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Horror movie Halloween costumes

Updated on March 25, 2015

Horror Movie costumes for Halloween

I've recently been writing lens about Halloween costumes based on all sorts of different things such as TV shows, computer games and Star Wars (see the links lower down the page), but sometimes only something truly scary will do. On this lens I've put together some of my favourite horror movie characters and how you can dress up as them this Halloween.

Photo of Freddy Krueger costume courtesy of Egon Eagle - wikimedia commons

Michael Myers - 'Halloween' costume

Michael Myers is by far my favourite horror movie character. First appearing in 'Halloween' in 1978, Michael has appeared in a total of 9 movies (including the two recent reboots) and in several books. I love the way he slowly and silently moves towards his victims, never showing any emotion as he kills them in a variety of brutal ways. I also love the simplicity of his costume. Not only does it somehow add to the element of menace on the screen, but it makes for a remarkably simple Halloween costume.

All you need to make your Michael Myers costume is:

1. Dark blue/grey boiler suit

2. A large toy knife (fake blood optional)

3. A Michael Myers mask.

Put on these items then lurch around silently and you have the perfect Michael Myers costume.

Michael Myers costume accessories on Amazon

All the bits you need to complete your Michael Myers costume can be found on Amazon.

Did you know?

The mask worn by Michael Myers in 'Halloween' is actually a cast of William Shatner from 'Star Trek'.

Freddy Krueger - 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' costume

First appearing in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' in 1984, Freddy Krueger (played by Robert Englund) is a disfigured serial killer who kills people in their dreams, causing them to die in real life also. Krueger has appeared in 9 movies so far including 'Freddy vs Jason' where he battles it out with Jason Vorhees (see below), and the 2010 reboot.

To get the Freddy Krueger look you will require:

1. Either a Freddy mask or some serious face paint to recreate his disfigured face.

2. A red and dark green horizontally striped jumper.

3. Black or dark grey trousers.

4. A Brown fedora.

5. A clawed leather glove for your right hand.

Freddy Krueger accessories on Amazon

You can find all of the items you need for your Freddy Krueger costume on Amazon.

Jason Vorhees figurine
Jason Vorhees figurine

Jason Voorhees - 'Friday the 13th' Costume

First appearing in 'Friday the 13th' in 1980, Jason Voorhees is the hockey mask wearing, machete wielding villain of 12 movies so far including the 2009 reboot. I won't tell you anything about his origins here in case you haven't seen the first film, as I could let slip some huge spoilers. I like Jason as a character for similar reasons to Michael Myers. He is large, silent and superhumanly powerful and, again, the mask gives him an air of mystery and lack of emotion that add to the scare factor.

To make your own Jason Voorhees costume, here's what you will need:

1.Dark trousers and jumper.

2. Tatty brown jacket.

3. Hockey mask.

4. Toy machete or large toy knife.

Photo of Jason Voorhees figurine courtesy of

Jason Voorhees costume on Amazon

All the items you need for your Jason Voorhees costume can be found below.

Friday The 13th Jason Costume, Brown, X-Large
Friday The 13th Jason Costume, Brown, X-Large

This Jason Voorhees costume comes complete with jacket and mask. You can also find replica machetes on Amazon.


Leatherface - 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' costume

'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' is an American slasher film from 1974 about a group of teens who, in the middle of a road trip, stumble upon a family of cannibals, the most recognisable being the chainsaw wielding Leatherface. So called because of the mask of human skin he wears to conceal his face, Leatherface is a giant man, with a very child-like personality, who is under the control of his evil family. He has appeared in 7 movies in total, including the recent remakes.

To make your Leatherface costume, you will need:

1. Some old tatty clothes. Jeans and a plain shirt will be fine.

2. A blood-stained smock (like a butcher's).

3. A Leatherface mask.

4. A toy chainsaw.

Leatherface costume accessories on Amazon

You can find everything you need to make your Leatherface costume below.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Costume with Leather Face Deluxe Overhead Mask
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Costume with Leather Face Deluxe Overhead Mask

The most important part of any Leatherface costume is the mask. Here is a great one to try.

You can also buy a white butcher's style apron and quickly dirty it up with mud and something red like ketchup.


Favourite horror movie villain

Who is your favourite horror movie villain featured on this page?

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