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Haunted House Props

Updated on February 28, 2018

Props for Haunted Houses

If you've been to any haunted houses lately, you'll know that the quality, realism and scary factor has really improved through the years, and a trip today is not for the faint of heart.

Below I've included some photos of some very gruesome and scary haunted house props which would get the heart beating faster of the majority of people who see them.

The relatively new animatronics adds a lot to the new props, as you may think one thing has happened and is over, believing it wasn't that scary, and then suddenly have another thing happen that'll make you jump to the ceiling.

So be ready - even when looking at these haunted house props - to get a little scare at how realistic they've become, and how they would look if you had a place to put them in your house or property. 


Haunted House Prop of the Predator

I included the Predator as a haunted house prop because he's one of my favorite villains, and anything related to the character I like. Even so, this is a pretty cool haunted house prop, and would be a lot of fun to have in your house as well. It definitely creates an ominous feel.

Predator Haunted House Prop

Skeleton Prop Impaled on Stake

Skeleton props are a must for any Halloween decoration in our homes, and this impaled skeleton prop would be fantastic to place in a dark area where you somehow get some visitors or guests to take a walk and run into it 'accidently' of course. Great fun!

Be sure to include a little dim light so when you happen upon it there is enough light to see it, without immediately giving it away.

Impaled Skeleton Prop

Realistic Looking Hanging Vampire Prop

Just when you think it's safe after running into the impaled skeleton, now you have an even worse experience of taking in a hanging vampire that looks even more realistic. And that head could be placed at the head level of most people you know are coming to your party ... and you know what would happen if you suddenly shined a light on it from a few feet away. Hehe.

Hanging Vampire Prop

Inverted, Bloody Female Prop Hanging in a Bag

Now here is some hard core haunted house prop material. If you've got some sturdy-nerved friends, this one should do the trick in getting them to let out a few screams or jump a mile.

This inverted female hanging in a plastic bag just looks too real, and is sure to get even the most stout person, at minimum, a little nervous, and in most cases, letting out at least some grunts of shock when they see this.

Now to me the key would be to get them to take this one in first, so they aren't prepared for a gradual and more scary experience they would then expect. This would get them from the beginning and keep their nerves on edge for some time.

Female Hanging in a Bag Prop

Woman in Coffin Prop

This is a fantastic haunted house prop, and the woman, when first seen, looks like she just died and is very beautiful. The coffin suddenly closes and what emerges is the skeleton you see in the lower right corner which would be great fun to see the reaction of those visiting your house. The woman not only changes in appearance, but actually sits up in the coffin. Very cool!

Woman in a coffin prop

Animatronic Haunted House Prop

With this last haunted house prop, we see a very gory scene we walk in on.

The character sitting in the chair with all the blood on him is sitting at the table eating the human remains, while the blood from the victim is seen dropping into the bucket below. But that's not all. You can also trigger the prop to jump up to get his next meal. Great fear factor in the Halloween prop.

Eating on Human Remains Prop

Halloween Haunted House Prop Fun

Really none of these haunted house Halloween props are for the faint of heart, and as you can see, they are a lot of fun when used in the right scenarios and circumstances. If these props don't get someone to scream and shout, they're already dead.


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    • profile image

      Scott 6 years ago

      Great ideas! I especially liked the animatronic coffin. Looks life-like.

    • profile image

      Rick 7 years ago

      Sorry. Where can I find the impaled skeleton. Please email me at I've been looking for these for over a year. It doesn't need to be animated.

    • profile image

      Rick 7 years ago

      Where can I get the impaled skeleton?