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Handmade Valentines Day Cards on Etsy

Updated on February 2, 2013

Etsy Handmade Valentine Cards

I know you probably think I have a thing for Etsy. Well you would be absolutely right, not only because I sell handmade jewelry on Etsy, but because Etsy is the place to buy handmade items made with love.

How many times have you gone to the card store and looked at cards you have seen over and over again and wish you could find something original?

Original, unique, personal, handmade is why I shop and sell on Etsy.

Photo: Valentines day hand made greeting cards by glowreahhh

Personalized Valentine's Day Card
Personalized Valentine's Day Card

Want a Personalized Valentine's Day Card

Etsy Has Them

Wouldn't it be nice if you could buy a card that has something special printed on it? How about you and your love's initials, names, or anniversary dates. Even a photograph of you and your love can be placed on the front of an Etsy Valentine's day card.

You just have to search for what you want. To narrow down your search be detailed and use the exact words that describe the card you want to find.

Many of the handmade card dealers can make you a custom card with exactly the words, pictures, dates or anything else you would like to see in your card.

This is an opportunity to design your own card without having to create it.

Photo: Personalized Sweethearts Card by PictureItPersonal

Dowloadable Valentine's Day Card
Dowloadable Valentine's Day Card

Looking for a Digital Card

Print Them from Etsy

In the age of computers and digital everything, you can purchase a personalized, digital card that you can download to your computer. Etsy has many choices of downloadable cards.

You can even send a photo to the seller and he or she can place it on the digital card and use whatever text, names, dates, etc. you want. Digital cards offer many options for those who find downloading from their computer the best way to go when purchasing cards.

I must say I am not fond of cards sent to other people in digital format, but these cards are printable and fit standard envelopes, so the choice is yours.

Photo: Downloadable Printable Valentine's Day Cards by SamairPrintables

Valentine's Day Sleeping Beauty Card
Valentine's Day Sleeping Beauty Card

Children Like Valentines Too

Etsy Has Some Great Styles

Children love to make and receive Valentine's Day cards. They usually have projects in school where they can make them for their friends and family.

I think it would be nice if they also received a unique handmade card that expresses something they like. Perhaps they have a fairy tale character they enjoy. Their special character would be nice to have on a card.

Lots of children's cards can be found on Etsy. If you have given yourself enough time, you can ask one of the sellers to create one with a character or design made for your child.

Photo: Valentine's Day Sleeping Beauty 3D Card by ellabetsyboo

Romantic Shabby Chic Card

Romantic Shabby Chic Card
Romantic Shabby Chic Card

My Little Black Number Card

My Little Black Number Card
My Little Black Number Card

Do You Like Shopping on Etsy - Or is Etsy Not for You

I love shopping on Etsy, but not everyone feels the same. I would very much like to know your Etsy experience or if you never shopped on that site I would like to know why.

Have you every Shopped on Etsy

More About Etsy - Books for those who create

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