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Haunted History of Tombstone's Famous Birdcage Theatre

Updated on June 12, 2013

History of The Birdcage Theatre

In 1881 the Birdcage Theatre opened its doors to the public in the mining town of Tombstone, Arizona. It was legendary throughout the wild west as not only a theatre but as a tough, rowdy gambling saloon, and brothel. Before the mines dried up and it closed it's doors in 1889, the famous building would be host to such legendary men as Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson and would be a silent witness to hundreds of brawls, and 26 deaths.

The Birdcage was boarded up in 1889 with all it's original furnishings and the over 140 bullets holes intact. In 1934 the Birdcage was re-opened as a local museum and additional authentic local relics were added. Since that time it has been dubbed "Tombstones Most Haunted Building". It is said that up to 31 ghosts haunt the premises and visitors often experience strange phenomena both in and around the old Theatre...


Tombstone's Haunted History

Haunted Tombstone (Haunted History)
Haunted Tombstone (Haunted History)

It was a dusty crossroads that became one of the most infamous towns in the Old West. And to this day, some contend that the ghosts of Tombstone replay the tragedies that cut short their lives. HAUNTED HISTORY ventures into the sun-baked Arizona desert to explore the paranormal heritage of this legendary town. The shadowy tales (and, some would say, spectral figures) that emerge tell of bloody gunfights, a jilted lover with murder on his mind, a bawdy dance hall where spirits still celebrate, and much more.


Bird Cage Theatre, Tombstone, Arizona

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Tombstone residents report sounds of music, laughing and yelling emanating from the Birdcage late at night. And during the day both staff and visitors alike have smelled cigar smoke, lilac perfume and whiskey lingering thick in the air some mornings. Objects are said to have moved from place to place overnight and many people swear they have seen, and even have photographic evidence of ghostly apparitions of cowboys and women in long white gowns.

Tales of Ghostly Visitors:

The Stagehand- One especially common sight is a man walking across the stage in black striped pants, wearing a visor and carrying a clipboard; one story claims he was killed when a sandbag landed on him.

The Boy- A young boy died at the Birdcage from yellow fever, perhaps a child of one of the prostitutes?

Margarita- (a prostitute) stabbed in the heart by another jealous prostitute while sitting on a customers lap in the saloon.

Do You Believe?

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Visit Tombstone's Most Haunted Building

A markerBirdcage Theatre and Museum -
517 E. Allen St. Tombstone, AZ
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