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Holiday with friends

Updated on October 13, 2012

Happiness on holiday

As being a student or a worker, working stress is so difficult to ease. Most people tried to work hard to finish their works or assignments on time but they never cared of their health or their family sometimes. Well, working is better for earning money to support family or children. However, addiction in works is better than that in drugs but we should care of our health because weakened health leads to lose everything even life.

During a holiday, I spent time with friends for roasting meats, drinking, and singing. We enjoyed so much talking everything to each other. Although we spent so much time in studying and making experiments, we were still fun together during the holiday.

The meat and drink made us full and were so delicious. It was called in Japanese as Tabehoudai which meant that all you can eat. That's why everyone tried so hard to eat a lot because it was a bit expensive. However, funny was the most important for us to make closer friends. I've been in Japan for nearly a half of year, and this was the first time for me to be more pleasure with friends in my laboratory.

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After finishing our eats, we went to Karaoke that I could not believe of its price. It was over $100 for just an hour and half. If it was compared to my country, I could sing a whole day. However, we were so funny and happy. It was finished nearly 11 pm.

Sometimes, it is difficult to have a free time with friends. Therefore, while I am studying and having free time, I have to spend some holidays with friends, and if I wait until I have job, I think that I definitely have no time with them. I think you should tell me what you think with your friends during your holiday. Usually, you're free but your friends don't have free time. That's a problem. Thank you so much for keeping to read my short holiday and hope that you tell me what you will do for your holiday.

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