or Treaters

I worked the graveyard shift in a very old nursing home. I was told that when a person passed, be sure to open the windows so their soul could escape! I didn't believe that to be true but still I always opened the windows.

I have seen things I cannot explain? - Have you?

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      5 years ago

      I believe that you should keep an 'open mind' as they are things around us that we are not aware of and cannot explain


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