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Hape - Pallina Game Looks Great Even When Not Being Played

Updated on November 23, 2013

We're always looking for innovative games for an adult with brain injury challenges.

To me it's always a bonus when the game is good enough looking to leave it set up in the family room, or on the dining room table.

It's a pretty quick game that's perfect for occupying

a person with residual challenges from Traumatic Brain Injury, during the pre-dinner hour. Simply set a small tablecloth or a crocheted fiber placemat on the table.

Then set the bamboo framework on the center. That way the nubby surface of the cloth or mat is likely to keep the base stable.

Let it be a one person activity if that's

accceptable to the person you are entertaining. If I get him started then my son is likely to continue on with the game. It's no matter that he's not keeping score. He can concentrate on pulling out just the right sticks to leave the balls above the tangle of sticks.

Toys like this provide tactile stimulation

because of the varying textures in the woven sides of the stand, the smoothly finished sticks, their pointed ends, and the nicely round large bamboo balls.

A favorite tactic for me is to use the toy

as a jumping off place for cognitive stimulation. Once the game is over then it can become a counting game, counting each group of colored sticks, then the balls, etc.

Tickle the player's imagination

by asking him to tell you what other objects he likes have similar shapes and colors as the parts of the game. The foundation reminds me of a bongo drum, and that might lead us into a discussion of music, since he sings and formerly played the guitar.

This is a toy that won't insult the intelligence of an adult with cognitive limits.

Hape Stormy Seas Kid's Balancing Game
Hape Stormy Seas Kid's Balancing Game

This is another game I would use to occupy an adult with cognitive challenges from TBI while the meal's being prepared.

It provides low challenge eye hand coordination practice, as well as a chance to identify shapes with closed eyes.

Charley Harper Memory Game
Charley Harper Memory Game

Here's a totally adult memory game that can live on a living room table or a bookshelf, handy for spur of the moment memory practice.

Each scene is gorgeous and the images can lay the groundwork for many conversations, practicing recall.

Through the Seasons: An Activity Book for Memory-Challenged Adults and Caregivers (A 36-Hour Day Book)
Through the Seasons: An Activity Book for Memory-Challenged Adults and Caregivers (A 36-Hour Day Book)

Spend some time engaging in conversation with your loved one using the seasons of the year as the foundation for diverging into activities that relate to each season.


Do you buy games for kids or for adults with cognitive challenges, or just for everyone?

See results

Do you or your family members play games that challenge perception and eye-hand coordination, and memory?

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    • sousababy profile image


      5 years ago

      We do, however I've never tried Pallina (yet). And visually, it's appealing to every age (and interesting to look at). No need to hide it away in a box.


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