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ARRGH Matey! Cool Ideas for a Great Pirate Themed Party

Updated on January 9, 2013

It's Time for a Pirate Booty Bash!

Let's face it Pirates are just plain cool. Adults and kids alike love the idea of sailing the high seas in search of adventure and treasure. Johnny Depp turned the character of Captain Jack Sparrow into a household name with his rogue wit and swashbuckling persona in the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean. The romance and treachery of old school pillaging and plundering is truly the stuff legends are made of. Pirates have become so popular over the past few years that there is even a day set aside in September called: National Talk Like a Pirate Day. So with all that being said, why not throw your child a awesome pirate themed party for their next birthday? I've compiled lots of ideas and resources that will make even the pickiest of Pirates ARGHHHH with glee. Who knows,you may even have some grown ups in your family who would love to get their pirate groove on too!

Learn to Speak Pirate

If you are going to have a pirate party you gotta learn to speak pirate. Here's a list of basic pirate words and terms so you won't sound like a landlubber. Heres an idea: Get a piece of poster board and write down the pirate words with their definitions for you guests. You can display it on a easel for them to read when they first walk in so they have the lingo down to use during the party. So here's what you need to know to talk like a pirate.

The Basic Pirate Dictionary

Arrrrr pronounced like the letter "R" is the first letter in the pirate alphabet. It's used to mean yes or I agree.

Ahoy means hello.

Grog is a pirate's favorite drink.

Landlubber is someone who's not ship or sea savvy.

Lily-livered is someone who is weak or faint of heart a wimp

Aye Aye means I'll get right on that Captain.

Matey is a friend or shipmate.

Avast means STOP.

Davey Jones Locker is the bottom 'o' the sea.

Doubloons are pieces of gold.

Booty is pirate treasure.

Jolly Roger is the pirate flag with skull and crossbones.

Jack is a flag or sailor.

Lass is a woman.

Scallywag is a bad person or scoundrel.

Shiver Me Timers! is a interjection of excitement or surprise.

Yo ho ho is pirate laughter.

Thar is the opposite of here.

Cat 'o' nine tails is a whip for floggin' mutineers.

Black Spot to black spot someone is marking them for death.

Swashbucklin' Party Game Ideas

Here are some ideas for different party games you can have to keep your little pirates entertained.

X marks the spot - This one is a modified pin the tail on the donkey game. Hang up a map with a red x denoting where the treasure is buried. Then make treasure chests with numbers on them for each player. Blindfold players and let them try to stick the treasure chest on the x. The closest chest wins.

Message in a bottle treasure hunt - make 2 teams and give each team a plastic bottle with a treasure map inside. Have the two teams follow the clues to find the hidden treasure. 1st team to find the treasure wins.

Treasure dash - Make two treasure chests. Cardboard boxes made into treasure chests will work fine. Have one chest filled with gold pieces. You could spray paint macaroni shapes gold for the pieces. Get a plastic sand shovel. Tell you guests that the bad pirates are on their way to steal the treasure "booty" and it has to be transferred from one treasure chest to the other father away. Each player shovels the macaroni booty from one chest to the next while you are timing them. The fastest player wins. You could also play this game in teams too.

Dig for treasure - get a small plastic swimming pool or even a flat plastic contain and fill it with sand. Add gold coins, plastic jewels any kind of pirate booty that is fun. Put a special coin in with a x on it. The person that finds the coin with the x is the winner.

Cannon ball pop game - take black balloons (for the cannon balls) and write notes to fold up inside each balloon. On one note write: "Shiver Me Timbers" booty for ye on the other notes write: Begads! no booty for ye. The person with the booty note is the prize winner. You can can pirate tatoos to give to the other players who don't win as a consolation prize.

Walk the plank - use a 2 x 4 to make a plank on the ground. Have the kids walk across it like a balance beam when they get to the end have a chocolate coin for them as a prize.

Pass the parrot - played like the hot potato game. Place children in a circle give them a stuffed parrot. Play music while the parrot is being passed around the circle when the music stops the person with the parrot is out. The last person left is the winner.

Free Cupcake Toppers I Made

Here are some free cupcake toppers that I illustrated for you to download and print out. Print out two of each image and cut them out. Use a gluestick and glue two of the same image back sides together with a toothpick in the middle leaving some of the toothpick out so you can stick it into the cupcake. Click on to the image here to get to the download on my flickr page.

Ideas for Pirate Booty Bags and the Treasure in them

Now if your having a swashbucklin' soiree, thar' has to be pirate booty. Here are some ideas for making treasure that your buccaneers will love.

Use Bandanas like the ones I have listed below from Amazon to make your booty bags. Put all the booty in the middle of the bandana and tie up the 4 corners. You may want to use a pipe cleaner to tie the 4 corners together so it will be easier for children to open

Now for the booty. Add things like chocolate coins, eye patches, candy rings, stuffed parrots, treasure maps, stickers, tatoos, etc.

Pirate Party Supplies

Here are some pirate party supply picks that I think are cool.

Pirate Cake Inspiration

Pirate Cake Inspiration
Pirate Cake Inspiration

Pirate Cake Inspiration #2

Pirate Cake Inspiration #2
Pirate Cake Inspiration #2

Pirate Cake Inspiration #3

Pirate Cake Inspiration #3
Pirate Cake Inspiration #3

Pirate Cake Inspiration #4

Pirate Cake Inspiration #4
Pirate Cake Inspiration #4

Pirate Cake Inspiration #5

Pirate Cake Inspiration #5
Pirate Cake Inspiration #5

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