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Halloween Worms

Updated on February 22, 2016
Happy Worms
Happy Worms | Source

Worms: Cute or Slimy You Choose!

Halloween worms! I remember, as a child, going outside after a rain fall and seeing all those worms out on the pavement. I am not sure how they managed to wiggle their way there but they were all over the place.

I was afraid of these slimy creatures but at the same time fascinated. I would see the dried up bodies of worms who did not make it make back to the moist soil before the sunshine burst through the clouds again.

I don't see those worms much anymore. Are there less of them? Or, do I just not notice anymore? I do know that at Halloween worms can be a wonderful addition!

You can make them, bake them, decorate with them and even wear them They give your Halloween celebration the "yuck" factor. But they can also be cute too so try dressing up your little one as a cute and colorful worm, or add a smiley worm to your decor.

You could have a whole party with a Halloween worm theme! There are recipes below that create very realistic looking worms. They are so realistic you may not be able to eat them! So let's take a look at Halloween worms.....

Rubber Worms and Fake Food!

Bloody Banquet Butcher Shop - Finger Food - Worm

Would you like a worm with your cracker? This looks real doesn't it? I had to look twice. Serve up these finger foods for Halloween and you are sure to get some squeals of surprise! How much fun is fake food for your party. Click the link for all the details.

Worm Costume - In Your Face!

Costumes For All Occasions - Boring Worms

Do you feel like doing some really dramatic make up this Halloween? You cannot beat worms growing out of your face!

I don't think anyone will overlook this part of your costume.

These very realistic worms are designed to hang out of what appears to be your rotting flesh.

This looks quite frightening almost to the point that its hard to look at this picture!

For an even greater effect combine this worm make up with a wig or hat with some additional make up and clothing and you cold easily look like a very real zombie.

Worms are beneficial to our Ecosystem

The benefit of real worms is how much they contribute to the health of our soil and our plants. They are more than just a slimy creature they are very beneficial to our environment. So you can see from the list below that worms have a key role in keeping the vegetation healthy and this benefits all of us!

  1. Worms consume organic matter and convert it to food for plants.
  2. The worm "poo" is rich in minerals that are needed by plants.
  3. Worms keep the soil loose which makes it much easier for roots of plants to grow.
  4. Worms help soils to maintain moisture and also keep the soil properly drained.
  5. Worms help plants to absorb needed minerals by bringing them closer to the surface so where the plant roots can reach them.

Real live worms
Real live worms | Source

Scary! This set includes the three huge worms that hang out of your face but they are "professional grade".

This means they as realistic as the make up that is used for movie and television productions.

You can create your own look with these but you will need to purchase adhesive as well. It is sold separately.

Halloween Treats to Make: Jello Blood Worms - From The Idea Room

Edible Worms Anyone?

These are incredibly realistic looking edible worms that are made of jello. The perfect dish to serve at a Halloween party!

Visit Jello Blood Worms - The Idea Room Blog to learn how to make these. It takes some effort but is well worth the time, these are almost too realistic to eat, but once you get over that they are yummy!

Halloween Treats: Wormy Cake

Halloween treats come in many varieties that that includes cake. Would you like a Wormy cake for dessert? It's scrumptious! Follow along on the video demonstration below for step by step directions for making a worm cake. This cake is very easy to make and super fun. This is an activity to get the kids involved with even the very little ones can help with this cake.

Wormy Cake Instructions

Did You Ever Eat Worms on Halloween?

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Recipes for Halloween - Resources Online

Worms as sweet as candy
Worms as sweet as candy | Source

Will Worms Be Included in Your Halloween Celebration?

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    • justDawn1 profile image

      justDawn1 5 years ago

      Uh... I don't think so :/

    • profile image

      Gail47 5 years ago

      Not in mine, but I bet my grandson would love these!

    • David Stone1 profile image

      David Stone 5 years ago from New York City

      I think not, but maybe when I just can't come up with something to weird me out, I'll remember your worms and feel relief.