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Hands in a Pot - Spooky DIY Halloween Decor!

Updated on September 17, 2013

DIY Halloween Decor on a Budget

Are you getting ready for Halloween? I sure am! I can't wait to throw a spooky party and I'm already planning and executing some of the ideas - this one being the latest. It's quite spooky looking, super easy to make and really , really inexpensive (you probably have most of the supplies at home already).

I got inspired to make this project when I was browsing Happy Halloween Magazine and stumbled upon a fun Photoshoped (or otherwise edited) photo - this photo and I just knew I could do something as cool looking, well a little bit less cool looking myself.

They came out surprisingly realistic looking and I'm loving them!

So let's make some hands in a pot, a very easy to maintain plant if you ask me, no watering needed ever so what's not to love!

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Photo Credit: Photos on this page are taken by me and are under copyright.

Let's have a show of hands



Latex Gloves


Paint (skin toned) & Pencil



Nail Polish

Some of the supplies you might need

Dap 10308 4-Pound Interior Plaster of Paris
Dap 10308 4-Pound Interior Plaster of Paris

Plaster is one of those things that's always good to have at home as you never know when you are going to need it, either for a craft project or for some home repair.

Akro Mils LIA06000E35 Classic Pot, Clay Color, 6-Inch
Akro Mils LIA06000E35 Classic Pot, Clay Color, 6-Inch

When I was a kid we had hundreds of flower pots as my grandmother stored each and every one of them. Now, well I'll have to buy a few if I will be making more hands in flower pots.

Skin Tone Warm Tint Testors Acrylic Plastic Model Paint
Skin Tone Warm Tint Testors Acrylic Plastic Model Paint

Skin toned acrylic paint - perfect! Acrylic paints are the best, they can be used on pretty much every material and are made to last.


Let's make it!

Making the hands

  1. First you'll need to prepare everything as the plaster dries pretty fast. Take one latex glove and have one skewer ready.
  2. Mix the plaster with water in the ratio instructed on the packaging. Mix it! I've used about a pound/half a kg for one hand. Hold the glove in one hand and slowly pour the plaster into the glove (you could also use a spoon). Stick a skewer into it.
  3. Let it dry for a little bit so it isn't all runny but is still soft - this is the perfect time to start shaping it. You can flatten the palms a little bit and position the fingers the way you want them. I flattened the palm first then I placed the fake hand on top of my hand which worked out great as it was really easy to "sculpt" in a more realistic way as the joints were where they should be. I let the fake one rest on top of my real one for a bit so that the plaster hardened and the fingers didn't loose their shape.

Coloring the hand and making the nails - Leave the glove on

I first though I would remove the gloves after the plaster would harden but it looks way better with the glove on as it has a more skin like look and feel - the wrinkles on the knuckles really turn out great.

Let's make them look real!

  1. Paint the hands with acrylic paint. I wanted my hands to look alive but there's no stopping your from using green or gray (think zombies!) or any other color.
  2. Let the paint dry. When dried do the nails! I made one woman and one man hand - for woman's I used red nail polish and for men's I used beige. I applied 3 layers so that the nail got it's shape and is a bit elevated.
  3. It's time to plant the hands. Fill half of the pot with soil and put the hand in it. Top it up with soil. You'r hand plants are blooming.

You can also plant them in the soil or grass

My cat thinks they're cool

This is my little helper Misckich. He's very enthusiastic when it comes to crafts, especially the ones that involve yarn or feathers. With this project he was a bit disappointed as we didn't use anything small or fluffy and the gloves are not up to his taste, so there was no supplies borrowing from his side. Well there's always next time.

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      Mandy Stradley 4 years ago

      Love this time of year! ...and love the cat too!