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Decorating with Holiday Flowers

Updated on December 6, 2012

Magical Holiday Flowers

Discover the holiday magic of decorating your home with flowers of the season. Learn about the colorful history and lore behind these winter blooms that have become a part of our Christmas Holiday traditions.

These blooming gifts from Mother Nature herself, remind us of the lasting wonder and importance of Gods universal design, beauty and magic.

"Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul." ~The Koran

Cherry Tree Holiday Traditions

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit. ~ Kahlil Gibran

The ancient Chinese regarded cherry wood as a symbol of immortality and protection.

- To keep evil spirits away, the Chinese placed cherry branches over their doors on New Year's Day and carved cherry wood statues to stand guard in front of their homes

A folktale in an Old English Christmas Carol, tells of how Joseph and the pregnant Mary, were walking in a cherry orchard, when Mary asked Joseph to pick her some cherries. However Joseph remarked unkindly that she should get whomever 'brought thee with child' to pick the cherries for her. The unborn Christ child then communicated with the cherry trees, asking them to lower their branches so that Mary could pick her own cherries, and Joseph was suitably repentant.


- The vines and berries of mistletoe were sacred to the ancient Druids who used them in their sacrifices to the gods as well as to celebrate the winter solstice.

- The mistletoe, which was also believed to have miraculous healing powers, was placed over doorways to ward off evil and bestow health, happiness, and good luck.

- In eighteenth century England, kissing balls were made of evergreens, ribbons, and ornaments with sprigs of mistletoe tied to the bottoms of the balls.

- Because embraces of welcome occurred at doorways, the custom evolved into balls of greens and berries hung at entrances.

Flowering Holiday Gifts - "Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity." ~John Ruskin

The Poinsetta

Mexico's legend of the Poinsettia tells of a poor Mexican girl Maria and her little brother Pablo who were disappointed they had no money to buy a present for baby Jesus at the annual Mexican Christmas festival.

- On Christmas eve Maria and Pablo stopped to pick some weeds, for baby Jesus. As they placed the weeds around the Manger, the green leaves miraculously turned into bright red petals.

Soon the Manger was surrounded by beautiful star-shaped flowers, we love to see during the holidays.



The Hawthorne also known as Mary's Berry blooms twice a year at Easter and at Christmas. It, therefore, has become a symbol of Christmas and of Christ's birth and death.

The Glastonbury Thorn or Hawthorne is said to have arisen when St. Joseph of Arimathea traveled to England carrying a hawthorn staff to spread the gospel. Tired from his journey, he thrust his staff into the ground and slept, when he awoke he found that his staff had grown roots and was blooming with red berries . He left it there and legend says it blooms every Christmas in celebration of Christs birth.


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