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Handmade Gifts for Christmas

Updated on November 10, 2011

Looking for Handmade Gift Inspiration?

Feeling crafty this holiday season? Or are you just trying to stick to a tight budget? Either way, giving handmade gifts during the holiday is a practical alternative to purchasing expensive gifts for family and friends. If you are looking for handmade gift ideas you have come to the right place!

From homemade chocolates, to re-purposed materials, here you will find creative handmade gift ideas and inspirational images for this holiday season.

Image courtesy of Indigo Photography.

Wine Cork Wreath
Wine Cork Wreath

Wine Cork Wreaths

Love wine? Me too! This is a great craft to utilize and re-purpose all of those wine corks you go through in a year. This is so easy to do, and very inexpensive to make.

Check out this great instructional on making a wine cork wreath, courtesy of Live it. Love it. Craft it.

Using a decorative red bow, like the one pictured here, will complete the look and bring out the red wine stains from the cork.


Homemade Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are a great treat to give as gifts, and they are very easy to make.

In my family we like to make Oreo Truffles for Christmas, and they are super easy! We typically give them to the chocolate lovers in our family, but you could also give them as hostess gifts at your next Holiday party!

Selecting toppings for your truffles is where you let your creativity shine! Some typical toppings often used are cocoa powder, chocolate sprinkles, coconut, or crushed pistachios. Feeling adventurous? Try topping your truffles with a pinch of sea salt, curry, ginger, or chile.

Homemade Bread Wrapping
Homemade Bread Wrapping

Beautiful Semi-Homemade Breads

Not a great baker? No problem! Go to the grocery store and buy a quick bread mix - they are delicious and nobody will know that it is semi-homemade.

Wrap the bread nicely using gift tissue paper and top it off with a bow or ribbon. Include a tag that says what the bread is, and who it is from.

Handmade or Purchased?

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Cocoa Jar
Cocoa Jar

Recipe in a Jar

Giving someone a recipe in a jar has become a very popular gift idea in recent years. Why? Two reasons. One, the jar is a creative way to share a recipe you like with someone you love. Two, this gift is inexpensive and you can make many jars at once.

There are many jar recipes and they range from hot cocao, soups, cookies, breads and really anything you can fit into a jar. They look great when you layer the ingredients and add a sticker or tag that has the recipe instructions.

Don't get hung up on an edible recipe either - You can easily put together a jar full of bath salts, or a milk bath recipe instead!

Here is a great Squidoo lens all about Gifts in a Jar.

Gingerbread House Kit

Be warned, once you start building the house you may notice several gingerbread "architects" taking over the build (there is one in every family). This is a great group activity, and is fun for the whole family. This kit includes icing bags and tips, and has pre-baked gingerbread.

Okay, so this is difficult to classify as a "handmade" gift. Really, it is a purchased gift that you give in order to experience handmade fun. Sort of a stretch, but I felt it was worth adding to this page because it is so much fun!

Happy Handmade Holidays! - (Guestbook is Open to the Public)

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    • profile image

      Chispy 6 years ago

      Very nice lens! Simple yet cute ideas for Xmas. Thanks!!

    • ciwash profile image

      ciwash 6 years ago

      I like your writing style and your ideas. I have already decided to use a couple of your ideas this holiday season - Thanks. Keep up the good work.