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Halloween Costume Ideas for Women 2017!

Updated on September 18, 2017
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I am a beauty blogger and aspiring influencer. Once with 4 million channel views, I am rebuilding a new makeup-themed channel.

It is September 17th which means it's getting closer to halloween every day that passes. Have you thought about who you're going to be? If not, this article is for you! These costume ideas are easy to assemble, you can buy some of the components at a dollar store, or you can make it from home!

Idea #1: Veronica Lodge from Riverdale

Riverdale is one of the shows that stole teenage audiences this year, and one of the easiest characters to mimick for your costume is none other than the new girl Veronica. Things you will need for this costume are:

  • Black or dark clothing, or you can wear a baby pink and black shirt with black jeans- it's up to you.
  • Black handbag
  • Black wig (optional)


  • She does have black or dark brown eyebrows, if you don't have eyebrow hair or you have light eyebrows but want to copy this character, you can get any eyeliner pencil and just color in your brows to make them dark.
  • She always wears a nice and dark red color on her lips, just use a dark red/purple on your lips to pull off the amazing color.
  • I've noticed she has a medium color in her crease, if you use a dark tan color that would be enough, and just use black eyeliner and mascara to pull the look together.

Idea #2: Poison Ivy from Batman

Poison Ivy- one of the girls involved in the Gotham Sirens, alongside Harley Quinn and Catwoman. Poison Ivy has always been an under-appreciated female super villain. You also may be thinking that this is a complex costume, but really you can tone it down a lot.

Things you'll need to have a last minute Poison Ivy costume:

  • A vine of fake ivy leaves (I got a vine from the 99 cent store).
  • Green eyeshadow
  • Black liquid or gel eyeliner
  • Green eyeliner or brow pencil
  • Bright red lipstick
  • Very pink blush
  • Light foundation/BB cream
  • Eyelash glue
  • Mascara

I just did a makeup look yesterday using most of these products, and I am going to share with you what I did for my makeup.

1. I took a color correcting palette (the one by elf cosmetics) and used the green wherever I had red skin.

2. I took a BB cream from the brand Sassy + Chic, I got this at the dollar store and put that all over my face, while it was drying and soaking into my skin I went to start on the eyes.

3. I used my Morphe 35B palette (it's the one with the bright colors) and I used the lightest green that's also a shimmer color and I put that all over my lid, and I took the darkest hunter-green color and used that as my crease shade.

4. I put the red color from the same palette under my eyes on my lower lash line.

5. I took my elf cosmetics liquid liner in very black and lined the top of my eyes and winged it.

6. I used my Tarte Cosmetics Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara and put that on my top and bottom lashes.

7. I used a green eyeliner pencil from Ulta and colored my brows green.

8. Once the cream dried I took pressed powder from Covergirl and put that all over my face to set the cream.

9. I used a blush from Bare Minerals in the shade The One and put a ton of that on my cheeks, to recreate the cheeks the character has in the comic books.

10. I used a matte lipstick that was red and put that on my lips.

11. Lastly, I cut two leaves to make them smaller on the bottom and glued them at a slight angle right above my brows.

Idea #3: Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)

Poison Ivy's best bud, Harley Quinn. Harley was extremely popular last year due to the movie Suicide Squad. It's still not too late to be Harley if you're in need of a costume!

Things you'll need:

  1. A baseball Tee, preferably red and white, or if you go to Hot Topic and get the already-made Harley Quinn shirt.
  2. A black pen or marker (to draw the tattoos on your legs
  3. Black wedges or heels
  4. Blue denim shorts (or get the cosplay ones off of etsy or amazon)
  5. Hair color spray in blue and pink.
  6. Blue and Pink eyeshadows
  7. Red lipstick
  8. Black eyeliner

It is a simple assemble, if you look at any picture of anyone dressed as Harley you'll be able to tell where everything goes.

Idea #4: Betty Cooper "Riverdale"

Betty Cooper is just as simple to create a look for. Just like Harley Quinn, you look at a picture and are able to piece it all together. Things you'll need.

  1. A lavender, baby pink, or any light color shirt, preferably one of those mid-sleeved shirts.
  2. Light colored backpack, or bag of some sort.
  3. A ponytail
  4. Mascara
  5. Gold eyeshadows
  6. Nude lipstick
  7. Foundation or concealer, just go light with it, don't go overboard with your concealer, ladies.
  8. Jeans
  9. Converse or a casual shoe.

Alright there you guys go! I hope you all enjoyed this little article and I hope you guys have some ideas now of what you're gonna be. I have not put this out there but I am a YouTuber, and I will be posting halloween ideas/tutorials/etc. soon on my channel, so if you want to stay tuned for that, subscribe to my channel here:

© 2017 Sami P


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