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Horse Halloween Costumes - The most noble animal if you ask me

Updated on May 29, 2013

Fun Horse Costumes For Halloween!

Horses are magnificent animals so why not give them a tribute and dress up in a horse costume for this Halloween. It will look fun, you can even team up and get yourself (and your friend) a double horse costume which is even more fun and realistic. There are many fun costumes to choose from!

Your kids can also turn into cute little horses as there are some fun horse costumes for them available too.

Why be a Halloween monster when you can be a horse?

I am so lucky to live near a farm that has many horses and the first thing in the morning, even before the first car drives by my house I hear how horses are walking near my window (and my dog going berserk hearing them). I love them! I have ridden them for quite a few times and I can tell you it is really calming.

Double Up! Horse costume for two!

Horse costume for two persons will be a total hit! Walk around like a true horse in this one. Looks good and is easy to wear (well at least for the person in the front part).

This costume will impress people and it will be no wonder if they will be asking you if you will give them a ride constantly. In fact if you have a chance and there is a lady in the crowd who doesn't seem to weight that much you could give her a ride!

By getting this costume you will be getting a headpiece, body suit, two pairs of shoe covers and two pair of pants.

To complete the look you could also be adding a saddle (a home-made piece of cloth naturally)!

Horse costume for adults

This horse is riding solo!

Run like a horse in this simple horse unisex costume.

This one is the least expensive of the "solo" adult horse costumes.

Simple brown jumpsuit with big hooves, long tail (that might not exactly pass as horses tail since it is more donkey like) and detailed head.

Since this costume has a large opening for your head you won't have problems with wearing this costume for longer periods of time (you won't be sweating so much) and your vision will be clear. This will make it possible for you to wear the costume all night long, not to mention you won't be having any issues when it comes to food and beverages.

To complete the look get some Halloween face paints and paint your face brown. Also if it won't be too hot you might want to try to wear black gloves.

Deluxe Costume

Who does not like a horse with shiny coat! It shows the horse is healthy and well taken care of.

Deluxe Adult Horse Costume
Deluxe Adult Horse Costume

Show your friends that you know how to groom yourself with this shiny Halloween costume.

A bit more expensive than the previous one this offers a lot more detail and a tail that actually looks like a horses tail.

This one also has a large opening for the face you will be free to mingle and enjoy foods and drinks without the need to remove the mask.

Prepare to ride in this costume. You will be getting a shiny coat jumpsuit with hoof details and tail as well as matching horse head piece.


White Horse Adult Costume

There is no need everything is in dark colors for this Halloween you can go as a white stallion.

This white horse (pajama) costume is a bit different than the previous two. For one it is more baggy and secondly it covers the whole head - this will make it a bit harder to eat and drink but on the other hand it will be concealing your identity perfectly.

This soft and cuddly costume will be keeping you warm for sure.

You will be getting a fluffy jumpsuit and a horse head.

Horse Rider Costume

You don't need to suit up as a horse! You can be a horse rider!

Horse Head Mask

Why struggle in a whole horse suit when you can have a mask.

This will look stunning combined with a fancy dress. Now that's one classy horse!

Horse costumes for kids


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