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National High Five Day

Updated on January 28, 2015

It's time to Slap some Skin and Make some Smiles

Did you know that the third Thursday in April is National High Five Day. This year it will fall on April 19th and it is the 11th year anniversary.

National High Five Day was started by a few students at Virginia University for the pure reason of creating good will. Well...I think there may have been a class and a grade involved, but whatever, the concept is great.

So you may be asking yourself,

what does this mean and why do I care.

Well... I am going to tell you.

It's actually pretty cool because it is a day to offer congratulations to anyone. Anyone? Yes, anyone. Friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances or even pets.

It's all rather easy just raise your hand palm side out and lift it above your head and most likely the receiver will lift theirs as well and you swiftly slap their hand with yours. You could say something like great job or way to go as you slap to make it even better. Awww... Isn't that nice.

Hey, High Fives are not only nice but are FUN too! And if you are lucky enough to be the recipient of this slapping gesture, it makes you feel good.

So this year get out there and pass out some high fives. There is just one rule, never leave a hanging high five, it just leads to one of those awkward moments. Most people are eager to participate, However, if someone leaves your high five hanging just smile and move on to a more happy and positive individual who is receptive to your high five. Luckily there are more of these kind of people so they should be easy to find.

Make sure you slap some hands this National High Five Day and make some unsuspecting people smile.

Image Credit :College Humor by Scott Alden

The First High Five

The information I am about to share with you is not documented as being the actual first High Five, but all my research on this topic has lead me to this information over and over again.

The first high five is said have occurred in 1977 during a baseball game. A big moment for the Dodgers as they were in the running for the National League pennant. Dusty Baker just hit his 30th home and was heading home, when on deck hitter Glenn Burke raised his hand and Baker slapped it. That simple moment was the beginning of the high five as we know it. Unfortunately, this was not televised and only talked about so we have no actual proof. However, during an interview Glenn Burke commented on being the originator of the high five.

Now there have been other claims to the invention of this popular gesture which have occurred later, but for me I am going with Glenn Burke as being the very first high fiver. You can read more about Burke by following the links below.

Source: Out Sports-Baseball

High Fives, Pennant Drives, and Fernandomania: A Fan's History of the Los Angeles Dodgers' Glory Years (1977-1981)

High Fives, Pennant Drives, and Fernandomania: A Fan's History of the Los Angeles Dodgers' Glory Years (1977-1981)
High Fives, Pennant Drives, and Fernandomania: A Fan's History of the Los Angeles Dodgers' Glory Years (1977-1981)

This book took me right back to the era of Steve Garvey, Fernando, and Reggie. It's written in a fun conversational tone and attention to details. This book is a great read not just for Dodger Fans, but for all Baseball Fans.


Do you think High Fives should be restricted to Sports?

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Types of High Fives

So you see see high fives are pretty awesome.

Nothing is better then a well executed high five. However, I must warn you not all high fives are cool. So lets go over the different types so you can avoid embarrassment.

Low Five is hand down below your waist and a backward slap to a receptive hand. Avoid this kind, they are definitely not cool.

High Five which goes into a fist bump and then turns into a hug. I like this type, it is very positive and reeks with energy and I just like hugs.

Now there are high five haters out there who will hold their hand up in the air and when you go in for the perfect slap they pull it back and say something stupid like, gotcha ya. It is not even funny, I do not get these types.

Image courtesy of Carolyn_Sewell and a Creative Commons license.

How many High Fives do you give out a day?

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High Five Etiquette

Did you know there is a right way and a wrong way of doing a high five.

I know it sounds silly but doing it wrong can result in a serious shoulder injury or worse yet total dorkiness. No one likes that.

Just like a handshake, you can tell a lot about a person by their high five. It is always important to go into a high five confident and bold. High fives are harder then handshakes because they require a bit more skill.

If someone engages in the act of giving you a high five, please do not leave them hanging. That is just rude. Always respond back with some hand action.

When in the act of a high five always respond back with some firmness to create the slap sound.

The slap sound is important. If you do not have this sound, then it is a weak high five. Which is no different than the limp fish handshake.

Timing is of the utmost importance.

If a high five is not timed properly it will lead to a miss or a near miss which is definitely one of those awkward moments you do not want to have. This is totally uncool. So to avoid this, it is important to keep your eye on the other hand, and do not take your eye off it. Move your hand right into the other hand and slap. Bam! Perfect High Five!

So remember it is all about timing, without proper timing it will result in a miss, which could lead to an injury or embarrassment.

The next dilemma is we cannot practice high fives on ourselves so the only way to improve your high five is to actually give some high fives and National High Five Day is a great day to do just that.

One final note about high fives, there are just a few places or times a high five is totally inappropriate.

At a funeral is definitely at the top of this list. The second is on a date unless you and your date just challenged others in a game of billiards and won.

Now I know I may have put a lot of pressure on you to properly execute a high five, but it really is not that hard. We teach our dogs and cats to do it. We high five our babies for a job well done.

So if babies and pets can do it, I am confident in the fact that you can too!

Did you teach your Dog or Cat or other Pet to High Five?

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High Five Drink Stirs
High Five Drink Stirs

High Five Drink Stirs

Garnish your drink with these cute High Five Stirs.

These High Five Drink Stirrers are available at Retro Planet.

National High Five Project

National High Five Day Project
National High Five Day Project
National High Five Project
National High Five Project

National High Five Project

You may have already heard of the National High Five Project.

It's all about cancer research and to celebrate or high five some of the victories we have had.

But most importantly to raise money for cancer research so we can have many more victories.

National High-Five-a-Thon for Cancer Research started in 2010 "Generosity is viral, pass it on", this is the mission for the National High Five Project, an organization dedicated to celebration, community building and raising money for the good of others.

It is so easy to participate in National High Five-A-Thon For Cancer Research. You can create a personal fundraising page on their site and send donation requests to friends and family. You will be able to monitor your donations right on your page.

The goal is for everyone to give at least 55 high fives to honor the donations.

Cancer research is serious business, and sometimes frustrating, so why not celebrate its victories with a good old high-five? Sanford-Burnham is honored to be among just four organizations chosen to benefit from the 2012 National High-Five-a-Thon for Cancer Research. On April 19, participants will give high-fives, symbolic of solidarity and a job well done, to anyone and everyone. Each slapping of hands will carry a monetary value, directed toward cancer research.

If you Raise $100, the National High Five Project will send you the official 2012 National High-5-A-Thon T-shirt. You can set up a team or join another team.

Cancer is a killer and approximately 2 in 5 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. More than 500,000 people will die from cancer in 2012.

These are the four organizations doing cutting-edge cancer research and deserve a High Five!

The Gateway For Cancer Research in Illinois

The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute in San Diego

The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle

The V Foundation For Cancer Research in North Carolina.

Please help support these four great organizations with a donation today.

Whether you can give $5, $50, or $500 -- it all helps.


National High Five Project

Would you like to Join the High-Five-A-Thon for Cancer Research

It's so easy to get involved. Here is some information to get you started.

#1. Go to the website look for JOIN HERE or join through the "Create Your Own Fundraising" button on the website.

#2. All you have to do is send your page to your family and friends and ask them to for a donation to support cancer research. On your webpage, the donations you collect will be tracked so you can see your progress.

#3 And the FUN Part... On National High Five Day, give as many High Fives as you can.

For more information, visit the National High-5-A-Thon website.

Do you think recieving a High Five makes you feel better?

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Barney Stinson Lengendary
Barney Stinson Lengendary

Photo Credit: Creative Commons Attribution southerndesigner-Legendary-Barney-Stinson

Let me Introduce you to Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson is a well known character from the television show, "How I met your mother". Neil Patrick Harris plays Barney, you may remember him from the old Dougie Houser M.D. Show. Now, about Barney... he is extremely narcissistic and arrogant and will make you laugh over and over again. Anyway, Barney's favorite gesture is high fives and he creates specials ones for all different types of situations. I guess you could say he is a high five king.

Here is a list of some of Barney's most famous High Fives.

  1. Claw Five
  2. Door Five
  3. Arthritis Five
  4. TV Five
  5. Baby High Five
  6. Freeze Frame High Five
  7. Hypothetical High Five
  8. Phone Five
  9. Relapse Five
  10. Self Five
  11. Solemn Low Five
  12. Tiny Five
  13. High Two's
  14. How Could You Five

Are you going to give out some High Fives on April 19th, National High Five Day?

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This year make sure you get out there and give someone a high five and lift their spirits. There really is no reason to limit this nice gesture to one day a year, Why not continue this throughout the year! Thanks for visiting and High Five to you!

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Have a great National High Five Day!

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