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Handmade DIY Party Hats for all Ages | Tutorials Tips & Techniques | For Halloween, New Year's, Birthdays, etc

Updated on April 25, 2014

Make Your Own Party Hats - For a Fun Craft and Unique Results

I love to make party hats. Not just any party hats - although even those can have your own unique flair. I ike to make the little bit zany, fun hats that you can't get just anywhere.

You can work quickly on paper, using the basic cone shape or you can go all-out adn sew party hats as in the picture. Now that's a great hat. I like to look for interesting scrap book papers to ad dimension to my hats. Readily available and so many patterns.

mxruben at morguefile

Basic Paper Party Hats

Your so-called 'basic' party hat may be a simple shape to make, but it can be decorated for any occasion and made as plain or special as your time allows. They can also easily be altered to any size of head; although the basic cone shape is pretty flexible as to who it will fit.

This link comes with a downloadable template for a basic party hat - which you can then decorate to your hearts content.

These ones are beautifal with lovely ruffles build in. Just click on the picture for instructions.

Basic Party Hats Made Easy

This is a great step-by-step video on making your basic hat. Then add whatever strikes your fancy.

Basic Party Hat Supplies

If you are having trouble finding just the right thing to create that special hatt; these may be just the thing.

jdurham morguefile
jdurham morguefile

Birthday Paty Hats

For Kids or Adults

The trick behind any birthday party is brining the right people together with great food and fun. Any birthday party for a child is pretty much guaranteed to be a success because kids just have no 'box' to keep the fun out. Let them loose and away they go. But you can add to that with the right hats.

For little girls, use the basic hat to make princess hats - just add flowing ribbons and make sure the girl of honour has extra ribbons and a wand.

For little boys the basic hat can be decorated with a picture of differenct superheroes - you can even let them colour them themselves if you have them ready. There are free downloads on this page. Click here for superhero colouring pages

Both boys and girls like animals. Again this is a great activity to keep them busy for a bit. Just have them select an animal (have plenty ready to avoid fighting), let them colour, cut and glue. Free animal picture downloads are available here. Click here for animal colouring pages

For adults, the themes the thing. A simple birthday get together may not need hats, but if you choose a theme you can really have a lot of fun with it.

Hats for Theme Parties

When it comes to parties for older people - teens, adults - its great fun to hold a theme party.

Themes can be chosen from favorite acitivies, recent novels you have read, trips you have made, recent movies, or they could simply be based on the season or even. Of course, if you are holding a birthday or other party for someone special, choose their favorite acitivity, vacation spot or whatever.

Instructions fo rthe hats owrn in the picture can be found at the link here

Some themes you could use are:

  1. Your (or your guest of honour's) favorite country to visit - do a Mexican party (the hats are great), Great Britain, Spain, Bahamas
  2. Fall theme - Bring on the hunting, fishing and outdoor sport hats
  3. Murder mystery - the hats can represent the character
  4. Garden party - decorate hats with outdoor motifs, leaves, flowers, vines
  5. Choose a time period - period peice hats are fun to make
  6. Nautical Theme - boating hats of course
  7. Halloween - OF COURSE!
  8. New Year's Eve
  9. Costume Party - for the opportunity to go all out with hat, mask, costume

Mexican Hat - Sombrero

Where to get a mexican hat for that south of the border pary theme - decorate for your own unique fiesta hat.

For More Great Ideas and DIY Instructions - Get Your Theme Together

If you are having trouble finding a theme that works for you, this book contains 140 of them - with ideas for invitations, decorations, etc to go along with it. Then all you need to do is think HATS!

Hat Making Instructions

Once you have chosen a theme, or if you simply have a party to go to and want a distinctive hat, here are the how to's for many types of hats.

Party Fun - Make a Balloon Jester's Hat

And Now For Something Completely Different

A Hat Made of Playing Cards

Wouldn't this be just great at a casino them party, any costume pary, poker party or riverboat theme party. Give it s try - its jsut a pack of cards - well two actually.

For Men - If You Won't Have the Time - Here are Some Great Ready Made Hats

Leg Avenue Adult Womens Black Gangster Fedora Pimp Costume Hat
Leg Avenue Adult Womens Black Gangster Fedora Pimp Costume Hat

To enhance a sofisticated costume - and perhaps for everyday wear

US Toy Top Hat
US Toy Top Hat

Add cards to go to a tea party or tails.

Mad Hatter Hat
Mad Hatter Hat

Be the Mad Hatter in this great hat

4 Panel Large Bill Flap Hat W15S48B (One Size Fits Most/Khaki)
4 Panel Large Bill Flap Hat W15S48B (One Size Fits Most/Khaki)

To go as a hunter or fisherman to a party - or to go hunting or fushing

Womens Bernadette Vintage Style 100% Wool Cloche Bucket Winter Hat with Flower Accent
Womens Bernadette Vintage Style 100% Wool Cloche Bucket Winter Hat with Flower Accent

This is great for that murder mystery or flapper era theme party

Leg Avenue Women's Swashbucker's Hat
Leg Avenue Women's Swashbucker's Hat

A party hat for the woman pirate


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