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Halloween Spider Cupcakes

Updated on September 9, 2014

20 Creepy and Cute Halloween Spider Cupcake Designs

Twenty design inspirations for decorating spider themed Halloween cupcakes. Even if you hate spiders, you can't help but love these adorably creepy cupcake treats. It's amazing how unique each cupcake can be by adding your own ideas and talents, once inspired by the cupcake gallery presented here.

Each design is extremely simple to create using easily accessible supplies like gumdrops, licorice, marshmallows, frosting, candy pieces, chow mein noodles and breakfast cereal. So, get inspired and start creating your very own uniquely cute and creepy Halloween spider cupcakes.

More information about this cupcake design given further on. Photo credit.

20 Halloween Spider Cupcake Designs

Plastic Spider Cupcake
Plastic Spider Cupcake

#1 - Plastic Spider Halloween Cupcake

Starting with the easiest.

What could be easier than using a plastic spider to grace the top of this exotic spider cupcake. Web is made by piping frosing around top of cupcake in concentric circles and then pulling with a knive or toothpick to edges.

Friendly Spider Cupcake
Friendly Spider Cupcake

#2 - Happy Face Spider Cupcake

Many Ways to Create

All of the features of this happy spider cupcake are actually made entirely with colored frosting piped into the needed shapes. When I first saw the photo of this cupcake I thought the body was a mint patty and the head a Junior Mint, with candy confetti and sprinkles for the face and piped icing or chocolate dipped Chinese noodles for the legs. In fact, that's exactly how I would make it.


Wilton Icing Piping Tip Set

Black Widow Cupcakes
Black Widow Cupcakes

#3 - Black Spider Cupcakes

A little more menacing

These more realistic looking black spider cupcakes call for "black coated milk chocolate candies." I'm not quite sure what those are. But again, Junior Mints are quite dark and would probably be my choice. Bridge Mix would give some interesting options. Whoppers would work, too, although it would become more of a brown spider. Legs are made with black shoestring licorice, but could always be piped on with icing.

Cutie Spider Cupcake
Cutie Spider Cupcake

#4 - Baby Spider Cupcake

Gotta Love This One!

This little cutie might be my favorite spider cupcake. How simple, and how cute. Baby spider is simply made with an M&M and sprinkles. Spider web is concentric piped frosting circles pulled with a toothpick to edges of cupcake. The double cupcake wrapper artistically frames an otherwise simple cupcake.


Little Spider Cupcake
Little Spider Cupcake

#5 - Gel Spider Cupcake

Toy Spider or Not

Another plastic spider adorns a gel frosting web. I thought this was a gel frosting spider, and that's how I would create this one. It would be easy to pipe little jelly-like spiders. No two would be exactly alike and it would be completely edible.


Spider Cupcake Army
Spider Cupcake Army

#6 - Army of Spider Cupcakes

They're here. . .

Once again, these are made entirely of piped icing. But, it's easy to see how to make the bodies with candy pieces as well. How can something so threatening be cute at the same time? It must be their deceptive grins.


Smirking Spider Cupcakes
Smirking Spider Cupcakes

#7 - Smirking Spider Cupcakes

With a Cookie Face

Wilton has their signature all over this one. I love the "fuzzy" texture. Think how many different fuzzy spider characters you could make with black or brown "furry" icing. The body, of course, is piped icing, and the legs are licorice sticks. But the face on this grinning spider is actually a rolled out cookie with the face stenciled on. This could also be achieved with disc candy wafers.

Red Eyed Spider Cupcakes
Red Eyed Spider Cupcakes

#8 - Furry Red-Eyed Spider Cupcakes

Look who's watching you!

So, so simple. Dip frosted cupcakes into chocolate sprinkles. Add two red mini M&Ms or Skittles and shoestring licorice legs.


Big Eyed Spider Cupcakes
Big Eyed Spider Cupcakes

#9 - Big Eyed Spider Cupcakes

Can Spiders be Nerdy?

So ugly they're cute spider cupcakes. Dip frosted cupcakes in chocolate sprinkles. Stick on marshmallow eyes. "Glue" on candy pieces with a dot of icing for details - or just use a dot of icing for the details. Red shoestring licorice this time for legs. These are really fun. I can see little kids making these, each taking on a different character.


Cereal Spider Cupcakes
Cereal Spider Cupcakes

#10 - Little Cereal Spider Cupcakes

They're everywhere!

Little baby corn puff cereal spiders. Concentric circles pulled with a toothpick or knife to edges of cupcake make spider webs. Colored corn puff cereal with colored sprinkles for legs make cute little baby spiders. Another great idea from bakerella.

Harpot Spider Cupcakes
Harpot Spider Cupcakes

#11 - Harry Potter Inspired Spider Cupcakes

Can they talk?

These little guys look like they're ready to say something. These quizzical little spider cupcakes are created entirely of fondant icing. I bet you can think of other ways to create these crawly characters.


Candy Spider Cupcake
Candy Spider Cupcake

#12 - Candy Spider Cupcake

A double treat!

Someone got very creative with candy. I love how the plainly iced cupcake is framed with a ring of purple crystal sugar. Spider is made with an M&M Almond (could use a Jordan Almond) with two mini M&Ms for eyes, piped frosting or shoestring licorice legs and a whole chocolate sprinkled bonbon or truffle body. Yum!


Creepy Spider Cupcakes
Creepy Spider Cupcakes

#13 - Creepy Spider Cupcakes

From Our Intro Photo

These realistic creepy spider cupcakes are made with gum drops. A whole gum drop for the spider body. For the fuzzy legs, roll or flatten gumdrops and roll in sugar. Cut into strips. Don't you love how those legs glisten and sparkle in the light?


Silly Spider Cupcakes
Silly Spider Cupcakes

#14 - Silly Spider Cupcake

Nothing to be afraid of here

So cute for a preschool party. Another one designed entirely with piped icing, except for the shoestring licorice legs. If you're concerned about the sugar rush, simply make the spiders a lot smaller. They'll be just as cute.

Garlic Press Spider Cupcakes
Garlic Press Spider Cupcakes

#15 - Gum Drop Spider Cupcakes

Hairy Little Beasts

These hairy spider cupcakes are made of gum drops. It's easy to see the gum drop head, but the body is made from putting a gum drop through a garlic press! How creative is that!

Spider Fangs Cupcakes
Spider Fangs Cupcakes

#16 - Realistic Fierce Fanged Spider Cupcakes

Crawling across the table

It's amazing how a few little details can turn cute to menacing. Frosted cupcakes are dipped into black sanding sugar. Red hot cinnamon candy for eyes, cut marshmallow fangs. Extra long shoestring licorice give the "spiders on the move" effect.

Tarantula Spider Cupcakes
Tarantula Spider Cupcakes

#17 - Tarantula Spider Cupcakes

Tasty, crunchy. . .

Tarantula spiders are a mixture of melted chocolate chips binding together chopped nuts or rice cereal and chow mein noodles, which look like they also make the legs. Yay, a change from shoestrong licorice legs.


Monster Spider Cupcakes
Monster Spider Cupcakes

#18 - Daddy Long Legs Spider Cupcakes

Bright-eyed spiders

These cute, but not too cute long-legged spider cupcakes look like little monsters to me. I'm not sure if they're cute or frightening. Another simple idea for quick party fun. Dip frosted cupcakes in chocolate sprinkles, mini M&Ms or Skittles for bright eyes and very long shoestring licorice for long spidery legs.


Gum Drop  Spider Cupcakes
Gum Drop Spider Cupcakes

#19 - Gum Drop Spider Cupcakes

Chewy spider fun

Small gum drops for head, large gum drop for body, gel icing for eyes and shoestring licorice for legs are all you need for chewy spider cupcakes. The black gum drops make these spiders somewhat realistic, but how cute would these be in all the glorious gum drop colors to make happy little creepy crawlers.


Realistic  Gum Drop Spider Cupcakes
Realistic Gum Drop Spider Cupcakes

#20 - Gummy Spider Cupcakes

Everyone loves gummies

These again use gum drops. The gum drops need to be rolled out flat and cut for the legs. Slightly rolled for the body. Use a sugared board to keep from sticking and to give the spider a fuzzy frosty texture.

Photos used with permission are credited in individual modules. Every other photo on this lens resides in original form in my personal collection.

Thanks for stopping by!

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Such a cool idea that not only scary but tasty. Great artistic design.

    • Wednesday-Elf profile image


      6 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

      What a delightful range of 'spider cupcake' ideas, from #4 'oh so cute' little baby spider all the way up to #16 "I'm not putting those spiders in MY mouth"... Realistic Fierce Fanged Spider Cupcakes! Excellent page and very well put together. Happy Halloween!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Really useful lens thanks. I love the cute baby spider cupcake, but not sure I could bring myself to eat some of these (being an arachnophobe)!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love the mini treats for Halloween! You can let your imagination go wild and the little ones are adoring them.

      I found some great ideas in this lens! Congrats for excellent lens!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Love the cupcakes! They look so cute!

    • casquid profile image


      6 years ago

      Love to make decorated cupcakes. Nice Lens!


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