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Snowman Christmas Ornaments

Updated on October 27, 2017
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Writing Nag is the pseudonym for blogger Patricia Biro. She writes about home, finance, creative writing and anything and everything vintage


The Snowman

Frosty the Snowman wasn't the first snowman character America fell in love with! As early as the 1900's, snowmen were used in advertisements promoting products from bourbon to hand cream to automobiles. These also made an appearance in vintage postcards.

Creating and decorating a snowman is an American tradition.They are a symbol of the winter season, the holidays, and Christmas. Building a snow-person is a childhood rite of passage. Because of this manufacturers create snowmen and snow women in every imaginable material for collecting, displaying and decorating your home, inside and out.

I've been collecting and displaying snowmen and snow women for many years. I love using these simple folk in my holiday decorating because you can leave many of them up after Christmas to keep the festive holiday spirit going.

If you've spent any time at all doing holiday shopping you know that you can find them skiing, singing Christmas carols, gifting and just looking very festively dressed. There are plush Hallmark ones who sing and fluffy white stuffies who just look cute. I often decorate my Christmas tree in tiny white lights with my collection of ornaments. These are some of my favorites.

The History of Snowmen

From the book publisher, "Who made the first snowman? Who first came up with the idea of placing snowballs on top of each other, and who decided they would use a carrot for a nose? Most puzzling of all: How can this mystery ever be solved, with all the evidence long since melted?

The snowman appears everywhere on practically everything -- from knickknacks to greeting cards to seasonal sweaters we plan to return. Whenever we see big snowballs our first impulse is to deck them out with a top hat. Humorist and writer Bob Eckstein has long been fascinated by this ubiquitous symbol of wintertime fun -- and finally, for the first time, one of the world's most popular icons gets his due."

Vintage Snowmen Postcards

Snowmen have been part of Christmas for more than 100 years. Just take a look at some vintage images from the turn of the 20th century. Many postcard collectors chose to collect snowmen holiday postcards instead of the more popular Santa vintage postcards.


One of my favorite ornaments line is from Midwest of Cannon Falls. The Snowman in this series are "marshmallow" shaped snow bodies.

The Snowman S'More makes decorating sweet! And they are inexpensive enough to tie on a present or give to your Secret Santa.

Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.

— Vesta M. Kelly

A Snow Inspired Christmas Tree

It's easy to decorate a Christmas tree with a snowman theme with all of the ornaments to choose from. You can chose rustic folk art inspired snowmen, blown glass ornaments, or if your children have their choice a Frozen inspired tree with Olaf the snowman. Clear glass bulbs, snowflake ornaments and silver tinsel can make for a very snowlike tree.

© 2011 Writing Nag

Do you collect and display snowmen ornaments or collectibles?

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    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 3 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      When I started unpacking my Christmas decorations, it seemed that I do! Snowmen and moose/reindeer! I love cute country ones! Sweet lens.

    • goo2eyes lm profile image

      goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

      i have a snowman candle holder but i gave it away. i got lots of candle holders in the house.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image

      WriterJanis2 6 years ago

      I have some.

    • jaredsgirl profile image

      jaredsgirl 6 years ago

      I adore anything and everything snowmen! I have a lot of snowmen collectibles. Wonderful lens!