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Halloween Preparation for October 31 2013

Updated on August 28, 2013

And the Halloween Costume Award goes to

And the Halloween Costume Award goes to Jack Daniels father and Marlboro son in pics
And the Halloween Costume Award goes to Jack Daniels father and Marlboro son in pics | Source
TCP butterfly costume for girls for Halloween 2013
TCP butterfly costume for girls for Halloween 2013 | Source
TCP butterfly dress for girls for Halloween 2013
TCP butterfly dress for girls for Halloween 2013 | Source
Bumblebee dress for boys for Halloween 2013
Bumblebee dress for boys for Halloween 2013 | Source
Old Navy Ladybug dress for Halloween 2013
Old Navy Ladybug dress for Halloween 2013 | Source

I received a hub request from one of our fellow hubbers. Which costumes are you buying for your kids on this coming Halloween on October 31, 2013?

Here is my answer: I would like to buy Girl's TCP butterfly costume or Peacock costumes designed by Disney, as these are the latest costumes meant for specially the year 2013 and will give a fairy-like look to my doll.

I also like other types of costumes but as I have daughter I would prefer this or other girl's costumes like Avengers, Girls Pirates, Aurora, Jasmine, Belle, Cat, I would like her to wear this costume. Baby boys can wear bumblebee dress from the famous movie transformers, old navy ladybug dress, etc.

For women, they can wear Pirate Maiden costume, Poodle skirt costume, court lady dress, etc. Actually these are the latest trends this Halloween.

For men, they can buy and wear bartender, shipwrecked pirate, Hercules, superman, red ranger, radioactive man, Mexican, Simpsons, and other costumes.

A list of various Halloween Kids Costumes to choose from for your kids:

Halloween Child Bunny Costume

Tom Arma Pumpkin Kids Costume

Statue of Liberty Kids Costume

Deluxe Jack Sparrow for Kids

High School Musical Cheerleader

Infant/Toddler Chewbacca

Boys Roman Hunk

Boys Harry Potter Robe

Girls Ariel Mermaid

Kids Deluxe Darth Vader

Kids Pirate Costumes

Harry Potter Costumes

50's Costumes

Renaissance Costumes

Greek & Roman Costumes

gorgeous superwoman

Little red vixen

High school musical cheerleader

Captain Jack sparrow Prestige

Delux Boba Fett Child

Rabbit Pink Toddler Costumes

Lamb Pink Toddler Costumes

Rabbit Blue Toddler Costumes

Belle Halloween Costume

Barney Halloween Costume

Cheerleader Partiotic

Cowboy Kids Costume

Smart Batman Costume

Blues Clues Plush Toddler Costume

Superman muscle chest For Kids

Superman Kids Toddler

Mystic Force Pink Power Ranger

Cinderella Kids Costumes

Sleeping beauty

Chinese girl costumes

Power Rangers Overdrive Pink

Bratz Witch Kids Costume

Monsters, Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Ghosts Costumes

What is Halloween and its significance?

Halloween is a special holiday celebrated on the night of 31st of October. Term Halloween and its alternative Hallowe'en has been shortened from "All hallow even" which means the eve of "All Hallows Day", and also this is known as "All Saints Day".

Some traditional activities include Halloween festivals, trick or treating, costume parties, bonfires, visiting haunted houses, and viewing horrorfilms. Halloween got originated from Pagan festival "Samhain", which was celebrated by Celts of Great Britain and Ireland. Scottish and Irish immigrants carried some versions of this tradition to the North America in 19th century

All other Western countries started celebrating this holiday in the late 20th century.

Halloween is celebrated in many parts of the western world, mostly in United States, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Canada, and UK.

It is a day of religious festival in various North Europe Pagan traditions until Pope Gregory III and Pope Gregory IV moved away the old Christian feast of "All Saints Day" from May 13th to November 1st.

Many of the Europe cultural traditions, particularly Celtic cultures hold that "Halloween" is 1 of the "liminal" (physiological or psychological response) times of any year when ghosts and spirits can make their contact with physical world and when the magical powers are most potent according to for example Irish tale of the SĂ­dhe and Catalan myth about the witches.

Have you got any comments relating to which costume your kid can wear this Halloween, then ask me here

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    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 9 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Thanks for the appreciation ElitePoetz

    • ElitePoetz profile image

      ElitePoetz 9 years ago from Right Near the Beach

      Nice hub, lots of cool ideas!

    • profile image

      Cheerleader 9 years ago

      The kids in this house are going as Cheerleaders. The girls just love it.

      <a href="">The Cheerleader</a>

    • kpyang profile image

      kpyang 10 years ago from Singapore

      Tom Arma Pumpkin Kids is Cute ;-)