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Halloween Stickers And Sticker Books

Updated on March 8, 2013

Stickers And Sticker Books For Halloween

As a child my friends and I were obsessed with collecting and trading stickers. We had volumes of stickers that we brought to school to show, share and trade. Currently it is my sons turn to enjoy the sticker craze and what better time than Halloween? Hundreds of spooky, creepy, cartoony or just plain fun Halloween stickers are out there for the collecting, sharing, trading and showing.

Sticker books, I have recently discovered, are a wonderful extension to the sticker collection allowing for hours of entertainment, especially on long car rides. Different stickers for different themed pages are fun for the kids to figure out or having them use the stickers to create their own imaginative story is always entertaining.

Skeletons! Spiders! Bats! Ghosts! Jack-o'-lanterns! Halloween is the one time of year when witches and goblins and toads are more important than just about anything else. Satisfy your creepiest, crawliest urges with THE ULTIMATE splendidly spooky sticker book.

The Ultimate Halloween Sticker Book
The Ultimate Halloween Sticker Book

A purple two-page spread contains stickers to use creatively within the haunted house and witch's cave scenes--dark, eerie moon- and candle-lit spots with plenty of evil lurking. The white two-page spread of stickers is for the Halloween and Trick or treat! pages, which have outlined spaces next to descriptions of various Halloween creatures (owls, black cats, and rats) and amenities (garlic to ward off vampires, broomsticks, and mortar and pestle). Select the sticker that best matches the outline and description.


Charming, old-time Halloween stickers. Select from witches on broomsticks, youngsters in costumes and carving pumpkins, black cats, and, naturally, jack-o'-lanterns with a variety of expressions.

Part of the bestselling EyeLike Stickers series, EyeLike Stickers: Halloween, packed with 400 reusable stickers, celebrates the autumn season with the creepiest, slimiest, and scariest objects found in nature. Gloomy full moons, crisp red leaves, pumpkins of all sizes, and spooky black cats set the creepy tone in this sticker book, dedicated to the scariest holiday of the year.

EyeLike Stickers: Halloween
EyeLike Stickers: Halloween

Glossy illustrations on the inside cover provide the perfect places to stick, restick, and store these durable, reusable stickers. Kids of all ages will also love using the stickers to decorate bedrooms, classrooms, scrapbooks, windows, and greeting cards


Did you Know Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain (pronounced "sah-win")?

Fill an eerie, 3-story house with bats, spiders, a vampire, tombstone, skeleton, mummy, black cats and other fiendish fabrications.

An excellent choice for the youngest in the family as an introduction to Halloween and sticker books. The gentle illustrations are friendly, text is simple and fun, and allows you to make sounds likes Whooo, Mooo, Cooo and BOO!

Say Boo!: A Sticker Book
Say Boo!: A Sticker Book

Say Boo introduces us to sweet ghost Ben, who doesn't want anyone to know he can't say "boo." Going off on a quest to practice his booing, he says "Moo" and "Whoo" and "Coo," but it isn't till he breaks down in tears that he manages to solve his problem.


Here's something fun and different. Make a pumpkin Halloween sticker sets. Perfect for a Halloween party as party favors or as a treat for those little ones at the door. Comes in a package of a dozen so you can make one a day with your little one for the twelve days before Halloween.

Make A Pumpkin Stickers (1 DOZEN) - BULK
Make A Pumpkin Stickers (1 DOZEN) - BULK

Each sticker sheet is 4 3/4" long and 6 3/4" wide. Pumpkin sticker with assorted eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouths. Mix and match to make your own giant pumpkin sticker!


Did you know The Jack-o-lantern custom comes from Irish folklore?

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    • WindyWintersHubs profile image

      WindyWintersHubs 7 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Boo! Fun Halloween Stuff for kids! Great idea for a treat bag. My kids had fun collecting stickers! (^^..^^)