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Halloween Treat Decorations

Updated on January 11, 2015

Halloween Treats and Decorations

Halloween is all about the treats. Forget the tricks I'm a softy at heart, I just love the fun and spirit of Halloween. The cool costumes, the Halloween parties, the cool pumpkins and pumpkin carving and of course the Fall colors. I love the harvest, fall, autumn oranges, reds, browns and beiges. As soon as Labor Day is over, it's Halloween decoration time.

I'm not sure which I really love most about Halloween, the candy treats or decorations that go along with them! Not only do I decorate my home with Halloween decorations like pumpkins and black cats and candy corn (yum candy corn!) but I have to find every serving platter, welcome mat, towel, mug, sign, poster and halloween theme home décor that I can get my hands on. I love it all.

Festive candy jars with friendly ghosts, candy corn covered plates, fall leaves on my front mat. I just can't get enough of Halloween stuff!

My Halloween Dream House

Halloween Treat Decorations
Halloween Treat Decorations

My Halloween Dream house would look something like this because this actually is my house with some added decorations. All my Halloween decorations have sweets and treats and something I love, just like this fun holiday.

Candy corn vinyl siding, pumpkins loaded with candy, adorable trick or treat knocking on my door, black cats and pirate pug dogs and Happy Halloween signs and banners and fall leaves everywhere!

Welcome everyone to my Halloween home, wait until you see the decorations inside.

Personalized Halloween Doormats
Personalized Halloween Doormats

Personalized Halloween Greetings

The first thing you will probably notice when you come into my Halloween house is a personalized Halloween greetings doormat! I love holiday doormats because they really add to the theme of the holiday. There are really great doormats out there with harvest, fall and autumn themes that are all gorgeous too, but a fun personalized one is nice too, it's a great gift idea to surprise a family member or friend also.

Decisions, decisions. Will you choose spooky ghosts and goblins, cute smiling black cats or maybe a flying witch on her broomstick! If you really aren't sure or don't want to change your doormat that often, it's fun to choose autumn themes which work great for Thanksgiving and the whole beautiful autumn season.

Wilton Halloween Metal Cookie 18-Piece Cutter Set- Discontinued By Manufacturer
Wilton Halloween Metal Cookie 18-Piece Cutter Set- Discontinued By Manufacturer

Halloween cookie cutters perfect for making your favorite delicious and creepy cookie treats


Halloween Figurines, Statues and Collectibles

Halloween Gifts and Collectibles
Halloween Gifts and Collectibles

I love adorable figurines, statues and collectibles so I especially can't resist Halloween figures. You can bet mine are all filled with friendly ghosts, smiling pumpkins, there will probably be a not so scary black cat and themes of Happy Halloween fun everywhere.

Most people are collecting the skull heads, ghoulish monsters and scariest things they can find but for me, I like the cute stuff. Funny how I don't get the spooky scary part of Halloween, yet I love the holiday madness!

Here's some of my cute collectibles that are always out on display once the autumn leaves start falling!

Wilton 12 Cavity Halloween Cookie Pan- Discontinued By Manufacturer
Wilton 12 Cavity Halloween Cookie Pan- Discontinued By Manufacturer

Bake up cookies so delicious they are scary in silicone easy bake pans


Halloween Kitchen Décor

Holidays always start in the kitchen for me so whether I am cooking or baking I love to fill the kitchen counters with decorations of the holiday. Creepy salt and pepper shakers, skulls to drink from and spooky Halloween cookies to bake - what could be more fun.

Pacific Giftware Vampire Love at First Bite Magnetic Kissing Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers Set
Pacific Giftware Vampire Love at First Bite Magnetic Kissing Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

Vampire Love At First Bite Salt and Pepper Shaker Set is so creepy adorable to decorate your Halloween kitchen.


Trick or Treat Bowls

Trick or treat bowls filled with candy is an absolute must in my house. I love that half my home is filled with bowls of candy and dishes filled with treats in the kitchen, family room and living room. It's so welcoming and fun for family and guests that drop by, everyone can't resist the welcome greetings of sweets. I keep bowls that have no sugar treats for friends that can't have any of that type of candy and they really appreciate the thought.

For trick or treaters, their bowl and treats ready to give out are always, always wrapped candies or small assorted bags of chips, fritos and fun goodies like that. Individual candy bars, little boxes of gummy treats and even lollipops are always available in individual packages. I always get the super duper treat size so there is plenty to go around.

The Halloween bowls I keep stocked with goodies at home are sometimes loose candies like oh yes, candy corn of course and fun mini size peanut butter cups, chocolate kisses and love those marshmallow creme pumpkins too.

Animated Monster Hand in Bowl - ST
Animated Monster Hand in Bowl - ST

Animated monster bowl of candy really moves and talks! It says Do You Want Some Candy? and Trick or Treat and Happy Halloween. Very cool but it bet it doesn't keep the little monsters out of the candy.

Time For Memories
Time For Memories

Time For Halloween Trick or Treat

Halloween trick or treat decorations means it's time. Time for costume picking, pumpkin picking, picking up candy for your trick or treaters. Time to send invitations out for your Halloween party. Time for the leaves to fall off the trees, the frost to show up in the mornings, time to turn the heat up in your house.

Sometimes it's so hard to make time. It's scary how busy we are everyday. Busy with work and school, children and family. Busy cooking and cleaning and paying bills. It's a great idea to remember how precious time is and take a couple of hours, a day here and there to spend the time doing silly fun things. Getting into the holiday and family spirit.

Time spent making memories is time you saved forever.

Halloween Candles As Decorations

Candles are almost a given on Halloween. Used to light jack o'lantern carved pumpkins, to cast eerie shadows, to light your home with flickering flames in wicked looking candle holders. I get it. But.......

OK, it's probably the firefighter in me. I just can't help it, I have seen way too many fires that resulted from candles used improperly and accidents do happen. Please Please Please be careful when using real candles. Be aware of the where you place them. Be sure there is nothing near them that may ignite from the flames or from the heat that's given off. Be sure they are mounted, centered, secured into candle holders that won't tip or fall or could be knocked over. Be sure children can't reach them and pets can't knock them over. Please follow candle safety!

So since I don't feel comfortable using candles, I do really love flameless candles. I think they are awesome and the market is getting better and better. Halloween has a nice variety of candles that are solar powered, battery powered, safe and really geared for the holidays with flickering flames, skulls and witches and a lot of them are even scented now, I need a candy corn, pumpkin spice flameless candle for my collection!

Mr. Light Set of 2 Battery Operated Wax Pillars with Spider Design, 4in
Mr. Light Set of 2 Battery Operated Wax Pillars with Spider Design, 4in

This set of two battery operated pillars are embossed with realistic looking graphics that stand out on the orange glowing background. Operated by three AAA batteries, these 4 inch tall pillars have a spooky flickering amber wick. Great for Halloween decor or your next costume party.


Halloween Chocolate Dipped Cookies

Halloween Chocolate Dipped Cookies
Halloween Chocolate Dipped Cookies

If you love the sweet side of Halloween, check out this simple recipe for the most delicious and adorable chocolate dipped cookies!

Halloween Chocolate Dipped Cookies For Kids Of All Ages

Do You Decorate For Halloween?

More Halloween Decorations!
More Halloween Decorations!
Fortune Products FLM-200 Cauldron Flame Light, 9.75" Bowl Diameter x 4.5" Height
Fortune Products FLM-200 Cauldron Flame Light, 9.75" Bowl Diameter x 4.5" Height

Flaming Halloween cauldron really puts a glow on Halloween trick or treating. This flame light bowl is 10" in diameter with a flat bottom for setting on tables and has a chain for hanging. It's 4 way flame silk looks great and is illuminated using amber and blue LEDs. Battery life is about 7 hours.


Halloween decorations are fun but not everyone decks their home out with spider webs, witches and ghostly ghouls.

Large Orange & Black Halloween Bowl Party Accessory
Large Orange & Black Halloween Bowl Party Accessory

This is a really pretty orange and black bowl that is perfect for holding treats on Halloween but can be used any time of year especially perfect for Thanksgiving turkey day.


Do You Decorate Your Home For Halloween?

See results
Fall Scene Placemat and Matching Napkins
Fall Scene Placemat and Matching Napkins

Halloween Kitchen Dining

Decorate your kitchen table, counters and dining room with Halloween napkins, placemats, towels, mugs and holiday plates to really keep that holiday theme going strong. Matching accessories in orange, purple and black would blend perfectly and even your serving platters and bowls can contrast nicely and make your treats even tastier.

We don't actually eat a big meal Halloween Eve in our house, mostly we are too busy giving out candy or eating the candy we haven't given out yet. It was always a tradition in my home that kids didn't actually have to eat a healthy nutritious meal after trick or treating, once the candy was check that was dinner and dessert.

Halloween Decorations Are On Sale Everywhere

Halloween Decorations On Sale Everywhere
Halloween Decorations On Sale Everywhere
Halloween LED Pillar Candles/Lights
Halloween LED Pillar Candles/Lights

Great for Halloween - this shimmer candle is 7.25" with a flickering bulb on top (and small LED light inside the candle itself), they look like real candles but are battery operated (3-AA for each, not included) - so they are portable, you can put them on tables, front porch, under windows, mantels etc, and no electric wires are needed, they will flicker for hours and hours, they use low wattage LED lights. Great classic Halloween graphics on the candles, these will add to a fun atmosphere! These are NEW


Decorations for your favorite holidays doesn't have to be super expensive, although it can be if you want it to be! Piling up the holiday home décor can cost a lot but bring so much fun every year. A great time to buy decorations is after the holiday because then everything is on sale. But if you didn't pick up any last year or just want to add to your fun Halloween collection, consider that stores like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens and so many others have a terrific selection of holiday decorations too and very often, they are on sale.

Another great place to consider is some cool dollar stores where you can pick up some accessories for very little money, especially if you are going to DIY some crafts, start with some plainer goodies and create, create, create!

By the way, hurry into the stores early because those little black cats are going to eat up all the candy corn before you get there. OK I photoshopped them in but the photo is from some fun shopping nearby.

Halloween Magnets and Buttons
Halloween Magnets and Buttons

Halloween Decorations Everywhere!

Halloween Magic is everywhere you decorate! Trick or Treat out your coffee mugs, refrigerators, candy jars and even your iPhones to celebrate the holiday spirit.

Thriller Chiller Background Music

You have to have some great Halloween music playing in the background so instead of just noises and screams why not go with the best, biggest Thriller of all time Michael Jackson's Thriller Music.

Scary how incredibly talented Michael Jackson was and his music lives on for all us to enjoy!

Personalized Happy Halloween Banners

How fun to hang up a personalized Happy Halloween greeting either inside your house or outside, or even both! What a treat it really is when the whole neighborhood is full of greetings and hello's and smiles.

Enjoy Lighting Halloween Flameless Pumpkin Candle Set of Two Battery Operated Candles
Enjoy Lighting Halloween Flameless Pumpkin Candle Set of Two Battery Operated Candles

Oh so Halloween colors and pumpkin faces, completely safe because they are flameless. Candles have two settings for dim and bright.


Do It Yourself Halloween Decorations

Halloween decorations absolutely do not have to be expensive! Everyone can enjoy the fun of decorating for the holidays whether you are on a budget (and in this economy who's not!) or it's because you love making a great project come to life or because it's a wonderful way to do some arts and crafts with the kids who just love to see them displayed in windows and on walls.

Make it fun, make it simple or complex, but make it together for a real Happy Halloween feel.

VegasDoggy Alarm Wake LED Clock Sunrise Simulation Sunset Fading Night Light-6 Natural Sounds/FM Radio/7 Colors Switch/10 Brightness Levels/Snooze Heavy Sleepers, White
VegasDoggy Alarm Wake LED Clock Sunrise Simulation Sunset Fading Night Light-6 Natural Sounds/FM Radio/7 Colors Switch/10 Brightness Levels/Snooze Heavy Sleepers, White

Light up your Halloween festivities with a Set of 3 Flameless Halloween Candles. Each wax candle has an LED light that flickers like a real flame, but without the danger. Each has a different Halloween design on the side. Use them for a centerpiece, on porch steps, in a window and more. Since they are flame less, they are safe for any spot.


Please share some of your fun Halloween stories and decorations here with us, come on....don't be scared we won't bite. OR WILL WE?

Halloween Haunting Your Thoughts?

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      7 years ago

      Treat and decorations... perfect!

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      mouse1996 lm 

      7 years ago

      Very fun selection of items. I love the clocks.

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      7 years ago

      You've got a great selection. Love the mats and clocks!

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      7 years ago

      Fun lens. I love the clocks!


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