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Hot Topic Costumes

Updated on May 4, 2012

Find Great Costumes and Costume Ideas on Hot Topic

You're in the right place to find Hot Topic costumes.

Hot Topic is a great place to look for costumes and costume materials, depending on the type of costume you want. For example, Hot Topic has a wide assortment of jewelry, themed t-shirts, and accessories for sale.

Hope you enjoy, and find what you're looking for!

Note: many Hot Topic costumes are seasonal, and are only sold around Halloween. Now is the time to pick up these great costumes, because they won't last long!

How to use this site: If you like what you see, click on the links or pictures to go to the Hot Topic website and learn more!

Hot Topic Costumes are Seasonal

We'll update this site with links when they're back in stock. For now, you can see what there is to look forward to!

Black Ballerina Hot Topic Costume

Start Your Costume Here!

Black Ballerina Costume: $55.00 at Hot Topic

Ballerinas are in this year. It might have a little something to do with a certain movie that came out last year that showcased some intense dancer-on-dancer action, but no one knows for certain.

There are many things to like about dressing up as a ballerina for Halloween this year. The outfit is a great combination of cute and sexy, and can easily be adapted in different ways to create different looks. If you live in a cold climate, however, you might want to think of wearing some tights, or else attending a really packed house party.

Hot Topic Green Lantern Costume
Hot Topic Green Lantern Costume

Green Lantern Hot Topic Costume

See the Light!

DC Comics Green Lantern Costume: $60.00 at Hot Topic

The Green Lantern was a somewhat forgettable film this year, but that doesn't mean that your costume has to be! When you're decked out in this shade of green from head to toe, you'll be hard to miss. Another benefit of this costume is that you won't have to explain what it is (as you would have, if you'd been a hipster and dressed up as the superhero before he became so popular). Then again, you might be subject to jokes because no one actually saw the movie.

As an added bonus, you'll never have to worry about what to wear on St. Patrick's Day so as not to get pinched!

Panda Mascot Hot Topic Costume - Everyone Loves Pandas

Hot Topic Panda Mascot Costume
Hot Topic Panda Mascot Costume

Panda Mascot Costume Set: $125.00 at Hot Topic

Okay, so you might not be the cutest panda on the block in this costume. But that won't stop you from using your panda cachet to score lots of chicks (or dudes).

Hot Topic Foxy Roxy Costume
Hot Topic Foxy Roxy Costume

Foxy Roxy Hot Topic Costume

Be the Foxiest Fox Around

Foxy Roxy Costume: $60.00 at Hot Topic

We're not entirely sure how "being a fox" came to be associated with being attractive, but we're certainly not complaining, especially when it comes to this costume. This outfit is so hot that there won't be any question about what you're dressed up as.

This is one of the rare costumes that we think you could actually dress up in on a regular basis without appearing too entirely strange. At the very least, you could wear it around the house (especially if it's as comfortable and cozy as it looks!) A fellow fox to cuddle with is desirable, but not necessary.

Hot Topic Taco Costume
Hot Topic Taco Costume

Taco Hot Topic Costume

Nothing Like It

Taco Costume: $50.00 at Hot Topic

We can almost guarantee that you'll be the only full-size taco at whatever event you plan on attending. Theme costumes like this can sometimes be difficult to maneuver in, but this one is constructed close enough to the body that it should be manageable at even a crowded party or club.

Additionally, you'll never run out of classy pick-up lines when you're dressed as a taco. Anything from "would you like to taste my spicy meat?" to "oh no, it looks like my filling is about to explode everywhere!" will get the job done. And we're sure that there are plenty of opportunities for YouTube videos involving popular Mexican restaurants, this costume, and a little bit of liquid courage.

Divine Miss Red Hot Topic Costume - Everything Is Better in Red

Hot Topic Divine Miss Red Costume
Hot Topic Divine Miss Red Costume

Divine Miss Red Costume: $60.00 at Hot Topic

Red is the color of passion, and if you're looking to stand out from the crowd, this costume is definitely the one for you. It's got kind of a Little Red Riding Hood stripper vibe going on. If that's what you're looking for, you've found your costume!

Hot Topic Marvin the Martian Girl's Costume
Hot Topic Marvin the Martian Girl's Costume

Marvin the Martian Girl's Hot Topic Costume

Unidentified Flying Object Not Included

Marvin The Martian Girls Costume: $60.00 on Hot Topic

If you ever find yourself getting nostalgic for old cartoons, you'll love this take on a Marvin the Martian costume. The costume definitely gets your message across, while managing to be totally cute at the same time. People might have seen Marvin costumes before, but they've probably never seen this kind of interpretation.

Hot Topic Risky Raccoon Costume
Hot Topic Risky Raccoon Costume

Risky Raccoon Hot Topic Costume

Whose the Bandit Now?

Risky Raccoon Costume: $60.00 on Hot Topic

Raccoons might not be quite as well know for their attractiveness as foxes, but that doesn't take away anything from the adorableness of this costume. No one will mind if you sneak away with some tasty Halloween treats if you're dressed like this.

For some reason, this reminds us of Ke$ha in the Funny Or Die video (not suitable for sensible audiences). If that's the vibe you're going for, just throw on an obscene amount of glitter, and you're all set.

Hot Dog Hot Topic Costume - Tell People to Bite You

Hot Topic Hot Dog Costume
Hot Topic Hot Dog Costume

Hot Dog Costume: $50.00 at Hot Topic

Here's another great costume that sets you up for excellent pick-up lines. You're going to go far saying things like "I bet you've never seen one this big before!" And even if you do end up striking out, you'll still be dressed like a giant hot dog, which has to count for something.

Hot Topic Galaxy Girl Costume
Hot Topic Galaxy Girl Costume

Galaxy Girl Hot Topic Costume

Another Great Costume from Hot Topic

Galaxy Girl Costume: $55.00 on Hot Topic

The rules for dressing futuristic are simple and finite. It's necessary that your outfit be shiny and monochromatic, and that it feature some sort of weird shape, strange cutouts, or oddly pointed shoulder accoutrements. If you're a girl, it's necessary that your skirt be really, really short.

We think that the absolute best use of this costume would be to get a group together and all wear the same thing. That is, after all, how it always ends up in the future; eventually personal choice in clothing just goes out the window. Perhaps you could throw in a few instruments, and create a rockin' future babe band!

Hot Topic Candy Girl Costume
Hot Topic Candy Girl Costume

Candy Girl Hot Topic Costume

You Know What They Say About Sugar and Spice

Candy Girl Costume: $50.00 at Hot Topic

You'll be too sweet to eat in a costume that's covered in fantastical candy designs and dipped in sugary shades of pink, white, and sky blue. Dress it up with some pastel shades of eye shadow and lipstick, and you'll be the definition of cute. Not that that means you can't explore your spicy side, of course!

Just make sure not to get into the Halloween candy, because if you're dressed like this, it would basically be cannibalism.

Master Chief Hot Topic Costume - Relive Your Favorite Video Game

Hot Topic Master Chief Costume
Hot Topic Master Chief Costume

Halo 3 Master Chief Costume: $60.00 at Hot Topic

You can never have enough Halo in your life, so why not dress up as Master Chief in homage this Halloween? We're hoping that you'll do so ironically, but if not, who are we to judge?

Hot Topic Costume Boots
Hot Topic Costume Boots

Hot Topic Costume Boots

Click To View These Boots and More

Nana Black Overlay Pole Climber Boot: $44.99 on Hot Topic

These boots are a great addition to all sorts of costumes that you might want to put together. Any sort of futuristic/post-apocalyptic/military costume can benefit from boots from Hot Topic.

For example, they'd be great for your Alice from Resident Evil costume (see the picture below for more inspiration!)

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