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Horse Christmas Cards

Updated on April 21, 2016

Horse Christmas Greeting Cards

For lovers of horses, whether it's giving or receiving a horse Christmas card, it's always a lot of fun and exciting to share or receive a Christmas card celebrating their most favorite of animals.

What really works with horses on Christmas cards, is they can fit into almost any scene, as horses are real outdoor animals, no matter what season it is, and their past work pulling sleighs and carriages, as well as taking riders where they want, gives them a natural fit for Christmas cards, and always look great in the particular scene they're placed into.

Horses are also good models for artists working on creating horse Christmas card themes for the reason mentioned above, that they work in almost any natural setting.

In the images of horse Christmas cards below, I include a horse that was well-trained for posing, and the owner used him for a number of Christmas card photos that were really great. You'll see one there.

But whether they're painted or photographed, horses are great subjects to use in Christmas cards, as most people really like them, even if it's been mostly from a distance.

Christmas Card of Horses in Corral Waiting for Feed

This is a very well done horse Christmas card, and the image of the man carrying the hay to feed the horse while they anxiously wait is fantastic. I also like the snow glistening on the brush around the corral as well, along with those little horses peaking through the bottom rungs.

What helps set it all up though is the glittering snow used as a backdrop for the entire image.

Horses in Corral Christmas Card

Mare and Colt Looking at Stocking Christmas Card

Christmas cards that take animals and put them in natural situations work really nice, and this colt gazing at the Christmas stocking hanging there reminds one of children rushing down Christmas day to find their stockings to plunder the presents and goodies in them. This horse Christmas card is a great example of that type of contrast.

It's also very endearing to see the mama nuzzling against her baby.

Christmas Card of Colt Looking at Christmas Stocking

Two Horses in Christmas Card Scene

What I enjoyed about this horse Christmas card is the way it's set up as if you're looking at it from a distance. Not only is it a horse Christmas card, but it takes in an entire scene and situation where the owner is with them with a nice wooded and snowy background.

Christmas Card of Horse Nuzzling Another Horse

This was a great horse Christmas card to me because the artist seemed to be showing the closeness of family at Christmas time, as displayed here by the one horse nuzzling the other. A very nice Christmas card to send to someone you're close to, whether family or friend. The overall scene the two horses are placed in looks fantastic as well.

Live Horse Christmas Card

This horse actually poses by objects and in a variety of positions for Christmas cards, and he gets in amazing scenes like this one without destroying everything. Nice real horse Christmas card for those who prefer the real thing versus art.

Christmas Card of Real Horse Posing

Horse Christmas Cards Look Great!

No matter what winter scene you put them in, horses and Christmas cards work great together, as they seem to be made for each other. Horses love to show off, and even those in the prints give the feeling that they're ready for some mischief and potential bad behavior, as horses can be prone to do, which makes them so interesting and full of personality. I think this is one of the many reasons horse Christmas cards work so well.

That and the beauty of the accompanying scenes, as well as childhood memories of those that grew up loving, caring for, and riding horses.


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    • profile image

      Alison 5 years ago

      Where can coral card be purchased?

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Where can I purchase the above cards?


    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Beautiful pictures. Great hub. Nice work again Barnacle Bill! - Carol