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Homemade Christmas gifts

Updated on February 3, 2016

Homemade Christmas Gifts

It seems like Christmas is always just around the corner, and a lot of people usually find themselves among the category of people who have no idea of what to give their family members and friends as a gift. Others fall into the category of not having enough resources to purchase nice gifts for their loved ones, and if you find yourself in this category do not be dis-hearted, for we all know the financial situation of our times. A simple and fun solution exists that can help you get the perfect gift items for you loved ones.

Homemade Christmas gifts are the perfect solution to the above problems, and I implore you to go through the steps and guides that are provided below and get a little crafty. Homemade Christmas gifts are usually divided into four categories that are gifts made especially for kids, gifts for teenagers, and gifts for men and gifts for women.

Homemade Christmas Gifts For Kids

Making kid gifts

When giving a gift to a loved child, studying his or her unique likes or dislikes is important so the gift item you choose meets the child's taste.

Wonder Box: the wonder box is a box that can be made of plastic or cartons. The box should be decorated with cartoon characters that the child loves, such as Ben 10. These characters can easily be cut out of old magazines and be pasted on the box with the use of safe adhesives. The box should then be divided into little compartments with the use of cartons. Each compartment can be filled with items such as crayons, used Lego, action figures, collector cards, pom-poms etc. These items can be taken from your old collectables or purchased cheaply to give the box its "wonder" factor. Cost: very affordable. Difficulty: medium.

Dolls and Doll houses: this is recommended for parents who want to go all out in putting a smile on the faces of their daughters. Creating a doll isn't necessary, for you could get an old doll from the attic or from a friend. To make the dollhouse, all you need are old cartons or durable cardboard papers, staplers, glue and a good design idea. The cartons should be cut to form a base followed by the sides and doll rooms. These compartments are then fixed together with staplers and glues. Cost: very affordable. Difficulty: medium.

For Teenagers

Teens are hard to make homemade christmas gifts for but possible

Studying a teenager and understanding his or her likes and dislikes may sound like an impossible task, so the gifts listed here are designed to suit the general needs of a teenager.

Knitted Sweaters and stockings: although knitting skill is required to pull this feat, they are cheap and easy gift items that can be made at home. The items needed to accomplish these tasks are; wool of different colors, buttons for decoration and a kit for knitting. You should try to knit with warm colors so your child could easily be attracted to it and love your "coat of many colors." Difficulty: Medium. Cost: Very affordable.

CD/video game rack: every teenager loves music and games, and why you may not be able to discern his taste, you can provide a storage unit for his or her use. The items needed to pull this fit are; Planks in varying length and thickness, saw, small nails, hammer and some carpentry experience. Once you get the basic design you want for the holder, cut the wood to fit your design and then attach them with the use of nails to complete your design. The energy expended is usually worth the orderliness of your child's room and the smile that would light up his or her face. Difficulty: Very difficult. Cost: affordable.

Homemade Christmas Gifts for Moms and Wives

The most important

Children are also expected to give gifts back to their mothers, and it is mandatory for husbands to pamper their wives with gifts during the holidays. Everyone knows how much moms do and I would say that this one is the most important.

Relaxation Basket: putting a relaxation basket together for your mom is a sure way to show her you appreciate all she has done for you throughout the year. An old basket which should be painted and covered with festive wrappers is needed, coupled with gift items such as homemade message mugs, knitted towels, jewellery made with loose beads and a decorated book maker. Difficulty: medium. Cost: very affordable.

A day of relaxation: A husband can easily show he appreciates his wife's home making efforts by exchanging roles on Christmas day. Her favourite meal in bed, fragrant flowers, a lovely poem topped with a scented bath is recommended. Creating a silhouette picture of the family is also sure to please her. Difficulty: medium. Cost: affordable

Dinner for two: for some couple time, a dinner for two can also be planned and executed by the husband. The ingredients that are needed to pull this off are a recipe of your wife's favourite meal, a music CD of her favourite songs. Difficulty: medium. Cost: affordable.

Gifts for Dad

Homemade Christmas gifts for kids to make to give to dad

Men could be nonchalant during the holidays, but they should not be left out. Something that his kids make will always be a winner. Homemade gift items that can be given are:

Custom clothing items: knitted sweaters, ties and socks that contain knitted symbols of love are gift items children can give their dads. Fathers are sure to appreciate the effort no matter how it turns out. Difficulty: medium. Cost: very affordable.

Family kit: memorabilia that reminds your husband of the progression of your love from the day you met to the present Christmas day are also very thoughtful. Items that should be in the kit should include; family vacation pictures, a mixed CD of each other's favourite songs, letters, a unique poem etc. This gesture of love and appreciation is sure to make the season a memorable one for your spouse. Difficulty: Easy. Cost: very affordable.

In Closing

Whatever gift item you pick to make, know that it is the thought, effort and love put into your creation that counts, and not necessarily the price it cost you to make, and it would be received with love.

What type of gifts (funny or not) have you made for others or received?

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      I love the idea of homemade gifts. It adds such a personal touch.