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Halloween Yard and Outdoor Art Patterns & Crafts

Updated on July 3, 2012

For Halloween This Year, I'm Going To Be....

.. Decorating the Yard with the help of Halloween Patterns and Crafts for the outdoors.

Some the selections below are ultra easy and some require a little knowledge and experience with basic tools.

I think the benches and wooden cutouts are my Favorite Halloween projects. I'll need some for the front and back yards. :D

Photo Credit: Ghostly Gathering Yard Cutout plans available at

Witch Smash Halloween Yard Art Woodworking Pattern

This full size woodcraft pattern is a part of the fun, easy-to-make projects from the Winfield Collection! Be sure to look for additional patterns to add to your project list!

Pumpkin Bench Halloween Woodworking Pattern

The Winfield Collection full size woodcraft pattern #HC12 -- Pumpkin Bench. The package includes the complete pattern to make the original design shown and easy painting instructions. Complete with four goofy pumpkins and vines galore. Handy little bench looks great on a porch or indoors. Full size pattern to make this fun and decorative project. (42.5"T)

What's your Favorite Halloween Decorating Theme?

What's you Favorite Halloween Theme

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Halloween Skeleton Yard Flamingos Lawn Decor - Reusable Tips: After you are done with the Scary Flamingos...

... paint them pink, or get creative and pick another color or colors. Make sure to use the Krylon Fusion paint made for plastics just below.

Next Halloween make ghosts out of them with white kitchen trash bags, tie around the neck to secure. Optional of course, but you may use stuffing to flesh out the head (ha-ha) or feel compelled to give your ghosts black permanent marker eyes, so go for it if the mood strikes you. :D

Once you get tired of the whole flamingo thing, put it away for a while.

THEN... evil with your favorite neighbor.

The week before Halloween, park the pink flamingo in their yard 1/2 way to their front door. Attach a note to say something like "please let me rest in your yard for just a bit. I need to get some rest before flying back to Florida.

Every day, place the flamingo a couple more feet closer.

The night before Halloween, paint them black, and use glow in the dark paint or stickers to make glowing eyes. Park it right in front of their door. Hopefully you will get a reaction. :D

Product description:

This pair of skelamingos are molded black plastic with painted on bones. You will get One Long neck measuring 30 Inches tall and One short Neck measuring up 27 inches tall. This lovely pair of Skelamingos are great for Over The Hill Partys, Halloween Decorations And make a great Gag Gifts. They will last for years to come.

Ghost Bench Halloween Woodworking Plan

The Winfield Collection full size woodcraft pattern #HC11 -- Ghost Bench. The package includes the complete pattern to make the original design shown & easy painting instructions. This colorful porch bench has spirit! Four friendly ones, actually, and old gravestones for sides. You're sure to get lots of compliments when you make this ghostly project for Halloween. (42.5"T)

Halloween Stencils to Use with the Window Paint below - Some Stencils are for use with other projects, but why not?

Paint your Windows, Doors, and Car for Halloween - Temporary Window Paint

10 vibrant colors, will not crack, peel or flake off glass. Ergonomically patented designed bottles, color coordinated caps and labels, easy flow non-leaking spring valve. Applicator will not dry out, can't be squeezed out of tubes unless in use. Coverage is four to five times of jar paints. No mess, no waste, no leak, non-toxic!

Amazon Review:

"I was extremely pleased with the vibrant colors and the flow of the paint while decorating our vehicle. This product is by far the best window paint on the market."

Crafty Dab Window Writers Paint Arts & Crafts
Crafty Dab Window Writers Paint Arts & Crafts

* Window paint and window writers * Contains 10 bright colors * For special events and school activates * Easy to apply and washes off easily * Ideal for all grade levels


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