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Holiday Flats in New Cairo, Egypt

Updated on August 3, 2016

The New City Apartments(NCA), Holiday Suites

We love our peace and security when we go abroad.

Egypt have been under a lot bad press recently, especially after the Russian plane that crashed on 31 October 2015 in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula killing all 224 passangers on board. After the incident the country suffered massive withdrawals, as tourism is concerned. Airlines such as British Airways refused to land their planes at Sharm El-Sheikh airport for weeks, invoking lack of security and corruption on a high scale.

I am not sure how much of the Egypt's bad press is actually plausible. There are obviously flaws in the system but then there's flaws in any country's system on different levels of understanding. Having said that, Egypt remains one of the most popular holiday choice for most of us. We love the hot weather, the food and its people, who are extremely hospitable, helpful and friendly.

You booked your flight but you need a place to stay. This is where it comes in handy to do some research. Forget about the 4-5 stars hotels from or Trip Advisor. Egypt is not regulated when it comes to star rating hotels. My understanding is that most of the hotels and even resorts "pick their own stars". As a result, star rating it is not a reliable factor.

If you need easy access to Cairo but you don't like the busyness and the noise of the actual town, then I definitely recommend New City Apartments(NCA), New Cairo.

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NCA Overall Description

Situated in New Cairo City, in a very quiet area, NCA is within 20 mi far from Cairo International Convention Centre, Sultan Hussan Mosque and Saladin Citadel. Festival City is a 5-minute drive from NewCity Suites & Apartments

NCA is a luxury apartment building comprising 40 serviced apartments with free onsite parking.

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NCA Facilities

*Free Wifi, Free onsite parking, Family rooms, Airport Shuttle(surcharge), Restaurant, Fitness Centre, Non Smoking Rooms.

A Touching Story

This actually happened for real while I was a guest at NCA and the attitude of this member of staff really motivated me to write this blog.

I'm coming downstairs to do some work on my laptop and make some calls. (At the same time I don't want to be in the cleaner's way while the room is done).

There's this member of staff at the reception, polite and friendly but nothing impresses me about him. I'm thinking he's paid to do just that. Can't be too hard, right?

I was sitting in the reception area when the same member of staff asked me if I had breakfast. So, I tell him that I never have breakfast. I only have coffee.

He looks at me and says "that's no good Madame" genuinely affected by my answer. Then he continues "can I get you to try something?". So I say "no thank you". But he insists "just try it, don't eat it if you don't like it".

Next thing I know he brings me some lovely warm flat bread with some kind of mashed beans, I learned later that it is traditional Egyptian breakfast. Anyway the breakfast was lovely. British people, we're yet to learn how to cook a decent breakfast.

Wait, I am not finished.

I finish eating the stuff* then he comes back few min later with a different thing*, saying "now try this one". I didn't refuse it, but I told him "gee you're gonna make me fat". His answer was "no problem, the gym is downstairs". I was really touched by his attitude.

Back in England we forgot what hospitality means. These days it's all about making money and not so much about delivering high quality customer service. And while I agree that making a profit is one of the main reasons for running a business, I also agree that keeping customers happy brings in repeated business, so then increases profits.



*I do not have any experience in the hotel industry; however I do have common sense.

*The statements made above are based on my own research and experience while being a guest at NCA.

*All photos are subject to copyright, property of NCA and have been used with appropriate permissions.

NCA Location/Map

A marker39 Chark Compound infront of new AUC Campus, New Cairo, 99999 Cairo, Egypt -
Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
get directions

Contact: 0020 122 215 8014


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    • newcityflatscairo profile image

      Cornelia Brown 19 months ago from Torquay, United Kingdom

      Hi Jake,

      yes I know you guys are here in Jan. Sure, email me and I'll pass it to the relevant people. Or you can just go on the website and try make a reservation. In this way you can check the availability for January. I've emailed u already. Thanks for getting in touch.

    • profile image

      J Digman 19 months ago

      Hi thanks for this Neli. Very helpful. As you know we're in Cairo in January. The only problem we re 48 in the group. We're there to work so this place looks ideal. I'll send you an email with some dates and how many men and women. Can you dig some availability infos for me. Also, can you email me your phone number? Thanks

    • newcityflatscairo profile image

      Cornelia Brown 19 months ago from Torquay, United Kingdom

      Website up and running.

    • newcityflatscairo profile image

      Cornelia Brown 19 months ago from Torquay, United Kingdom

      Hi George! Yes, you can reserve over the phone but I don't recommend. You better off doing it via at least you get a reservation number and you have something in writing. But yes I'm pretty sure you could do it over the phone as well. Please check the number stated above. Thanks

    • newcityflatscairo profile image

      Cornelia Brown 19 months ago from Torquay, United Kingdom

      Hey Haneka. Yep, been resting a lot, I sleep sooooo much it's unreal. Yes I'm benefiting. Ha ha ha...lucky me, my driving licence is clean. You know I'm wondering if the speeding cameras are even working on M5....ha ha ha what a joke! Love you too.

    • newcityflatscairo profile image

      Cornelia Brown 19 months ago from Torquay, United Kingdom

      Mariana, buna! Nu poti plati in avans. Dar daca ma intrebi pe mine e mai bine in caz ca te razgandesti. Atunci nu pierzi nici un ban. Te pup.

    • profile image

      George Brown 19 months ago

      I'm working in Cairo in November. I'll see if I can get a booking with New City. Do they do reservations over the phone? Site's down. Tks

    • profile image

      Haneka B 19 months ago

      Ohhh girl I miss you. I hope you're resting yaaa girl.

      Can you bring a business card or a flyer when you come back. Looks perfect for a workaholic like us.

      Did you get a speeding ticket??? Ha ha they gona get you one day.

      Love you. Come back safe.

    • profile image

      Mariana Apostol 19 months ago

      Buna Cornelia. Vad in poze ca poti gati in apartment. Corect? De asemenea nu e o posibilitate sa platesc in avans?

      Multzam fain.

    • newcityflatscairo profile image

      Cornelia Brown 19 months ago from Torquay, United Kingdom

      There's no swimming pool, only a gym. And no at the moment there is not a way to prepay for accommodation.

    • profile image

      Robbie S 19 months ago

      This looks great. Is there a way to prepay for this?

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Jenny P 19 months ago

      Hi. Is there a swimming pool? looks like there's a gym but no mentions of a pool.


    • profile image

      Steve Reynolds 19 months ago

      I want to book directly with them but website is not working. Shame. Place looks great.

    • newcityflatscairo profile image

      Cornelia Brown 19 months ago from Torquay, United Kingdom

      At the moment I would suggest you use, trip advisor or The company does have a website but there's some technical issues with it. It should go live in the next few days but if you need to book your room just do it via the above websites.

    • profile image

      Diana Langley 19 months ago

      Loks great. What's the best way to book?


    • profile image

      Mark S 19 months ago

      Thanks. Place looks great. I'll check it out. I need to book a place for october and this looks perfect. Is there an website where I can book directly. All your links are pointing to third party websites.

      Many thanks

    • profile image

      John Vickery 19 months ago

      I totally agree with you there's so much unecessary and unreal bad press about Egypt. I love the country as well. I never stayed here though, I didn't even know the place existed but it does look good. I do prefer paying in advance for my accommodation, the company website doesn't seem to work so it's a bit of an inconvenience.