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Holiday Gift Ideas for young ones

Updated on November 29, 2012

Gift Ideas

Need some good ideas of what to get the kids this Holiday season? I've done quite a bit of research into what is popular, along with the suggestions of my own two children, and have compiled some of the best and most popular ideas this Holiday Season.

The Nook
The Nook

Kindle or Nook


Have an Avid reader in the family? Due to the low cost of electronic books, and since most eReaders are pretty affordable, eReaders are becoing increasinly popular every year. Not only do you have the ability to have all your books stored into one device, you also have the convenience of downloading books you want to read without leaving the house or driving to the bookstore. Simple Black & White ereaders such as the Kindle or Nook cost under $100. They have a large memory so thousands of books can be stored, and their batteries can go a week or even weeks before needing recharging.

Nerf never goes out of style

Fun with soft toys

Nerf has been around a long time, and their product line has grown enormously. It is no longer just the nerf football or soccer ball. The produce many different products. They have guns that shoot soft discs. They have guns that shoot soft "Darts", and even one's that shoot balls. They come in all different sized and colors, and even offer refill packs. If you have a boy between 6 - 12, you cannot go wrong with anything Nerf. And you don't have to worry about him "shooting his eye out!"


Tamagatchi's have made a come back. And now their products offer even more ways to play, including an interactive website. For an electronic toy, they are reasonably priced and come in many different colors and styles. Kids can spend hours "taking care" of their electronic pets, and can also go online to their website to find more things to do with them. So, if your child is asking for a pet, why not get them one that will not require you to feed, bath, walk, or clean up after?

The Kindle Fire
The Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is Amazon's popular tablet. It has a touchscreen , WiFi, and runs on an Android operating system. Users can download apps, music, movies, books, and games. It costs a lot less than the popular iPad, and has most of the same functionability. It is great for the kids to use at home or bring while travelling to keep them entertained. I would not recommend for younger (under 8) kids due to the fact that it should be cared for responsibily and would most likely not survive several drops.

More Ideas

Ipod Nano - Popular with tweens and teens

Digital Cameras - Prices have really come down on cameras, they can make a great gift without breaking your wallet.

Video Game Systems - XBox 360, Playstation 3, Wii

Furby - Yes, they are back, and popular again!

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