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Home Bar Cocktail Gear

Updated on September 22, 2014

Cocktail Equipment for Your Home Bar

Nothing sets the standard of a party, restaurant or dinner party like the quality of cocktails that are served. Right down to the last splash or zest or squeeze, the perfect mixed drink can set the stage of nearly any event. What does it take to be the best mixer in the neighborhood? Of course a working knowledge of your alcohol, ingredients and flavor profiles will take into the elite levels of drink mixing. Not to be underestimated however, is cocktail gear. While in themselves they cannot make you a great bartender, they can make your job easier and add some finesse to your techniques. What are some of the cocktail gear essentials and what do they do?There are plenty of gadgets, tools and other cocktail gear to be had, but there are a few that are necessary to making the perfect drink. Here is what you need to know.Photo Credit: Dana Beveridge

Cocktail Gear - The Mixer - Cocktail Shakers or Mixers

Oggi Marilyn Tall and Slim Cocktail Shaker
Oggi Marilyn Tall and Slim Cocktail Shaker

Probably the most important piece of equipment in any bar, professional or residential, this is a must have for any mixed drink enthusiast. Shakers or mixers (whichever you prefer) come in a dizzying array of styles and types. Some come with strainers, others do not. Shapes, lids and materials can vary. Finding the mixer that works best for you may take some time, but in the end it will be worth it. A bonus to the variety in shaker styles is that you can make a statement while you mix!


The Right Cocktail Equipment Makes You A Star

Making cocktails is an art but it is also fun and delicious. Cocktail kits, tools and equipment will make learning and mixing easier. Tools help to refine the craft. Remember, like with just about anything, greatness is in the details. You can be the star at the next neighborhood function, party or get-together. Shine up that barware, grab some limes, a few bottles off the shelf, your mixer, jigger and other tools and you are ready to shake and stir the night away.No matter how good you are at preparing the cocktails, if the equipment is outdated, or it doesn't look good, your parties will miss the sparkle of nice cocktail gear.

Cocktail Equipment - Jigger

While a jigger (think of a small measuring receptacle) may not seem like much, when you are mixing a cocktail, accuracy is key. Proper measuring can mean the difference between a good drink and a great one. Just like shakers, jiggers come in a variety of styles, so you can find one that works best for you.

Muddler, Zester, Bar Spoon

Perhaps a motley bunch, these tools are essential cocktail gear. For the freshest, liveliest flavors, fresh ingredients will take your drinks to new heights. Using a muddler to crush fruit and herbs releases aroma and flavor. A zester can be used to release the sparkle of citrus rind and a bar spoon will go deep to blend it all together.No contents yet - please edit this module to customize its settings.Sorry, there are no results available from Amazon.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

This one needs no explanation, it is not only a household essential, it is a must-have in any bar.

This particular bottle opener is electric, making the task of opening a wine bottle a pleasure. The opener is elegant, with a nice silver finish, that fits well in an elegant kitchen.

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