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Little Mermaids for Halloween

Updated on August 27, 2013

Mermaid Costumes for the Little Ones

Last week my 3 year old grand-daughter wanted to be a cupcake for Halloween, now she insists she wants to be a mermaid. What to do? Find an inexpensive mermaid costume because we spent too much on the cupcake outfit for Halloween. So, what am I searching for? Inexpensive mermaid costume ideas that are worth the time and money. However, one cannot spend too much money on a grandchild!

Costumes are usually for Halloween, but if your children are like every other child on the planet, they will wear the it more than once before October 31st so it must hold up. Purchased costumes are typically cheaply made but cost an arm and a leg. Here is what I discovered by reading reviews:

1. The Disney brand costumes are more expensive, but are usually better made. The company knows that kids will dress up in them all year long.

2. Purchased mermaid costumes are typically tight around the legs--consider the costume design carefully if you have an active child.

When browsing for ideas for mermaid costumes, I discovered the costume on the upper left on Etsy. It is just too adorable. It is not to "sexy" and looks very comfortable for your little one. I love the headband, too.

Go check out DIPdesigns and get one for your little mermaid today. I would not wait too long! Be forewarned: it is handmade and is not inexpensive.

This mermaid costume is under $30. Click the image above to examine this mermaid costume at It includes the dress and headband.

Read the reviews for this mermaid costume for yourself and decide which size you will need. The biggest problem with this outfit seemed to be that the shiny sequins fell off, but for most buyers this was a minor defect. If you click the above mermaid image, you will be taken to The prices are competitive, too.

The green boa does not come with the outfit. The mermaid's boa that you see with the costume is not made with natural materials, but from a plastic material that simulates the underwater plant that mermaids prefer. One review said the seaweed boa was itchy but another said it was just fine. if your child is even a little bit finicky about stuff being itchy, then avoid this boa and make one out of ribbons and yarn. The boa is under $10. Click the image to buy this Lil Mermaid accessory from

Make your own Seaweed Mermaid Costume Boa: - A DIY Halloween Special sea treat!

Since the reviews of the boa shown above are so mixed, I decided to find out how to make a seaweed boa to go with a mermaid costume for a young Ariel. Below you will find links to several methods for making this accessory.

  1. How to make Fake Seaweed

    This tutorial uses plastic bags and paint. Definitely a green project as you might have the supplies already on hand.

  2. Make a Seaweed Boa from tulle and ribbon. Or you can buy one on Etsy (go see the picture by clicking this link Seaweed Boa)

The Perfect Ribbon for a Handmade Seaweed Boa for your Mermaid! - A comfortable alternative to plastic on a mermaid costume!

This roll of ribbon is 30 feet long. That would equal 60 pieces that are 6 inches. Tie them on a long piece of blue or green yarn the length that you need (the above purchased boa is 72" long) and you have your handmade seaweed boa. You could add ribbon pieces from your own collection of remnants to make it fuller. Let your Halloween imagination go wild!

See How Martha Stewart Created a Mermaid Costume - A tasteful mermaid costume!

Even though the mermaid costume that was made in this video was designed for an adult, one could easily use the idea to make a child's costume.

No one ever said your costume had to be made using your own ideas, one can use inspiration from others.

Even though this mermaid costume was created for an adult, the ideas shown could be easily adapted for a child's Halloween Costume.

Mermaid Costumes to Make at Home: - Little Girls love pretending to be a magical mermaid!

To see images of these handmade Halloween Costumes for little girls, check out my Pinterest Board for "Mermaid Costumes".

  1. Coolest Homemade Mermaid Costumes--This site has more than 25 mermaid costume creations that people like you made at home.
  2. Mermaid Costume from Cupcake Liners! I think I have found my favorite child's mermaid costume creation!
  3. How to Make a Mermaid Tail--an excellent tutorial for making a child's mermaid tail. My favorite detail is the loop to carry the tail end around without tripping on the fins.
  4. A Mom's Money Saving Mermaid Tail

    Has lots of photos that make this mermaid costume easy as 1-2-3!

  5. Mesmerizing Mermaid from Parent's Magazine

    The base for this costume is a knit nightgown. The mermaid scales are made with foil cupcake liners.

  6. DIY Mermaid Costume from blog "733" and featured on The Train to Crazy's Handmade Costumes. The mermaid costume here was designed for a Halloween in the colder climates.

Ideas for hand made Halloween Costumes:

Plan on making Halloween Costumes in the future? Then I bet some of these books would come in handy.

Which one of the costumes did you like? Was it the mass produced one from the "Halloween Store" or the original, handmade creations?

Please leave a comment, if you will, below. - Thanks for looking at the mermaid costumes I found.

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    • poldepc lm profile image

      poldepc lm 5 years ago

      what a cute lens

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 5 years ago

      I surely think the Little Mermaid costumes are quite splendid. My mom used to make our Halloween costumes ... and they were really quite elaborate and better than store bought.