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Hijab Pins & Brooches for Hats & Headscarves

Updated on March 2, 2015

You Can't Beat Hijab Pins for Versatility

My grandmother loved modest but high quality items, such as this rhinestone bedecked crystal and silver pin. She wore it for 40 years. Her love for modest fine jewelry guided this selection. It's a fun and gracious thing to give a little sparkly gift to a new friend or sister.

image credit: that's my photo

Striking Crystal Square Hijab Pin

Square Shaped Crystal Scarf Pin/ Brooch (Silver Tone)
Square Shaped Crystal Scarf Pin/ Brooch (Silver Tone)

I think this is elegant enough to double as a brooch one day, a hijab pin the next.


Crystals are Abundantly Available in Jewelry

image credit: Quartz Crystal

Crystals are one of the world's wonders, erupting from the earth, like firm and clear ice sculptures. Granite and other sedimentary and metamorphic rocks frequently harbor crystals. Many adventurous people find crystal formations along their wilderness hikes.

For those with tamer lifestyles, it is not uncommon to find crystals at the gift shop, in the form of cut-in-half geode sets that have been made into bookends. Crystals typically are prisms with 6 facets, in their pure form, headed by opposing triangles. Visualize a log of jello which has been sliced lengthwise, so it has six sides. The blunt ends can be shaded into pyramids. And, like a crystal, one can see light through the shard of gel!

As in other natural materials, variety is the rule, so the casual crystal hunter will often find chunks of crystal, where the prisms of one crystal seem to extend into the neighboring crystal. In fact, since the crystals can't form unless they are anchored by a stone at their end of origination, it is rare for a crystal to be found separate from rock.

Note the geode, which seems to be an exception to the rule, but the prisms are growing from the outer shell of the rock, into the center cavity, although they tend to create a mass wall of crystals. The term crystal is commonly used to refer to various types of cut glass beads in jewelry, and other decorative items.

Beautiful Crystal Feather

Alilang Feather Leaf Clear Crystal Rhinestone Sliver Tone Holiday Pin Brooch
Alilang Feather Leaf Clear Crystal Rhinestone Sliver Tone Holiday Pin Brooch

Enjoy the light look of shimmering crystals and rhinestones - a flicker of light on your scarf.


Swarovski Crystals - created by master glass cutter

Crystal Flower Spiral Scarf Pin

Swirl Crystal Scarf Pin/ Brooch (Silver Tone)
Swirl Crystal Scarf Pin/ Brooch (Silver Tone)

I like the easy sophistication of this simple shiny silver toned pin, combined with crystals.


image credit Marek Alusarczyk, Swarovski Shop in Frankfurt

Daniel Swartz, from Bohemia (b1862, d1956), apprenticed at his father's factory. He excelled in the craft and took the last name Swarovski. He elaborated on his skill of manual cutting when invented a power cutter for production crystal glass.

Today Swarovski Crystals bedeck everything from hijab pins, necklaces, and barrettes, to the company's decorated 2006 Christmas tree at Eaton Centre, Toronto.

Genuine Rock Crystals are labeled and priced to reflect their value and rarity. Nowadays, what we commonly call crystals are most often cut and ground glasses, made with lead or not, depending on their purpose of manufacture.

Lead, even in glass or dishware glazes, is toxic, both to the maker and to the user. In jewelry and in housewares, today's crystals require correct labeling: glass objects made with at least 24% lead can rightfully be labeled lead crystal, even though they are truly lead glass.

Beads and other items that are either lead-free, made with the use of a lesser amount of lead oxide, or made with a different oxide, are called crystal glass or crystallin. However, advertisements and other commercial promotions still tout the sales of crystal items that belong in the latter category. They are commonly lighter in weight, and have a gorgeous refractive quality.

Glossy Gold Toned Pin

Twirl Crystal Scarf Pin/ Brooch (Gold Tone)
Twirl Crystal Scarf Pin/ Brooch (Gold Tone)

I like the way the crystals peek out from the ribbon-wrap gleaming metal.


A Palace Made of Crystals

In this palace, all that glitters is crystal!

Glittering Bow Like a Starry Night

Stunning Swarovski Crystal Bow Brooch (Silver Tone)
Stunning Swarovski Crystal Bow Brooch (Silver Tone)

It's fascinating, how these crystals pick up the colors they reflect.


For a Special Sister

Vintage Swarovski Crystal Floral Brooch (Antique Silver)
Vintage Swarovski Crystal Floral Brooch (Antique Silver)

I find this especially endearing, as a gift for a mom.


Do you plan to add some crystal pins to your jewelry box?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Very beautiful Hijab Brooches and Pins!

    • profile image

      RuralFloridaLiving 5 years ago

      Lovely pins!