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Hello Kitty KT2022 Mini FRS/GMRS 2 Piece Walkie Talkie Radio System Set, 22 Channels

Updated on December 10, 2012

KT2022 Mini FRS/GMRS 2 Piece Walkie Talkie Radio System Set, 22 Channels--See Why This is a BEST Selling Gift for Girls

The Hello Kitty Walkie Talkie brand named: KT2022 Mini FRS/GMRS 2 Piece Walkie Talkie Radio System Set, 22 Channels is extremely popular with girls today.

We will look at the popularity of walkie talkies for kids, with a special focus on this best selling Hello Kitty walkie talkie. We will also offer a review of this toy and show where it can be purchased online for the best price.

The History of Walkie Talkies--FUNNY!

Why Kids Love Walkie Talkies

Kids love to talk. In that sense they are no different than adults. Even if we are far away from friends and family we wtill still love to with each other. Just look how popular cell phones have become in recent years. But many parents feel that younger children may not quite be ready for a cell phone yet.

That is where walkie talkies still have a place as a much desired toy. In fact, on, one of the largest online stores in the world, walkie talkies for kids are consistently on the Best Seller list.

Children love to play games and talking back and forth with walkie talkies adds to the fun. They can be in different areas of a yard or playground, different rooms of the house, or even in different houses and still talk to each other. They also love walkie talkies to talk back and forth when traveling in separate cars on a road trip. Walkie talkies for kids are great because they do not accumulate expensive air time like a cell phone.

Using walkie talkies during the play of games add a whole new dimension to the fun. Imagine having walkie talkies during the play of hide and go seek!

Walkie talkies also help kids to learn proper behavior when talking on a communication device. This will prepare them for having a cell phone when they are old enough.

In short kids love walkie talkies and for girls the Hello Kitty KT2022 Mini FRS/GMRS 2 Piece Walkie Talkie Radio System Set, 22 Channels is reliable and extremely popular.

Walkie Talkies are Perfect for Youger Children

What Age Should Children Have Their First Cell Phone and Why?

Girls LOVE Everything Hello Kitty

Girls LOVE Everything Hello Kitty
Girls LOVE Everything Hello Kitty

REVIEW--Hello Kitty KT2022 Mini FRS/GMRS 2 Piece Walkie Talkie Radio System

"Reliable, Cute and Durable"

If you are considering purchasing the Hello Kitty Walkie Talkies featured here the following review should be a big help. This review will cover both the positive and negative aspects of the product.

All things considered this Hello Kitty KT2022 Mini FRS/GMRS 2 Piece Walkie Talkie Radio System is a good choice for younger girls. They are reliable rugged and especially fun for girls that can't get enough of Hello Kitty toys. This probably will not be enjoyed as much by older girls, as most by this age will have a cell phone. The best age for this toy is from 6-10 or even 12.

Here are the Positives:

* Durable - seem to withstand dropping with no problems.

* Ease of Use - Very easy to use. However, there might be a little learning required for the younger set (will need to have an adult help with how to push and let go of the button at first).

* Surprisingly long run time on a set of 4 AAA batteries.

* Cute and colorful, fans of Hello Kitty will love the design.

* 22 channels so it is easy to find a channel that works well in just about any area.

* Crystal clear sound up to one mile.

Here are the Negatives:

* Really only one negative--They are advertised at providing a range of up to 2 miles. This could vary depending in the area in which they are used. One mile proved no problem with quite clear reception. But beyond one mile the reception starts to decline. However, for the intended age group, one mile should be plenty of distance.

What are your thoughts on Walkie Talkies for children?

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