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Holly Face Painting for Christmas

Updated on March 24, 2016

Holly Designs for Christmas Face Painting

The holly has become a very popular Christmas decoration, with the spiny leaves and berries offering wonderful color that matches the traditional Christmas color of red and green.

While the Holly has hundreds of species of flowering plants, the one popular at Christmas time and in the winter is called the European holly or Ilex aquifolium.

I have this particular species right beside my front porch, and I can testify to the spiny nature of the leaves, which more than once has caught me unawares and delivered and unsuspected prick to some part of my body.

What makes them so desirable for Christmas is their color, as already mentioned, along with the fact they are evergreen and provide terrific seasonal color in climates they grow in.

Even though the leaves are very sharp, that sharpness gives them a terrific shape, which is another reason they're so desirable for Christmas decorations.

But that's not all that has attracted people to them, as the same reason they're great for decorating is another reason to use them as an inspiration for Christmas face painting, which recreates the wonderful color and design for everyone to enjoy.

We'll look at a number of holly Christmas face painting examples to generate some ideas for you to use.

Holly Face Painting

As you can see with this first example of a holly face painting for Christmas, the shape and colors of the holly really stand out and make it the perfect design for the holiday season.

The scrolling adds a unique and interesting look to the holly, and the berries near the eye show why holly works so well for Christmas.

Deciding to detach the scrolling vine near the ear works good, as do the tiny dots scattered throughout the face painting.

Holly Face Design

holly | Source

Christmas Holly Face Painting

Holly lends itself well to face paintings on the side of the head, as well as fuller face paintings. But the first holly design on the side of the face, along with the one below, confirms the subject matter looks great no matter where it's located.

The dark green of the leaves working in towards the lighter green in the center makes for a nice image. White along the edges of the outer part of the holly really helps it stand out and complements the rest of the berries and leaves.

I'm not sure why it works, but the white dots on the outer part of the holly also makes it look unique and compelling.

Holly on Side of Face

holly design
holly design | Source

Holly and Bell Christmas Face Painting

This is a wonderfully cute face painting of a holly and bells, complemented by the nice red ribbon attached to the bells.

It is unusual to see a full face painting of a Christmas holly design, but the different hues associated with the foundation really makes this work well, as does the darker green of the pointed holly leaves.

Deciding to make the bells gold was a good decision, as I've always considered gold, along with silver, as the next two most traditional and desirable of Christmas colors.

The scrolling vines complete the terrific holly face painting.

Christmas Face Design

holly face
holly face | Source

Christmas Face Painting of Holly Mask

If you're not familiar with face painting, when a design is made like the one below that fits over the face like a partial mask, that's what it's usually identified as: a mask. It seems that's because it looks like it was slipped over the eyes and is being worn. For the most part, when a face is fully covered it's not called a mask.

As for the quality of this holly mask, it's fantastic. Whoever designed and applied the paint to the facial canvass did an extraordinary job which is filled with amazing and colorful detail.

The white foundation really makes the elements of the design stand out, with the holly vining around the exterior of the mask, with the flowers anchored in the middle. Using green around the eyes was a good choice, as it really differentiates and centers the eyes on that part of the face, helping the rest of the elements to work out from there. There is even some glitter to add to the festive look. It shows awesome.

Holly Mask

holly mask
holly mask | Source

Christmas Holly Face Painting

Holly is a great way to express Christmas, with the vibrant green and red traditional colors, and the shape allowing it to be experimented with to create terrific designs to commemorate the holiday season.

Even if some artistic license is taken with the art work, the results are something anyone would be glad to have when surprising family and friends with a Christmas holly face painting that guarantees it'll be a Christmas everyone remembers.


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