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Scary Halloween Window Silhouettes and Shadows

Updated on July 1, 2014

Halloween Window Silhouettes

There are a lot of different types of window decorations for Halloween, including decals, stickers and clings. But there is one that really stands out strongly, usually being very large and black in color, and that is a silhouette. Some people refer to them as shadows (specifically when they're black - not all are), but either way, they look great.

Silhouettes can come in traditional Halloween themes, such as cats, pumpkins and witches, but my favorites, and those that make the strongest impression, are those that represent more ominous themes and characters which are not for the squeamish.

For example, there are silhouettes which include a man hanging by the neck, a woman with a knife appearing ready to stab someone through the window, Jason from Halloween holding a machete and looking out through evil eyes, and a woman holding her dismembered head, among many others.

Whatever your tastes, there are silhouettes to fit any Halloween theme, and whimsical or evil, they are extremely easy to see from outside because they normally take up the entire window or windows (Some silhouettes are also made to be placed on two windows).

Halloween Window Silhouette of Jason from the Movie

With this first Halloween silhouette we have one of the more iconic fixtures in horror - Jason from the Halloween film series. It's unusual for window silhouettes because of the blue background to the black figure.

Who can't relate to the first time they saw Jason in the film holding that big machete or knife and wearing a mask? It would sure make someone think twice as they approached a home to get some Halloween candy.

Also complementing Jason is the nice looking cracked window, adding some more tension to the overall image.

Those eyes especially are a great touch to the overall look. This is what makes window silhouettes such a great choice at Halloween.

Jason from Halloween Window Shadow


Ghoulie Halloween Window Silhouette

Next we have a not-so-scary set of ghoulie silhouettes, which could be placed in side-by-side windows.

They're not the more frightening type (except probably for small children), but they are for those who want to give a fun scare with a touch of whimsy to it.

Ghoulie Window Shadow


Window Sihouette of Psycho Woman

Here's another image most of us who have watched horror films have seen, that of a woman from Psycho with the big knife in her hand ready to use it. Now this would cause one to pause when passing by or approaching a house to get some candy or goodies.

It's a simple but very powerful and effective way to participate in the darker side of Halloween, while having some fun shocking some people.

Psycho Window Shadow


Halloween Silhouette of Woman Holding Her Own Head

I really like this Halloween window silhouette. It's a lot of fun, and is one of those people stopping or car-slowing-down types of window decorations.

To me, it's the type that can be used by those that want to have more of a fun scare than trying to shock or disturb people. Most of these window shadows are made in a more fun, light way, or they're made in a way to offer up some shock to those viewing them. There's not much middle ground.

Headless Woman Window Shadow


Disturbing Hanging Man Window Silhouette

Of all the window silhouettes here, I think this one of the man hanging in the window is the most disturbing.

Not only is it being hung that is bothersome, but the way the hands are tied behind the back add an ominous feel to the figure. I think it's because it suggests he was forcibly hanged.

While not for everybody, this is definitely a Halloween window silhouette to use by those wishing to make a strong, scary statement during the Halloween season; one that attracts the attention of all those passing by.

And to add to the effect, all one has to do is keep a light on during the night in order to make it easier to see by those passing by.

Hanging Man Window Shadow


Variety of Halloween Window Silhouettes

In this last photo of Halloween window silhouettes there are a wide variety of different designs to generate ideas.

What is unique about them is the shadow or silhouette part, in most of them, is the outer part of the design, making the figure needing to have light to be seen.

That's a great way to do it for those wanting to have people easily see your Halloween decorations during the night hours. In these cases you would cut out the design and leave the dark part out of the equation.

If you choose to go this route, you could use the black part that is cut out for another window to display in the way shown above, or in the bottom right part of the house below. So you could have dark and light silhouettes to display.

Halloween Window Shadows


Halloween Window Shadows and Silhouettes

As you can see, windows silhouettes or shadows for Halloween are an amazing way to decorate your house for the season.

There are the choices of using dark images, colored images, or images cut out with lights lighting up the design.

Whichever way you choose to go, you're sure to get a lot of delightful or strange looks from those looking at these awesome creations.


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    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 5 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      I love this hub! I am definitely going to have to get some of these! My grandchildren will love them! Voting up, useful and sharing! :)

    • Isibi profile image

      Isibi 5 years ago

      I never would have thought of that, a nice way to bring some originality into Halloween without too much cost.