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Happy Twilight Zone Day!

Updated on March 21, 2016
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Nightcat is a movie junkie who loves rationalizing her obsession by writing movie reviews.

A Holiday in The Twilight Zone

Take a trip beyond normal for the day and enter the Twilight Zone.
Take a trip beyond normal for the day and enter the Twilight Zone.

The holiday with a theme song!

Every May 11 Twilight Zone Day comes around. But what the heck is it about? Many think it has to do with the TV series The Twilight Zone. Some claim it is something to do with astronomy. A few figure it is a joke holiday, put out there to fool the unwary.

I think I have seen Twilight Zone Out marathons on this day, though to be honest Sci-Fi runs those every couple of months. Since the origins or reasons are debatable, let's go with The Twilight Zone TV show.

Twilight Zone everything is protected by copyright. As always all writing and photos are my original work. Any videos used are for entertainment and educational purposes only. If you wish to have a video removed, please let me know.

Enter the Twilight Zone

Cue intro music. Just a little something-something I made for my readers.
Cue intro music. Just a little something-something I made for my readers.

Every so often Sci-Fi channels runs an all-day marathon of Twilight Zone's episodes. Not just the usual ones, but a few that don't get played on every channel for every marathon. If you have never seen the weird and wonderful show, you need to check it out. Aliens and hep cats, little boys with mind-blowing powers, and fortune-telling machines await the unwary.

Like any good science fiction/horror series (Twilight Zone had elements of both) there are social commentaries too. The plight of the poor is never more touching than in one of the Christmas specials, Night of the Meek, where for one night a broken man gets to be Santa Claus. Would that those dreams came real.

The show was one of the last innocent, perky, American optimism shows made for TV. The episodes reminded viewers that with a pure heart you could visit the scariest of places, and that the Universe did right wrongs.

We might laugh at such ideas today, but I like blatant optimism. You can get away with it in sci-fi because most of us fans are dreamers anyhow. Hey, we want to live in the future, travel space and meet and greet aliens. We don't do reality.

List of all 156 Episodes

How many have you seen?

Party Idea #1

Have an all day Twilight Zone festival. Watch your favorite episodes on the go, at work (on your break of course), or on your PC. Make your own choices by downloading your favorite episodes instantly from Amazon.

The Famous Intro

Come on, everybody has mockingly done this music. Let somebody mention something spooky or unreal, and out it comes. Heck, we even say people are from or entering the Twilight Zone. It is a holiday and a catch phrase.

What's Your Favorite?

Your favorite episode?

See results

Party Idea #2

Get some VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray copies of your favorite seasons, movies, and more. If you have some get them out and give them a play. Looking for more episodes or seasons?

Ten Things to Celebrate Today

  1. Creepy, bratty kids who can send you to a cornfield. Hearing: "You're a bad man! A very bad man!" just might make you loose your head.
  2. Becoming Santa Claus. Sometimes, once in a billion times, the right things happen to the right people. A broken unwanted man with a pure heart full of love can truly be Santa.
  3. Devil-headed fortune machines. The can make even Captain Kirk freak out. So can gremlins dancing on an airplane wing.
  4. Origins in star-crossed love. Did the show really come from a famous tale of love gone horribly wrong and a backwoods hellcat turned wicked witch? Maybe.
  5. The ghosts of the Civil War. Southern belles are no match for the indignant dead. Nice to see Miss Priss get her words thrown in her face.
  6. Computers in love! Sneaky, bad-advice giving compuuters in love. But they are so fickle.
  7. The dead do AT&T. Talk about reaching out and touching someone. Teaches us to watch what we say on the phone.
  8. Toys have feelings too, and they hate collection barrels. Angsty, over-acted fun for everyone.
  9. Rod Sterling! Those suits, that hair. That smile and voice. Didn't he seem like the smartest man ever when you were a kid?
  10. That theme song is addictive.

Party Idea #3

Decorate! Black and white everything! Think streamers, balloons, tablecloths and more. Give away party favors in black and white too. Checker patterns mimic the swriling hypno-vision quite nicely.

How I Celebrate

No honest, I've celebrated this day before. I dig out all my videos of The Twilight Zone and watch as many as I care to. Add some soda and junk food because this is a holiday, and that is my idea of heaven. I sometimes put on my t-shirt for the show too. Well, it is close enough.

I've dressed in black and white, but never wore a Sterling style suit. Yet. Who knows. But the idea for me is to enjoy the show and the profound messages hidden in every episode. Messages as Sterling would no doubt say, only children and the pure of heart pick up.

There's no wall-to-wall violence. No reality "stars" being obnoxious, or profanity laden scenes. Nothing the kids can't see. That's refreshing in a day and age where even radio has cuss words, and forget daytime TV. I like being pulled into the Twilight Zone and I'd darn well live there if I could. So enjoy the day. I know I will.

Juke Box from the Twilight Zone

Yup there are songs that mention the show. Keep hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times. Management is not responsible for listeners who get sucked into the Twilight Zone.

In Case You Missed it....

Get it? Case? Box set? I crack me up. But a lovely gift for any Twilight Zone fan. Twilight fans might like a stuffed werewolf instead.


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