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Host a New Year's Eve Tapas Party

Updated on February 1, 2013

New Years Eve Tapas Party for Bits and Bites of Fun

An Old Theme, New Name

The term "tapas" comes from the Spanish word, tapar, which means to cover, and the concept developed as small servings of food were used to cover one's drink. The little appetizers are a common concept, though in various cultures, appetizers take on different names: antojitos, popo platter, hoers d' ouvrs. I've attended fancy parties, where servers have carried trays with unique little bits of food about for guests to sample, and I've attended parties where that appetizer type of dish was the main attraction. Traditionally, my family would put on a spread of appetizers, bite sized foods, and the fun would begin as we waited for the clock to strike midnight on New Year's Eve.

Restaurants such as Sammy's Woodfired Pizza have brought tapas into the mainstream by that particular label, and you may find tapas themed cookbooks, and tapas servingware cropping up based on the concept. For a fun New Year's Eve Party, why not throw a tapas party, and enjoy a little European flair to your celebration. While the different types of tapas may come from other cultures, the concept can be presented in style.

Tapas Books: Recipes to Get Your Tapas Party for New Years Eve Off to a Great Start

Tapas for Kindle

Tapas recipes are great year round, and accessible from anywhere on your are some Amazon recommendations that you can download by your new Christmas Kindle, or by app.

Pot Luck Tapas Party for New Years Eve

Tapas Pot Luck

Have each guest bring a couple of different tapas dishes to share, either assigned, or selected on their own. For further fun, ask the guests to bring a recipe for each other guest, so each guest can enter the new year with a great selection of dishes to try!

Doing It Yourself: Show your stuff by making your New Years Eve Tapas from Scratch

Do It Yourself

If you are a gung ho host or hostess, you may want to put it all together on your own. Consider creating a small self published recipe book, done at Lulu or another print on demand service, with recipes, to send home as a memento of the evening. Or, send the recipe book later, with photos of those in attendance interspersed with the recipes.

Let a Tapas Restaurant Prepare Your New Year's Eve Fare

Take Out

For the hostess or host who wants to have a relaxing New Year's Eve, order your favorites as takeout from Sammy's, or another Tapas restaurant, or for a big party, hire a caterer.

Tapas Out On The Town

Go Out

If you prefer to spend New Year's Eve out on the town, make the tapas restaurant your first stop of the evening, whether with a large group, or just a few closeknit friends. If you have a large group, make sure you reserve space in advance.

Regardless of how you do your New Year's Eve tapas party, you are sure to have a wonderful experience in great flavors!

What's Your Favorite New Years Eve Food?

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