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Halloween Spiders and Spider Webs

Updated on August 15, 2015

Spider Costume for Infant

Spider and Spider Webs - Costumes, Decorations

Along with Halloween skeletons, pumpkins and skulls, spiders and spider webs are among those costumes and props that are a must on Halloween, and can fit into any indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration theme and party.

What's really fun about Halloween spiders and spider webs are the way you can put them together with all sorts of other Halloween props to make a bunch of cool scenes.

And there are of course all kinds of Halloween spider and spider web accessories that can be strewn around the house or yard to give that scary and spooky look.

Spider costumes are really enjoyable, as they include the eight legs which are always cool to look at any you're always going to see someone pull on them.

Babies and toddlers are especially cute in these, and surprisingly, there are a number of spider costumes for your dogs, which I included a couple of pictures of here.

Let's look at some spider costumes, spider and spider web decorations and props and see if there are some things that inspire you in your Halloween plans.

As far as adults go though, you're going to probably have to go with Spider Man if you want a spider costume, as there weren't many adult spider costumes I could find out there, although it probably wouldn't be hard to make one if you really wanted to.

Halloween Spider Costume for Baby

Let's start things off with looking at some spider costumes, and what better place to look than at babies and toddlers?

As you can see from this photo of a baby spider costume, they're adorable on the little ones (which costume isn't on babies?), and the little legs hanging around her make it a great photo and memory opportunity.

The toddler spider costume below that one also looks great, and the cute head and colorful body, along with the costume body, would really make this a Halloween to remember.

Spider Costume for Baby

Toddler Halloween Spider Costume

Dogs wearing Halloween Spider Costumes

Other than our babies and toddlers, there's probably nothing more enjoyable than seeing our dogs or pets wearing a Halloween costume, and these spider costumes look great on them.

If you can picture it in your head, think of the dog running around with those legs flopping and attempting to get them off of their backs and sides. That would be a hilarious situation to watch.

Halloween Spider Pet Costume for Dog

Halloween Spider Costume for Dog

Halloween Spiders You can Easily Make

One thing about the body shape of spiders is they're really easy to copy and make, and as you can see from the spider photo below, you just use a few craft pieces and you've got a spider.

With the popularity of spiders at Halloween, you could make a bunch of these and have them scattered everywhere around the house.

Halloween spider prop, decoration

Indoor Halloween Spider in Spider Web

Look how neat this spider in the spider web looks. It's so fun to make and put up this type of Halloween decoration. Of course if you don't want to make them, you can buy spider webs and add the spiders shown in the above photo to it.

Spider webs do make a great prop in your house corners and in the entry way.

Spider in Spider Web Halloween Decoration

Outdoor Halloween Spider Web

Here's another spider web from how you could set it up on your porch or deck. One other thing you could do as you look at the one above as well, is to use different materials or spray paint them to give them different looks.

Adding a shiny glow to some is a very effective way to call attention to them for people to see.

Outdoor glowing spider web

Digital Halloween Spider Web

In our times there's always something digital you can add to make things interesting, and that would include this spider web screensaver you could have on at your party or enjoy to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Spider Web Halloween Screensaver

Great Halloween Spider and Spider Web String Lights

These lights are too cool. They would work great either inside or outside as Halloween decorations, and as you can see here, there are a lot of other Halloween accessories you can include to make it a lot of fun and interesting for guests.

Spider and Spider Web Halloween String Lights

Inflatable Halloween Spider

Inflatable Halloween decorations are so much fun, and this lit up inflatable spider would be a blast to have in the yard or a dark room in the home.

Inflatable Halloween Spider Decoration

Spider Halloween Yard Decoration

Here's another outdoor spider that is lit up and looks spooky and scary; just the way we want it on Halloween. This would take some more work to get up, but it does give some good ideas on things we could do with our Halloween yard decorations using a spider.

Spider Yard Decoration for Halloween

Halloween Headband with Spider and Spider Web

When I found this it really captured my eye, and had to share it with you. I found it on Etsy, so you could go there and search and it would come up for you.

Either way though, it's a great inspiration for simple ways we could use nets and spiders as a Halloween accessory we can add. Fun idea!

Halloween Spider Headband

Halloween Spider Recipe and Food Ideas

Spiders are fantastic themes for Halloween baking, and here are a spider cake and cupcake to give you some design ideas on how to put some together; everyone will love them.

Halloween Spider Cake

Halloween Spider Cupcakes

Spiders a Fun Part of Halloween

As you can see from all these different Halloween spider web ideas, there are an infinite number of ways to include them in your Halloween décor, and are a necessary addition to any great Halloween party and celebration.


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    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      good ideas but looks quite hard to make! gonna give it a shot tho!

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      Just me 7 years ago

      this sick its not good for ideas for lighted way!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr

    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Very good hub! I like the idea of specializing in spider things. - Carol

    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Awesome hub! Lots of great Halloween ideas. - Carol