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Hannah Montana Birthday Party Theme

Updated on April 28, 2015

Hannah Montana Birthday Party Supplies and Ideas

Girls of all ages Love Hannah Montana! Get all your Hannah Montana Party Ideas right here.

Your little girl and all her friends can have a great time watching Hannah Montana shows, and then putting on their very own rock concert! Set up a stage and get ready for a rocking good time!

Look below for ideas on party activities, birthday party favors, party food, birthday gifts and more!

Rock on!

Hannah Montana Party Supplies from Amazon

Games and Activities for your Hannah Montana Party

Hannah Makeovers Girl's love Hannah's style, flair and accessories! Have fun with make-up,scarves, hats, jewelry, etc. You may want to invite a fun teenager or mom to help with the makeovers. Take pictures with a digital camera that you can print during the party. The guests can decorate their own picture frame with craft foam, stickers, gel pens etc.

Put on a Show! Have a "stage area" for the girls to perform. You can cover the background with silver streamers for a cool look. Video tape the performances to watch later! A Karaoke machine can be bought or rented, or many game consoles (Playstation and Wii) have Karaoke games which include a microphone, or simply just have them sing to a CD. You can also have a dance contest, and have awards for craziest dance, most like Hannah, most energetic, etc.

Sweet Niblets! Watch a couple episodes of Hannah Montana. Each time someone says "Sweet Niblets" the girls get a small prize (lip gloss, birthday lollipop, Hannah favors, etc.)

Pin the Sunglasses on Hannah Montana Use a Hannah poster and cut out sunglasses from construction paper. You could make all the frames unique - different colors, some with stars, etc.

Hoedown Throwdown Learn the hot new dance from the Hannah Montana Movie. Follow this online step-by-step guide hosted by Miley Cyrus in order to learn those funky moves from the movie! You could even have a dance contest or combine it with a musical "freeze" game.

Birthday Girl Memory Have the birthday girl come out and stand in front of the guests for about 1 minutes. Have her wearing fun clothes and accessories - maybe a scarf, bracelet, hair clips, etc. Now have her leave the room and have a pre-printed sheet of questions for the guests. What type of earrings was she wearing? What side was the hair clip on? Was her hair up or down? What color were her socks? See who has the best memory!

Print you own coloring sheets from

Party Food

The party menu can be basic - pizza, soda, hot dogs, etc.

Set out bowls of snack mix or popcorn for the kids to munch on when they are are watching the Hannah Montana movie or each others performances.

Birthday Cookies - To combine a treat and activity, pre-bake sugar cookies in shapes of stars and set out frosting and sprinkles for each child to decorate their very own cookie! If your party includes all girls, you could call them diva cookies and even make them in shapes of high heels, purses, etc.

Rock Out with a Creative Hannah Cake!

Flickr Photo Credit:  donbuciak
Flickr Photo Credit: donbuciak

Create your very own guitar cake with instructions from

Stop by and say "Hi". What ideas do you have for an awesome Hannah party?

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    • profile image

      dessertlover 6 years ago

      That cake looks real enough to play!

    • squid-janices7 profile image

      squid-janices7 6 years ago

      Love the guitar shaped cake! Fun party ideas.

    • kimmer1491 profile image

      Kim 8 years ago from Big Lake, MN

      Great ideas! We recently had a Hannah Montana birthday party for my 9 yr old niece, the girls got Hannah Makeovers and then had a talent show, complete with stage. The girls were in Hannah Montana heaven!!