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Amazing Homemade Halloween Costumes

Updated on June 30, 2014

Homemade Costumes

The creativity of so-called amateurs never ceases to amaze me, and that's definitely the case when searching for homemade ideas for Halloween costumes. There are some very compelling costume ideas generated from a lot of people.

Some were so good it is surprising many companies aren't copying some of them, although the demand could be small, as you may see from the particular themes chosen.

After all, what's cool about homemade Halloween costumes is, for the most part, that they're one of a kind. That's important because when attending parties to show off your costume, you definitely don't want to encounter a duplicate.

Another fascinating thing that caught me by surprise with homemade costumes were those made with a group of friends in mind which had similar costumes or themes. I had seen that with families before, but not with a general group of people.

Finally, which has more coverage in this article, is the Halloween costume theme of carrying something to create a very cool illusion. There are several below you can enjoy and get some great ideas from.

Samurai Halloween Costume

This first homemade Halloween costume was mostly made from garbage cans and rubber stoppers or stops. The costume is very creative and cool in my opinion. I like those little laces in the armor which aren't that easy to see.

Homemade Samurai Halloween Costume

Dalmation Homemade Halloween Costumes

When considering a group of people, a Dalmatian is a great choice for a costume theme, as most of us have heard of the story '101 Dalmatians,' and immediately identify with it. They look great and would be relatively easy to make; especially for craft-challenged guys.

Group Dalmations Costumes

Homemade Rabbit-in-a-Hat Costume

I can't tell if this is only a stationary prop costume or one you can walk in, as the bottom is laying on the floor and you can't see if it's open or not. Assuming it is open, this would be a fun costume to wear, although getting through narrow doors would definitely be a challenge.

This rabbit-in-a-hat costume was probably made for a home party and/or photo op to enjoy through the years by sharing it with others.

Homemade Group Halloween Costumes

Here is the first of several homemade Halloween costumes made in a way to create a unique illusion. In this case, it appears the ladies are being carried on the neck of a strong guy. On second thought, the bent-over backs may imply a not-so-strong group of guys. Very fun costumes.

Costume of Woman Carrying Man

Here is a different version of the costumes above, this time with a man being carried by a woman. Funny. Worst though is that it looks like poor granny was given the job.

What I like about these particular type of costumes is how great they look, but also how easy to make they would be.

Girl and Mushroom Costume

I am only guessing here, but this looks like a girl or fairy sitting on a mushroom. This is so cool looking, and another great example of creating a simple illusion as a costume.

You can't see them very good, but it appears that there are wings on the back of the woman, suggesting a fairy, which would make sense with the mushroom.

Fairy Sitting on Mushroom Costume

Homemade Mermaid Costume

I absolutely love this homemade mermaid costume. At first I thought it was a couples costume, but the more I look at it, (and understand these types of costumes on the back usually include a backpack), the more I think it's only an individual woman wearing the costume. It looks like she's carrying both the treasure chest and the pirate. Fantastic!

It looks like the pirate is being held up by the way the hook is connected to the piece the mermaid legs are sitting on. There is also probably something around the waist of the woman to keep the pirate and box in place.

Homemade Marie Antoinette Costume

Here is a good example of the backpack strategy I mentioned above. You have the headless body held up by the backpack, while appearing to hold the real head of the woman wearing the costume. Very cool.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

You can see why I was amazed at the creativity of these homemade Halloween costumes. They go from very simple to extremely complex. All of them would be a terrific choice for Halloween.

Hopefully this generates some ideas for you or your group; not onlyfor Halloween, but for any cosplay or costume party.


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