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Holiday Bathroom Guest Hand Towels

Updated on May 18, 2014

I love to entertain during the holidays. For me part of entertaining is getting the house ready and decorating all of the rooms that the guests will be entering. The bathroom is definitely one of those rooms so I try to add some holiday touches with a few candles and some festive towels.

Although I really like all of the pretty cloth guest hand towels that are available, it really concerns me that we are passing germs from one user to the next. After all November and December are certainly prime cold and flu months. I believe a great solution is to use disposable guest towels.

The first time I tried to use these , I also left the cloth ones laying nearby and after the party when I was emptying the waste basket I noticed that no one was using the paper ones. I wasn't sure what I could do to encourage people to use the towels that I had laid out. My sister-in-law had the same issue and she put up a small sign encouraging their use. That certainly is one solution. Another solution might be to not put out any other guest towels so that the paper ones are the only ones to use. If you have any tips to get the guests to use the disposable guest towels I'd really appreciate your input in the comment section below.

As I was looking online for pretty holiday designs, I noticed that there are several varieties available and also a nice selection of holders. Many are also listed as dinner napkins and I can see how a nice quality dinner napkin could be used for both purposes.

The napkin I have chosen here is a very classic design with an evergreen branch. It is a design that will take you through the entire winter season.

Holders for your Guest Towels

I think another solution for getting guests to use the disposable type towels would be to put them in a nice holder on the bathroom sink. When my guests didn't use the towels I had just had the laying in a stack, perhaps with the holder it will be more evident that these are meant for the guest to use.

When I looked for options, I found several available. Here are three you might like.

Entertaining with Caspari Rattan Guest Towel Holder, Brown, 1-Count
Entertaining with Caspari Rattan Guest Towel Holder, Brown, 1-Count

This towel holder is great for keeping your disposable guest towels. Perhaps it will encourage guest to use them.

Taymor Oil Rubbed Bronze Small Guest Towel Vanity Tray
Taymor Oil Rubbed Bronze Small Guest Towel Vanity Tray

This simple bronze tray is a great option for holding your guest towels. I love the rubbed bronze finish.

Hand Towel Holder Mirrored for Paper Guest Towels or Linen
Hand Towel Holder Mirrored for Paper Guest Towels or Linen

This is an elegant holder that can be used all year long. The mirror finish will match any décor.


Great for Hostess Gifts Too

If you are looking for a good hostess guest, how about giving some pretty guest towels. This video has a great idea.

Beautiful monogramed guest towels.

Do you use disposable guest towels?

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Do you have a tip to share for the holidays? I'd love to hear from you.

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    • Linda BookLady profile image

      Linda Jo Martin 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      Looks like a good solution... though I have to admit, if I visited a friend's bathroom and saw a choice between these or a cloth towel, I'd probably use the cloth towel to save money for my host. I think your sister-in-law's idea of putting a sign in her bathroom is a good one. Guests would appreciate knowing what their host prefers!