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Hello Kitty Birthday Party Favors

Updated on December 6, 2014

Plan a Hello Kitty Birthday Party

I bet your little girl would love to have a Hello Kitty Birthday party! There are so many different decorations and party favors available for this theme that you won't have any trouble making it a successful party.

As well there are a number of party games you can get with the Hello Kitty theme. Some are board games or you can play bingo. There is even a game inspired by the pin the tail on the donkey game called Hello Kitty Dream Balloons.

Everything you need is available online. Start with the invitations that you can send to all the guests. There is also table decorations, place settings and cutlery as well as balloons, banners and even a pinata available!

The invited guests will love their tiaras and party favors and you will love how easy everything is to clean up at the end of the event. More importantly, your little girl will love her birthday party and you for giving her a Hello Kitty themed party!

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Hello Kitty Party Supplies Tableware For 16 Guests
Hello Kitty Party Supplies Tableware For 16 Guests

The Hello Kitty party supply pack includes 16 of lunch plates and napkins, dessert plates and napkins plus 16 cups and two tablecloths. Everything you need to get the party started!


How to Throw a Children's Birthday Party

It is a good idea to plan for a small gathering of children; somewhere between five and ten children. This way you will be able to manage them and make sure they are all having a good time.

It is a good idea to pick a theme. This way you have a guide to all the different items you will need. Certainly the Hello Kitty theme is a popular one with young girls but you can pick any theme from pirates to princess!

If you are planning a party for preteens a spa day could be a good choice. They can all show up in the nightwear and enjoy giving each other facials, pedicures and manicures. Or you could plan a pizza party. They can make their own and have a lot of fun in learning how to cook. Summer is a great time to plan a pool party or even a picnic. Food can be as simple as hot dogs or hamburgers and don't forget the marshmallows for roast over a barbeque or fire pit.

When choosing food to serve at a children's party, simple is best. Have a dessert party with cupcakes, ice cream or birthday cake. If you want to keep your costs down, have a pot luck and have the parents bring dish. You can never go wrong with hot dogs or hamburgers or even pizza as these foods are usually at the top of the list for any child.

When it comes to decorations again you don't have to spend a lot of money. Balloons are inexpensive and kids love them. You can find them at the dollar store and either blow them up yourself or get a helium tank to make the job even easier. You can buy small tanks or rent them from party stores. To save even more money, instead of buying the more expensive balloons with images or words, get some permanent markers and write your own message on them. Or, get the kids to decorate them. They can take them home after the party!

When planning any party or event make a budget and then stick to it. There are lots of ways to make a party fun and still be inexpensive. And, don't do everything yourself. Get other parents, friends or relatives to help you out. They will enjoy the experience and everyone will have a great time.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party Ideas

How to Make a Hello Kitty Cake Video

Hello Kitty Cake Pan

This is the perfect cake pan for any Hello Kitty pan and makes the perfect birthday cake as well!

Here's what one happy baker had to say about the Hello Kitty cake pan: "It comes with step by step instructions that are very easy to follow. I am by all means not a baker and/or crafty person, and I must say that the cake turned out beautiful. If I can do it, anybody can do it."

Decorating for a Hello Kitty Party

Since the Hello Kitty theme is pink, you will be able to decorate your party room with everything from pastel pinks to red. You will be able to make the most out of balloons and streamers for this theme. They aren’t expensive and the children can always take them home at the end of the party.

Looking for an idea for a table centerpiece? Look no further than your child’s bedroom and use one of their Hello Kitty toys. You can place one or more in the middle of the table. Use them to decorate the room too.

Hello Kitty posters and banners will also make a nice addition to your party theme and again you can get them at most party planning stores, online or even the dollar store.

Choose food that has the Hello Kitty them or is pink as well. For fancy sandwiches you can get cookie cutters in the shape of the cat or even a heart or a flower. Make pink Mac & Cheese! How about watermelon balls or pink ice cream or yogurt? Pink lemonade will make a nice beverage.

You can’t have a Hello Kitty birthday party without the cake. There is even cake pan in the shape of the cat and all you need to do is ice the face to look like Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Party Favor Kit

This box of favors includes Hello Kitty lip gloss, blowout, ring and a sticker sheet plus assorted nail polish and a pastel lollipop.

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