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Hosting a 21st Birthday Party on a Tight Budget

Updated on April 27, 2012

Tips on how to host a 21st Birthday Party on a Tight Budget

Are you trying to figure out how to celebrate your upcoming 21st Birthday Party milestone minus the great expense?

You can't let this milestone pass you by - the ultimate transition from adolescence into adulthood -you need to celebrate it.

I'm here to offer you some suggestions on how to host your 21st Birthday Party on a tight budget.

21st Birthday Ideas
21st Birthday Ideas

Tips for a 21st Birthday Party on a Tight Budget


Visit and have a look at some of their free birthday invitation templates or design your own on your computer. Have a look at stationary shops to find a thicker card to print on.

If you're looking for a birthday invitation a little more customized with a theme or photo of the person whose 21st Birthday you are celebrating, email and they will be happy to get back to you within 24 hours with a design concept.


Handing out your 21st Birthday Invitations to your friends:

Obviously handing out your printed 21st Birthday Invitations is a very cost effective way to distribute your them, but it can be a little time consuming.

Emailing them out:

Emailing out birthday invitations has to be one of the most cost effective and time efficient ways to distribute your 21st Birthday Invitations.

I've discovered a service that Concept-Designs offers…personalized 21st Birthday Invitations for each of your guests which you can email out. All you do is send through the list of first names and they will insert them into your 21st Birthday Invitations.

Facebook Event Invitations:

You can create your 21st Birthday Party as an event on facebook and personally invite all your friends. Remember to keep it private though so you don't have unwanted gatecrashers to your party. For more information about security at your 21st Birthday Party, have a read through the tips from


Home or Garden Party:

To host your 21st Birthday Party at your own home or the home of a close friend or family member is a cost-effective way to celebrate your 21st Birthday.

Park, Picnic Area or Beach:

Another alternative location to host your 21st Birthday Party is at a free local park or picnic ground. If you live close to a beach, consider grabbing a picnic table or two and set up your 21st Birthday Party there.


One other option as a venue for your 21st Birthday Party would be at a night club or bar. Quite appropriate now that you're legally able to drink! But, consider your other guests. You will need to make sure that everyone is 21 years old before they could all celebrate your 21st Birthday Party with you. Get there early to pick a couple of tables in a quieter area that you can reserve for your guests. Check the entry costs, but the nightclub may be able to offer you a group discount for entry.


If the budget is really tight, consider having your party at a restaurant where you can get reasonably priced meals. On your invitation, let you guests know how much the banquet will cost, in exchange for them giving you a gift. You can provide the dessert (21st Birthday Cake), but the meal will be provided by the restaurant.

DECORATIONS FOR YOUR 21ST BIRTHDAY PARTY: has some inexpensive 21st Birthday decorations for sale through their party supplies page. The great thing about buying online is that you get competitive prices, right at the convenience of your fingertips. Remember it's a 21st Birthday Party and age-appropriate decorations are a must.

Alternatively, visit some of your budget stores. They often have reasonably priced 21st Birthday decorations that you could use to decorate your venue for your 21st Birthday Party.


The most inexpensive way to cater for a 21st Birthday Party would definitely be to make your own food. This will eliminate the need for hiring a caterer for your 21st Birthday Celebration.

Have you thought about a theme for your 21st Birthday Party? have a list of some theme related menu plans. When you have decided what to cook for your 21st Birthday Party be sure to visit some of the larger supermarkets where you can purchase food in bulk.


You are celebrating your 21st Birthday and finally, you are able to legally drink alcohol. Many of your guests will no doubt like to be able to celebrate this with you. Make sure you have a range of alcoholic beverages available. Visit some of the online wine distributers and get some prices for bulk alcohol.

Be sure to offer your guests other beverage alternatives to watch the alcohol consumption. Plenty of water available will also assist your guests don't become dehydrated. I plan to blog some great cocktail recipes in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for them.


Most people own an iPod or iPhone now days. To reduce the cost of hiring a DJ, load up your iPod with playlists suitable for your 21st Birthday Party. Make sure you have a reasonable quality iPod dock with powerful audio capabilities so the music and sound can travel well. Have a flick through the top 40 songs and have them loaded and ready to play and party the night away.

For further information visit

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