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Halloween Your Recipes

Updated on September 15, 2012

Everyday Fare with Halloween Flair

Sometimes the best recipes are not Halloween recipes per se, but ones you have always enjoyed making and eating. In this lens I will give some advice inspiration on transforming everyday recipes into Halloween treats!! This applies more to baked goods than most other recipes, but you are welcome to try and invent great Halloween treats for all!! Enjoy!!

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Instructions on mixing different colors
Instructions on mixing different colors

Food Coloring is Your Friend

To get that Halloween look and feel you want to stick to themem appropriate colors. For Halloween this would include orange, purple, black, and white. Luckily you have some good items you want even have to modify like chocolate which usually runs the gambit between brown and dark brown (almost black). I have linked to a mixing guide to see some suggestions on amounts and types to reach your desired colors. Please check out this link and also below if you need to pick up some food coloring.

Fun Halloween Molds

There are many fun molds out there depending on what recipe you are making. There are muffin molds for skulls, pumpkins, and others. There are also chocolate molds for chocolate treats or chocolate lollipops (Also for white chocolate). There is also larger cake molds if you are looking for that. This would be my recommendation, because you will have to do less decorating on the back end. So once your item is baked would you rather have to decorate 12 little spiders or one larger spider. Just something to keep in mind as you are thinking of items to bake. I have added a few different molds below depending to give you some ideas on the variety of items out there.

Halloween Gelatin Molds!!

Decorative Halloween Recipe

This is One Example and My Favorite Halloween Recipe/Design

For Halloween my favorite recipe treat is chocolate cake (general chocolate cake mix) baked in the design of a skull. The skull baking pan is plain, but gives you a lot of good slices of cake. Of course you would also go with vanilla (read white frosting) for the skull effect. I like the frosting that is made up of confectioners sugar, milk, and vanilla. This produces a very white frosting perfect for the color of a skull. You can then place some aside and food dye it darker for the dark parts of the skull or use a darker chocolate. Yummy!!!

This is usually the cake I like on my Birthday, but it can be transformed from birthday cake to Halloween skull cake with some food coloring and the right pan! Please see below for some really good other designs and guides for making great treat!!! Have fun experimenting and Enjoy!!

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